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Ricciardo joins Renault

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Posted Today, 01:39


Why are you that obsessed with Max? 


I didn't mention him. Just like the last time responded on me with a Max in your answer where i didn't mention Max at all.  


Why are you that obsessed with Max? 

I asked if he believed what he claimed, he could answer yes or no. If he would say Yes, well, that would be interesting, right. Because, based on what does he conclude that? 
But, he, keep continuing bringing Max in the conversation if one questions a statement made about Ricciardo. Let's makes you look very confident.



No, he just wrote that for shits and giggles. :lol:


You don't need to attack everyones opinion if they don't acknowledge max's greatness in every possible area of racing my friend.


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Posted Today, 01:46

In the same way that the likes of Villeneuve, Hakkinen, Button and Rosberg won titles, Ricciardo is definitely capable if the stars align. And before anyone says any decent driver could have won in those circumstances, let's remember they all had decent teammates who didn't win, so this isn't true. You don't have to be one of the rare greats of your era to win a title, you just need to be in that next tier to capitalise if the stars align and that is where Ricky Bobby sits for me, not the Hamilton/Alonso of his generation, but definitely better than the majority of the grid. Dan is quick and he is a points hoover. This is why he did so well against Max overall, not such high highs, but not such low low's either. Championships are not won by the fastest guy but the fastest consistent guy. I think Dan could have won the title in the Ferrari this year. If Renault eventually get to the front they have a driver who can deliver for them I'm sure.

Very well said Rinehart. I wish more posters talked sense like this. Spot on.

You have the legends... proper GOATS or ones on the cusp. Then you have great drivers of certain generations... then the merely 'good on their day'. Ricciardo can absolutely be a great driver of this generation and win a World Championship, a mixture of right circumstances, handling of pressure and maximising performance will bring it together. Easier said than done though.

There is a reason there are only 33 Formula 1 World Champions in history.

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