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Goodwood dates 2019

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#51 john aston

john aston
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Posted 10 April 2019 - 06:22

The pictures - great by the way - illustrate perfectly one of many curious phenomena at Goodwood . The start/finish area is atmospheric but hardly the best place to watch racing , or even cars being pushed . Despite this , it is shoulder to shoulder  and yet out at Fordwater, St Mary's and Lavant, where it is hold your breath fast and  the slides are pure theatre , there are two men and a dog and Mr Pye in the commentary tower  . And me.


Curiously , those who choose to dress like Rupert Bear or as if they are on a grouse moor tend to stick  to the start/finish too . So , out in the country(as commentators used to say ) there's  fewer pink trousers , low Dubarry boot count and not a bray to be heard . All good then  .... :clap:

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#52 Mallory Dan

Mallory Dan
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Posted 10 April 2019 - 07:31

You Old Snob, John....!

#53 Eric Dunsdon

Eric Dunsdon
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Posted 10 April 2019 - 08:25

I wonder if Rupert Bears dad was there possibly with his son and Edward Trunk as well?. Interesting chap Mr Bear, there was some speculation a while back as to what he did for a living and someone claimed that he had been an ace rider for the  Poole Pirates Speedway  team. Is Nutwood close to Poole I wonder?.

#54 Tim Murray

Tim Murray
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Posted 10 April 2019 - 08:48

Not forgetting Rupert’s other chum Algy the pug, who of course later went on to fly many daring missions with Biggles and Ginger, and now posts here as DogEarred.  ;)


#55 Eric Dunsdon

Eric Dunsdon
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Posted 10 April 2019 - 09:01

Sorry. Algy, and Bill Badger too or course (Hopefully survived the gassing campaign!). I shall pay closer attention to Posts from Dog Earred in future.

#56 BRG

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Posted 10 April 2019 - 17:58

I was in Petersfield (Hants)  today and in the Waitrose car park stood a rather fine blue Bentley saloon of 1920s vintage (I think).  Amusingly, it had a baby seat strapped to the back seat, so is clearly in regular use.  It bore a Goodwood pass reading 'Control Tower - Governor'.


Any idea whose it might be?

#57 Martyn Hey

Martyn Hey
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Posted 10 April 2019 - 18:31

Here's why I like Members Meeting; the chance of bumping into Vic or Dickie...



#58 Odseybod

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Posted 10 April 2019 - 22:04

I'll throw in a few more from Sunday, for the sake of completeness.


Assorted '40s.




Neat and effective - Porsche 910.




Heavy metal.




The Trident corner.




Round-the-world silver Spit plus shadows




A stirring sight (never quite 'got' the later open 917 developments).




Graham Hill Trophy race gets under way.




GTO poetry.




BMW M1s - now that was some one-make series.




Tin tops at the gallop. I was amazed how clearly the previous evening's race could be heard in Chichester.




Ben Collings conducted the Blitzen Benz swiftly but sympathetically.




The Beast with fire in its belly.





Must admit that was my first Members Meeting and I thoroughly enjoyed it - Rupert and chums were not too troublesome at Madgwick but did tend to stand drinking coffee and chatting in front of whatever I wanted to photograph in the Paddock.








#59 Steve L

Steve L
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Posted 11 April 2019 - 05:56

Thanks for posting the photos.

I'd like to know the background and history of that Blitzen Benz.


#60 dwh43scale

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Posted 12 April 2019 - 09:14

Quick Vic - lots more to come from MM77 in the coming days.





#61 Martyn Hey

Martyn Hey
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Posted 13 April 2019 - 20:42

A compilation of some personal highlights...


#62 ensign14

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Posted 14 April 2019 - 15:42

A few others?




Oopsie.  Spinning Lea Francis Hyper.




A Bentley boy and belle.  Steve Ward and Katarina Kyvalova.




An Alvis Le Mans special...




...and an Alvis Goodwin Special.




Some interlopers among the Mini Cooper Ss in the Barbara Richmond trophy race.  A Wolseley Hornet...




...a Countryman...




...and a Riley Elf.



#63 ensign14

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Posted 14 April 2019 - 16:01

Some of the less usual suspects:




The Gomm XK140




Alta 61 IS




Maserati A6GCS (so slow I could have taken an etching)




Ford Battlebird




Penske's Zerex




The Chorlton special - this time it had an Alta in it


Two of Reg's cars: the Challenger...




...and its predecessor.






Another carambolage - for the MG KN Special


I do wish I had got a better, longer, and closer look at the Challenger.  Not the most obvious of restoration projects so kudos to Duncan Ricketts for putting in the time and trouble for something that is so obscure - yet a part of motor racing history.

#64 Doug Nye

Doug Nye
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Posted 14 April 2019 - 17:04

Yes Duncan Ricketts' Challenger is a lovely piece of restorative work.  The Emerys - father and son - had converted it into a sports car way, way back, and it spent long years in America.  


Duncan (right) with his shapely stablemate for his E-Type ERA...




230(ish) bhp 1.5-litre supercharged ERA engine - induction side




ERA engine - exhaust side




Forget all that current umbala about MGU/Hs and MGU/Ks - twin float-chamber SU carburettor and massive blower on Challenger's ERA engine




Photos Copyright: The GP Library (GPL)


DCN    ;)

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#65 ensign14

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Posted 14 April 2019 - 19:14

Few more:




the vast Panoz LMP1 roadster, with that charming gentleuomo Pirro at the wheel




a rather dashing Lotus Mk X




Elva undressed




Tiff Needell showing just how good you have to be to get to Grand Prix racing, even for the proverbial cup of coffee - he was mighty in the TVR Griffith, beating the GTOs and E-types to pole




sadly a bit late in the year for the daffs




Chris Ryan's TR3S took a leaf out of the Cale Yarborough book, shedding weight for the final lap




de Sanctis colour




Connaught A-type at the head of the queue for a rest




Cameron Jackson during Part 1 of his Grand Chelem in the Crossle Mk5S




"One, two, three, five,

Tell the forum what she drives...


She drove an

itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow GT Bizzarrini..."


(Shirley van der Lof, with apologies to Brian Hyland, and none at all to Timmy Mallett)

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#66 dwh43scale

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Posted 17 April 2019 - 10:45

As some of you may be aware, I contribute to PistonClick which is a site for automotive photographers. My report of MM77 is available here -



#67 Gregor Marshall

Gregor Marshall
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Posted 17 April 2019 - 13:27

Some great photos, thanks to all for posting.
This was the second year that I competed at the Members Meeting (after the 1st/72nd Members Meeting) and I really did not get a chance to see the action on the Saturday or take any pictures, so I really appreciated seeing all of these and I've caught up on all the different race action

If anyone got any pictures of me in the number 4 Triplex Capri on the Saturday's version of my late Dad's race, then please feel free to contact me.
Cheers all.
P.S. The free to all coverage of the GM Trophy was great from all those that watched (I've now watched too ;)) and I spoke to the GRRC content guys on the Thursday before the meeting when I was down there filming and they have some great content planned for GRRC Members, so it will be worth the membership and more so. 

#68 ensign14

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Posted 19 April 2019 - 19:45

Alas I didn't bother with the Gerry Marshall trophy, by then it was too dark for my cheap camera to deal with speed...


I've got a few more here.  With apologies to F3 fans but I've taken so many of them in the last few years so I didn't try to get them this year, other than ones that looked as if they would stand out.




^ Simon Armer (March 703) indicating that he is heading into the pits at the end of his first lap at the weekend.   Turned out to be his last.




^ Andy Jarvis did better in his; third place.




^ Pretty De Sanctis looked the business.




^ Alas...




^ Another slight disaster.  BMW M1 shedding its splitter on the grass.




^ απαξ λεγομενον; the rather nosey Pandora doubling its race appearances




^ they also serve...




^ not everyone was into NASCAR

#69 dwh43scale

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Posted 20 April 2019 - 19:23

The NASCAR were somewhat disappointing out between Fordwater and No Name. Lack of drama and noise. Not sure if it was owners driving at that stage.

On the other hand, they were turning right at that point :-)