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Forrest Bond and Racefax

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#1 alexocfp

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Posted 23 November 2016 - 03:05

What are people's memories of this site/service? I remember subscribing to this by check (yes I'm old) when I was a kid.
Before that I believe it was a fax service.
Really loved those long form, informative articles. He was way ahead of the curve when it came to CART's troubles. Way before the story became mainstream.

Also, what ever happened to him? I can't seem to find anything about his current whereabouts on the web.
Lastly, Is there a place that houses the archive? The site was available for years but it us offline now.


#2 Michael Clark

Michael Clark
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Posted 24 November 2016 - 01:55

I remember RaceFax and recall supplying information to Mr Bond from the 1992 Gold Coast Indycar Grand Prix.


He had a nice turn of phrase as I recall - not at a Joe Scalzo/Mike Lawrence/Eoin Young/Nigel Roebuck level - but not bad.


No idea what became of him

#3 Cynic2

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Posted 24 November 2016 - 23:08

I was a subscriber probably 25 years ago.  I guess it must have started as a FAX service, thus the name, but I'm pretty sure I remember receiving mailed copies; I recall this as being before the FAXes, but I suspect I'm wrong on that.


I thought Bond wrote very well, and usually had information which was rarely published elsewhere.


I think he went to an Internet site (before I was on the Internet) but I'm not sure that lasted very long. 


He is listed in ZoomInfo (from 2014) as the Publisher of Racefax, based in Texas.  Two employees and $250,000 revenue.  It is listed as not having a FAX number (!).  There is a website, but there's nothing at the address (other than a Coming Soon banner).


I'd certainly subscribe again.


Edited to add:  I found a more recent report on Racefax on CuteStat.  Can't be sure, but it's apparently under two years old.  It lists the daily revenue for the site as $.15 (15 cents!) and the net worth as $8.95.

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#4 Felix

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Posted 29 November 2016 - 15:51

Forrest is alive and well and residing in New Braunfels TX - south of Austin - in well-earned retirement.


He basically wrote his last column once Max Mosley, whose he detested for various reasons, moved away from the FIA. To him his work was done.


Racefax is now to all and intents and purposes closed, and more is the pity.