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Engine change in games

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Posted 11 November 2015 - 19:14

Hello everybody!
I am not sure if it would be interesting for you or not but I did it, anyway and it is fun.
I play F1 Challenge 99-02  and because I am Fernando Alonso fan and from 1999 to 2002, Fernando Alonso raced in 2001 with Minardi, so I always play Minardi.
Well, Minardi car had a weak Ford engine as most of you remember and the chassis was mediocre. To be honest chassis was not that much a problem in the game but engine was so slow and I had to reduce other cars strength in the game settings and reduce Minardi car's downforce to compensate the lack of power on the straights. So driveability was even worse because of reduced downforce and top speed was not enough again.
Accidentally I saw a video in youtube that if I remember correctly it was Forza MotorSport and the uploader of the video had installed one of the powerful car's engine on the other car with weaker engine by replacing the engine files and that video was the trigger for me to do the same.
Now my 2001 Minardi has BMW engine and the top speed is decent. I can easily race with Ferrari, McLaren and Williams. Although I should admit that because the Minardi chassis is weak, such a powerful BMW engine makes driving a little bit more trickier but believe me it is a real fun. BMW had the most powerful engine in those years, so I took it. I have tested Peugeot, Mercedes, Honda, Cosworth and Renault too.
So I think you can do it with your own games too. If you know what to do, the process is easy. You should search for the cars directory in the game folder to see if you can find different engine files for different cars to change them with the one you want.
Good Luck.

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