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F1-S-R 1991 Historic

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#1 Siddley

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Posted 01 April 2014 - 22:13

I found this mod about a week ago and it's pretty amazing.


Lots of power, heel and toe required if you want to do it justice and the sounds...you would be crazy not to heel and toe because the engine note is like Jimi Hendrix playing Voodoo Chile.

I can't get anywhere near real world lap times with it, but it's a lot of fun trying...




#2 chunder27

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Posted 02 April 2014 - 10:43

This mod is one of the best available for Rfactor


let me know if you want to know a few things, I have been playing it for years.


there are some issues though, you might already be aware of.


A few cars are bugged, notably the Jordan sadly. it is notoriously difficult to drive in the mod, for some reason. And a few cars are only any good on normal suspension if you can pick that option rather than monoshock.

 Ferrari, Brabham etc.


Another issue, check the suspension setup on the Leyton House, the default setup has the wrong ride height one side and the car will feel awful, easy to fix though.


Also, F1SR are now gone. So there is little data about the mod anymore.


In the mod I have found some of the cars can be updated some can't. For instance with the big teams like Ferrari and Williams there are 6 or 7 updates through the year, increasing power downforce etc, you cant install any of them so are always using the round 1 setup or earliest.


Sadly too, hardly anyone setups up servers to play online, it was great fun when it came out, but people move on I am afraid.

#3 Gemini

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Posted 02 April 2014 - 10:48



great mod indeed

#4 Siddley

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Posted 02 April 2014 - 15:44

I'll need some setup advice for the Williams - eventually, anyway. I'm messing around with it at Brianza aka Monza and haven't done much else other than experiment with different ( lower ) levels of downforce and gearing. I can't get anything better than 1:32 but I reckon that's mostly my lack of skill - and a lack of practice, I've had a break of over 2 years from sim racing.

I haven't even tried any of the other cars yet, I picked the Williams as the manual said it was one of the easier cars to drive, while still being fast.


It's a shame it's not popular online. I suppose I could set up my own server, even though I live way out in the sticks surrounded by nothing but olive trees my internet speed is pretty good most of the time.

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#5 chunder27

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Posted 02 April 2014 - 16:37

Well OK then let me give you some guides


The Williams is by far the quickest car, but not necessarily the most fun. It and the Ferrari use semi auto too, which makes things easier.


Some of the sleepers are the Scuderia Italia, the Tyrrell and the Larrousse, a nice little car with no vices. I would love to use the Jordan more but as I sadi, it is flawed in its code sadly. It still quick but you cant really push it as it snaps away real easy.


If you have a G25/7 wheel, use the h pattern, it's so much fun, (you dont have to use the clutch, just time your blips) and try and either use the main FFB settings or get hold of real feel plugin, which suits some, I perfer RF settings on this mod, but a lot like real feel, you can select FFB settings based on real feel in the mod updates section of FFB.


As for online, most servers running this will be locked and leagues sadly.


Set up wise, things like rad opening, brake ducts are main areas.  Wing settings make a big difference, but so do things like ride height and packers.  I usually run a little less neg camber on the fronts and more on the rears.  And gearing is vital, some cars really run out of revs on standard gearing, especially if you change wing settings.  You shouldnt have to touch diffs, main suspension areas, they are pretty good default.

#6 Siddley

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Posted 02 April 2014 - 19:57

I've been driving the Williams with the h-shifter - I can't seem to find a manual in the download and I assumed it wasn't semiauto. I use the clutch for downshifts but not on upshifts.
I'll look at the areas you mentioned when I get a bit faster, if I mess with them now I'll just confuse myself.

I tried the Scuderia Italia and you are right, it's fun to drive.

I use LeoFFB rather than Realfeel by the way, I just like it better.

Thanks a lot ! :)

#7 Nemo1965

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Posted 07 April 2014 - 17:49

Another thing. I discovered by some fluke that you can also make the progam show what tyres the AI cars use. Then I understood why I was so slow in the race... For the full race distance, I had to use the hardest tyres... and the AI cars could just drive 70 laps on the softest tires.


My solution: I deleted all the tyres in the game, bar the hardest and the semi-hard tyre. Then I could race at 95 percent, approx.


It enhanced the fun to no end...