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2019 F1 Media Driver Ratings

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#1751 Retrofly

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Posted Today, 13:21

Bottas has to be rated higher than Hamilton, no question.


#1752 Atreiu

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Posted Today, 14:04

Why are they so soft on Leclerc?

He get's an average 5,83 for this weekend.

Max's China 2018 (took out Vettel but finished 5th): 4,67
Max's Monaco 2018 (couldn't qualify but still got into the points): 4,33
Vettel's GB 2019: 3,67

He even scores higher than the Sauber duo (5,33 for both) this weekend! What? Why?!
In Germany, where he crashed out, he gets a 6. Bottas, who crashed out, got a 4.

His teammate botched the start and he could have won this race, but finished behind a Red Bull, a Mclaren and a Renault! Verstappen, who dragged his underpower Red Bull to P3 again, got rated only 0,47 points higher in Japan :lol:

He’s the new Ferrari golden boy who can do no wrong and is upsetting the not entirely beloved Vettel. Get ready for years of sympathy points and pandering in the media.

#1753 rodlamas

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Posted Today, 15:36

Leclerc deserves a 1 in my opinion, you basically ruined another driver's race in the first corner and then brings another driver in danger (Hamilton) and ruins another driver his race (Norris). I mean what else do you need to do to be judged harshly.

That was an example of a DQ needed, much because of the team. After he destroyed Hamilton`s mirror and Norris race the team went on the radio to tell him to stay out, like "we have already fuc*ed some people`s race and the wing is structurally fine, so we can keep going helping Hamilton being further away from Seb."