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Blandford 28 May 1949: results required please

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#1 Flathead

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Posted 06 March 2016 - 10:14

BLANDFORD 28 May 1949. Results required.


The photo I have has the rather ambiguous caption "Blandford Kilo Sprint Hillclimb", so I am not sure which it may be. I have spent some time searching Google but have come up with almost a total blank, except that I think this may be the same event that gave S Moss F.T.D. in a Cooper Jap at 36.62 seconds. Google searches are dominated by the tragic death of intrepid Joe Fry the following year.


If anyone can point me in the direction of a results sheet/list for 28 May1949, I would be much obliged. I only want a quick look see. My Motor Sport mags. only go back to Jan 1950, which is most frustrating.


#2 Roger Clark

Roger Clark
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Posted 06 March 2016 - 11:03

Motor Sport report:



Two-Stage Freikaiserwagen Makes F.T.D. at Blandford

The West Hants and Dorset C.C. deserves the highest credit in respect of its hill-climb at Blandford on May 28th. The kilometre course permitted high speeds and possessed two exciting corners, times were promptly announced, refreshments were available, a carefree Antone commentary was provided by Curtis and Tubbs, and admission was only 2s. 6d.

Incidents were many, for the top corner proved difficult and Finch (Amilcar) spun round, as did Page (Cooper) and Jesty (Allard), while others who skidded, left the course or motored on the grass, included Henry (Lagonda), Brandon (Cooper), Mould (ex-Rowley Bugatti), Richards (Riley), Hartwell (Cooper-H.R.D.), Col. Ridley (M.G.), Taylor (Caesar), Lee (Bugatti), and Leston (Jaguar). The only "casualty" was Mrs. Onslow Bartlett, who fainted when her Mercury slid with all wheels locked and leapt high into the air over the grass verge. The car burst a tyre, bent its front axle and ran amongst the crowd, but no one was hurt and Mrs. O. B. soon recovered. 

J. G. Fry made f.t.d. in the 650 lb., twin Marshall-blown V-twin Freikaiserwagen, displaying immenseacceleration, and braking effectively for the top bend - 31.13 sec., of approximately 71 m.p.h. Poore, in his Alfa-Romeo, was second-fastest (31.27 sec.), using single rear tyres and correcting power slides, Merrick (Alta) third (31.49 sec.) and Allard fourth (32.32 sec.) winning the Hambro Cup for fastest non-supercharged car. Sports car class winners were Woods' M.G.; Ruddock's Meadows-H.R.G.; Hern (Amilcar Six); Leonard (M.G.), who suffered nasty front wheel patter; Bartlett (Mercury), after a tussle against Allard's alloy-wheeled, alloy-head, twin carburetter Allard; and Carter's "2.6" Alfa-Romeo. Mrs. Allard, in the aforesaid Allard, won the Elliott Cup. Moss' Cooper convincingly won the 500-c.c. racing-car class, Hartwell drove his Cooper-H.R.D. very nicely, Lent's ex-Humphries Q-type M.G. won its class, as did Smith's Bugatti. Fry took the Poole Trophy and £50, Merrick the Sheriff's Cup and £25, Moss the 500 Cup, Bartlett £25 for fastest sports car, Mrs. Jesty the Deakin Cup, Hartwell the Martin Cup and Chamber of Trade's Cup. By kind permission of Lt.-Col. Saunders, O.B.E., the W.H. & D.C.C. will hold races at this venue on August 27th, including a 95-mile Formula II race. 

Sports Cars up to 1,100-c.c. Non-S/C and up to 750-c.c. S/C. - 1st: L. J. Woods (1,086-c.c. M.G.), 40.42 sec.
Sports Cars, 1,100-1,500-c.c. Non-S/C and up to 750-c.c. S/C. - 1st: G. A. Ruddock (1,496-c.c. H.R.G.), 39.21 sec.
Sports Cars, 1,501-2,000-c.c. Non-S/C and 851-1,100-c.c. S/C. - 1st: V. J. Hern (1,100-c.c. s/c Amilcar), 37.75 sec.
Sports Cars, 2,001-3,000-c.c. Non-S/C and 1,1011,500-c.c. S/C. - 1st: L. Leonard (1,425-c.c. S/C M.G.), 38.35 sec.
Sports Cars, 3,001-4,000-c.c. Non S/C and 1,501-2,000-c.c. S/C. - 1st: L. J. O. Bartlett (3,917-c.c. Mercury), 35.68 sec.
Sports Cars Over 4,000-c.c. Non-S/C and Over 2,000-c.c. S/C. - 1st: K. E. Carter (2,600-c.c. s/c Alfa-Romeo), 38.21 sec.
Lady Competitors - 1st: Mrs. Allard (3,622-c.c. Allard), 39.20 sec.
Racing Cars up to 500-c.c. - 1st: S. Moss (497-c.c. Cooper-S.A.P.), 35.62 sec.
Racing Cars, 751-1,100-c.c. Non-S/C. - 1st: G. R. Hartwell (988-c.c. Cooper-H.R.D.), 33.00 sec.
Racing Cars, 1,101-1,500-c.c. Non-S/C and 750-c.c. S/C. - 1st: G. E. Lant (746-c.c. s/c M.G.), 37.11 sec.
Racing Cars, 1,501-2,000-c.c. Non-S/C and 751-1,100-c.c. S/C. - 1st: J. G. Fry (1,097-c.c. s/c Freikaiserwagen), 31.13 sec., f.t.d.
Racing Cars, 2,001-3,000-c.c. Non-S/C and 1,101-1,500-c.c. S/C. - 1st: S. J. Smith (1,492-c.c. s/c Bugatti), 35.50 sec.
Racing Cars Over 3,000-c.c. Non-S/C and Over 1.500-c.c. S/C. - 1st: R. D. Poore (3,800-c.c. s/c Alfa-Romeo), 31.27 sec.

#3 Flathead

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Posted 06 March 2016 - 11:21

Thanks very much Roger C. This is a lot more info than I did have.


I still need a more detailed result sheet for the car I am interested in, which had the competition number 11. It may have run in the 1100 class or up to 1500 and could have been supercharged or not.


I have attempted a link to my photo. I have no idea if this has any copyright but my copy is hopefully of insufficient quality to cause offence. I have trouble with this link to my Dropbox. It only opens if I right click and ask to "open in new tab". Apologies if others have problems.



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Posted 07 March 2016 - 16:27

Blandford Speed Hill Climb May28th 1949.  Number 11 ran in class 111B.Sports Cars 1101-1500cc U/S.       Entered as Buckler Special 1172 and driven by entrant C.D.F.Buckler. Tme for 1st run 41.28 and second 41.78. Hope this helps David Baldock.

#5 Flathead

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Posted 07 March 2016 - 16:42

Terrific Eolith. Many thanks. Might you have the times for the rest of his class please, which would put things in context?

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Posted 17 October 2016 - 11:47



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