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State of PC racing sims these days..

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#1 HoldenRT

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Posted 25 August 2013 - 10:24

Can anyone recommend anything or is it all the same old stuff from years ago?


iRacing?  rFactor?  rFactor 2?  I haven't tried rF2 yet, but not even sure if I am missing anything.  It seems I'm not.


I like games that involve skill (doesn't have to be hardcore), and have a decent online community, and touring cars or open wheelers.  I miss the days of when rFactor when it first came out.


I've only played Codemasters F1 titles in the last few years and they've been good, I've enjoyed them but just wondering if there is anything else.  If there is anything new that's come out or anything on the horizon.




#2 noikeee

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Posted 25 August 2013 - 12:45

I certainly recommend iRacing, cracking clean racing at regular intervals all day long whenever you want to join (until you move to non-rookie series where participation is sometimes hit-and-miss). It is still expensive though.


But I've not been trying the alternatives lately. Find it hard to believe anything else at the moment provides as good of a clean pick-up racing experience though.

#3 chunder27

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Posted 27 August 2013 - 09:06

IR is by far the best, but it obviously costs you some to race


You can race fairly cheaply on the basic cars and tracks, but it will start to add up if you want to race a series.


RF2 is a wste of time and effort, totally underfunded and pretty much a patched RF1. RF1 however is great fun, loads of mods and some great stuff. RF2 seems hard to run mods on so far.


PCARS is abysmal yet dont tell anyhone or they will close the forum down!  Simraceway isfree to play, good fun but pretty basic, the GTR games still run on with the Race series, and again are pretty good if you like touring cars.


Naetkak and Asetto Corsa are beautifu to look at and play but lacking capital to push them.


And finally you get the free to play suff like ACR, and one or two others that are very very basic but can be fun.


If it was me and I wasnt payng I racing, If I was paying 10 or so good mods on RF1 and join a few leagues

#4 TecnoRacing

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Posted 27 August 2013 - 10:24


Naetkak and Asetto Corsa are beautifu to look at and play but lacking capital to push them.


I don't thinking funding is really a problem with Asetto Corsa considering all the major licensing they've been able to land recently (Ferrari, BMW, Merc etc.) Suspect it will make a fairly major splash when it's finally released. Looking very forward to it..


The Reiza Studios games - Game Stockcars 2012 (Brazilian Stockcars and formula cars) and Formula Truck are also pretty well done - they use the rFactor engine as a base, but are very polished standalone titles...



IRacing still the best game in town though...if you (the OP) haven't tried it in awhile, it's been improving nicely over the past few months in particular.

#5 Peat

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Posted 03 September 2013 - 11:15

I moved from rFactor to iRacing about 2yrs ago. No looking back for me.

Nowadays, especially in summer, i have very little time to play. So when i do get a chance, i find iRacing's central based approach much better. In the rFactor days, i would have spent half of the time searching for and downloading stuff to get around mismatches. I don't mind paying for it either, it's that well done.

#6 Mark8539

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 12:50

Of the current generation games I have access to rFactor2, pCARS, iRacing, F1 2011, SimRaceWay and RaceRoom. Of those I only load up rFactor2, pCARS and iRacing on a regular basis and to be honest it is iRacing 95% of the time. The whole service just works, no fiddling after initial set up. Great physics, great content, great pick up racing. Plus it works with my shiny new Oculus Rift development kit which is beyond awesome. I'm also looking forward to the Assetto Corsa release (this year hopefully) as I'm expecting great physics combined with offline play against AI.