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Josef Newgarden - Forza 7 Rivals

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#1 TheMidnight

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Posted 13 October 2017 - 09:40

The current Indycar champion Josef Newgarden has been enlisted by Forza 7 to set a rivals laptime for players to beat and win exclusive cars (nobody cares about that though) this month.


Usually the 'Pro Race' drivers set a terrible time (cough cough Montoya) but Josef has gone to town on this and set a top 150 time with the #2 Chevy Indycar @ Road America. He's been saying on his twitter feed how he's gone and bought a decent racing wheel and has dropped his times down from high 47's down to 43's


You'll need to run a sub 1:43:807 to beat his time. He's an ex Forza 2 player and used to set top 10's, the Forza forums are full of people saying they've put hundreds of laps in and still can't get close!! 


The car is stock, there's no ability to tune, players running the top times (inc Josef) are running:



STM: Off

Shifting: Manual (do not use clutch for this one)


It took me around 30+ laps to get him, my only advice is take the first corner in 3rd and don't be frightened to drop to 2nd on the next few 90 degree corners. It will take a few laps to get the Chevy's handling sussed, don't give up at 20 laps, 


Josef's gametag is: JNRACERTPX2, add him as a friend then pick his lap to race, or find him on the leaderboards (he's hovering around 150th out of 20,000+).


I'm stoked he's added me to his friends list and i've beaten him!! I'm under no illusion he'd whoop me in the real world though!! 


Direct thread on the forza forums: https://forums.forza...den-Rivals.aspx




#2 Nonesuch

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Posted 13 October 2017 - 10:41

I'm not surprised to hear Newgarden went to some lengths to make it fun for everyone, good for him! :up:


Here's a video of someone doing the lap: