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W Series 2019

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#2351 sgtkate

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Posted 20 September 2019 - 12:41

A "gender gap" exists in almost everything! This is not a bad thing, despite the claims of the idealists that strive to live in a fantasy land of their own creation. We don't live in an ideal world therefore ideal outcomes don't happen. Funny how it only becomes a bad thing when certain groups of people are deemed to be in receipt of a bum deal.


This morning I was looking into the legal requirements for bathrooms in the workplace, as part of a planning process for a new build. There is a gender gap in that too, but because it is a gap that favours women, it is seen as acceptable. Female employees have to provided with far better provision than male employees do, even down to the number of facilities provided per the number of employees.


For women only or mixed used toilets, you have to provide at a minimum 1 toilet for 5 people or fewer, where for men only you only have to provide a minimum of 1 toilet for 15 people or fewer.


I notice there aren't many people calling for discrimination to equalise this. If people were genuinely seeking equality they would be seeking to erradicate these things too, but as usual the cry for equality only comes when a person/ a group of people are seeking preferential treatment for themselves over others.


Are you actually taking the proverbial here? :rotfl:  Let me think why there might need to be more toilets for women then men...can women use urinals? Erm...no. Go and have a word with yourself, honestly. There is little point in trying to have a discussion with someone about equal rights when they can't even understand why there should be more toilets per capita for women than for men.


#2352 sgtkate

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Posted 20 September 2019 - 12:43

Preferntial treatment and free stuff for women just because they are women. Yup, there's plenty of people who want that. What these people deserve though is to be laughed back to the sexist caves they came from.


Oh and don't flatter W, the toxic view of providing women with preferential treatment in order to treat them "equally" is far more widespread than a small racing series. Especially in academia.


Did a nasty women take your job or something? Your views belong in history I'm afraid. If you cannot handle the basic premise that to change a set standard requires outside pressure and impetus then I'm not sure what else to say to you. This thread has rapidly gone from one about a motorsport to one about politics. Perhaps it should be moved to the Paddock Club until the next season starts when we can get back to discussing hte drivers and the racing.

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Posted 20 September 2019 - 13:37

Topics such as feminism, gender inequality and the like are subjects for the Paddock Club. Not racing comments. Rather than trying to clean up an out of date thread, I'll start a new thread for W Series 2020. If you want to discuss the Formula Renault Eurocup entry criteria, there should be a suitable junior series thread for that.