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F1 chassis weight breakdown

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#1 mariner

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Posted 07 November 2018 - 22:39

In the latest Racecar Engineering there is breakdown of the projected  weight of the unbuilt Caterham CT06 car (page 50). Due to Caterham's demise the design wasn't built but I presume with CAD etc and prior car knowledge they could estimate component weights accurately. 


Some of the weights didn't surprise me like 14.45kg for the huge front wing assembly versus 6.1kg for the rear wing. However some were higher than I expected, in particular the monocoque weight is 99.91kg plus another 26.8kg for the floor. 


That is 126kg just for the main chassis which has a plan area of about 6-7 sq. metres. I am surprised at this as the Lotus Elise aluminum chassis is often quoted as 68kg and it has to meet all road crash levels without the benefit of a large cross section or roof as in bigger cars. I know teh crash test on F1 cars is very severe but I thought the nose cone did most of the work to protect the driver legs 


In racing terms the lightest chassis I can recall is the Lotus 77 quoted by Tony Southgate as 52LB, or 24kg.. It was smaller than the Caterham chassis and I doubt any modern driver would be happy with it's fragility but 1/4 the weight of the CT06.


I wonder if the 99.91kg includes the bag tank as it isn't listed separately , but all the pedals and steering are thus they are not in the 99.9kg chassis.


Any thoughts from the chassis structures guys here please?


#2 Wuzak

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Posted 15 November 2018 - 23:14

It's not just front impact that is tested, but side impact as well.



Actually 5 dynamic crash tests and multiple other static load tests.