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EFDA Nations Cup GM/Opel Lotus

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#1 Michael Ferner

Michael Ferner
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Posted 27 February 2019 - 18:31

Does somebody have the individual race results for the 1993 EFDA Nations Cup GM/Opel Lotus races at Estoril, October 3, preferably with number of laps and times? I have two relatively poor sources (the old EFDA website, and German mag Motorsport aktuell), which happen to disagree on a number of issues, not the least of which is the identity of the winner of the second race!


#2 TobiR

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Posted 01 March 2019 - 16:43

Form Autosport, 7 October 1993:

Estoril Nations Cup IV, 2 x 15 laps

Winner Heat 1: Vincent Radermecker

Winner Heat 2: Matteo Calestani

No times given

#3 Carl R.S.

Carl R.S.
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Posted 02 March 2019 - 23:08

I have the following top ten results of the two races, taken from Motoring News, 6th October 1993.


SICAL Nations Cup IV


3rd October 1993



Argentina (Norberto Fontana, Adrian Hang)

Austria (Martin Albrecht, Hubert Stromberger)

Belgium (Wim Eyckmans, Vincent Radermecker)

Brazil (Luiz Garcia Jr., Tony Kanaan)

Estonia (Guido Almere, Rain Pilve)

France (Philippe Carlier, Benjamin Mahé)

Germany (Jens Nothelle, Klaus Panchyrz)

Holland (Donny Crevels, Gerard van den Kammen)

Ireland (Vivion Daly, Wayne Douglas)

Italy (Patrick Crinelli, Sandro Spoladore)

Portugal (Pedro Couceiro, Manuel Giao)

Norway (Tommy Rustad, Lars Svelander)

San Marino (Matteo Calestini, Oliver Martini)

Sweden (Peter Hallen, Mikael Kinnmark)

United Nations (Freddy van Beuren, Carl Rosenblad)


Race 1

1, Vincent Radermecker, 15 laps - 25m 01.085s

2, Sandro Spoladore, 15 laps - 25m 10.285s

3, Matteo Calestini, 15 laps - 25m 14.639s

4, Wim Eyckmans, 15 laps - 25m 15.494s

5, Pedro Couceiro, 15 laps - 25m 19.206s

6, Hubert Stromberger, 15 laps - 25m 24.287s

7, Mikael Kinnmark, 15 laps - 25m 29.612s

8, Martin Albrecht, 15 laps - 25m 30.563s

9, Tony Kanaan, 15 laps - 25m 31.248s

10, Adrian Hang, 15 laps - 25m 33.634s


Race 2

1, Matteo Calestini, 15 laps - 25m 13.959s

2, Tony Kanaan, 15 laps - 25m 15.133s

3, Sandro Spoladore, 15 laps - 25m 16.502s

4, Wim Eyckmans, 15 laps - 25m 18.380s

5, Pedro Couceiro, 15 laps - 25m 20.285s

6, Hubert Stromberger, 15 laps - 25m 21.667s

7, Freddy van Beuren, 15 laps - 25m 21.951s

8, Martin Albrecht                              

9, Adrian Hang                     

10, Luiz Garcia Jr.                


#4 Cavalier53

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Posted 03 March 2019 - 21:23

Hi Michael,
as it happens, I have the START84 14oct93 issue with a brief report. It confirms the above results as given by Carl above, and adds:
race 1:
Crevels: 15th
van der Kammen: 21st
race 2:
Crevels: 11th
van der Kammen: 18th
End result:
1 Austria 28 pnts (2x6th, 2x8th)
2 Belgium 30 pnts
3 Brazil 33 pnts
4 San Marino 42 pnts
5 Sweden 47 points
9 Holland (i.e. The Netherlands) 65 points.
This should help you to decide on credibility of conflicting sources.
Strange as it is - I've never ever heard of my countryman v.d. Kammen (and from what I remember Crevels never impressed me much). Holland won the year before (with Verstappen Sr.) and after (with Tom Coronel), good memories of Dan Partel's initiative.
[and yes, even in the Netherlands we've had hill climbs! The Camerigerberg, not far from Aken, it was considerably longer then the Hunzerug. Sorry, that is OT.]
PS: I can PM scan of the report, explaining the remarkable results. In Dutch, I'm sure you can understand:).
PS2: Wiki gives a link https://web.archive....com/Nations Cup with Holland 8th. , so you've uncovered there is some confusion somewhere. Possibly a disputed penalty/disqualification issue.

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#5 Michael Ferner

Michael Ferner
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Posted 05 March 2019 - 09:11


:clap: :up: :clap: :up: :clap:

Many thanks - I'll get back to this when I'm back home! :)

#6 Michael Ferner

Michael Ferner
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Posted 07 March 2019 - 09:19

When I earlier wrote "relatively poor sources", I meant "relatively", because actually the old EFDA website was pretty detailed, but showing the results only as:

Netherlands (65): Crevels (15 + 11) and van der Kammen (21 + 18)

That, of course, leaves plenty of room for slip ups, and there were plenty, but most could be worked out by recalculating, or by consulting alternative sources (like Motorsport aktuell). Unfortunately, though, in 1993 MSA printed only the shortest of reports (despite the Austrian "win"), and no box score. And EFDA slipped up big time! Thanks to the results from MN (many, many thanks to Carl!! :up:), it is clear now that EFDA mixed up the individual driver's results of at least five teams, crediting Spoladore's finishes to Crinelli, for example, and Calestani's to Martini! Worse, even, the results of the Belgian team were correct for race one, but mixed up for race two - in short, a mess! Makes one wonder about the accuracy of the EFDA results for the other years... :(