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Racing Point 2019: Stroll, Stroll and Perez

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#201 Gambelli

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Posted 19 May 2019 - 13:24

You just make youself look silly trying to even put Stroll in the breath as Lewis the fastest guy perhaps of all time next to Senna.  It completely shuts down anything you were even trying to convey.  Be a fan of Stroll fine.. accept the truth..  As for Lewis, everyone knows he hasn't had a clean Q3 start.. Lost his engineer to Bottas and it's unsettled his quali prep. 


Ocon was faster in qualifying by a fair margin over Perez.  Perez is destroying Lance thus far in qualifying... So Lance is horrendous over 1 lap pace.  That's not even up for debate.  FULL STOP.  


Lance wouldn't be at RP if it wasn't for his father.    NO debate.

Lance was only at WIlliams for his dads cash after year 1 especially.. NO debate.  He wasn't in the team on merit.

Lance isn't at RP on merit, he's there by his father choice solely and his father hoped Lance's Williams form was due to the Williams desig turmoil that is beyond evident this season which Sr. must have known well..


Unfortunately for Stroll Sr... its clear his son is simply not 1lap fast.. which is a big deal. 


How Stroll is going to deal with it remains to be seen.. he may just be fine with it and just ensure they have a bonifide NO. 1 that isn't his son..and hope his son is close enough to collect the remaining points behind the lead driver.  It's not as if RP is going to leap into top 3 before 2021..


Tough days for the Stroll Family.. way back on the grid from where they technical talent should have them.  The worse pairing the FI team has had in a while.  We'll see how capable Stroll Sr. is to make the hard calls when needed.


You just made yourself look silly by not understanding context and nuance, it undoes all your silliness trying to compare Stroll to Hamilton FULL STOP (!).


Is it or is it not a FACT that Stroll was closer to Perez than Hamilton to Bottas?  'Oh but reasons.....'  


Put simply, just for you, I'll reiterate that some context needs to be used, Stroll ISN'T getting destroyed by Perez, he's lacking 0.2 sec under the pressure of qualifying, he always has.  To use your point against you, you're like most Hamilton apologists, there always an excuse why Hamilton isn't number one on any given day, but maybe sometimes he just doesn't drive like a number one.....


I'll reiterate for you, my mantra here, context. I'm not a Stroll fan, I'm ambivalent, I'd love Ocon back in that seat, and there's drivers more deserving than he, for sure, but he's certainly no waste of time, and his dad has helped save a team, that buys Lance some time in my book.


Maybe he can find those 2 tenths in qualifying, maybe he cant, I think Perez will be a great consistent reference for him to try, so I'm prepared to give him the season to see if he progresses, he's pretty solid in races, doesn't crash into people, isn't reckless like Haas' boys.


Again, just for you, context, there's been far worse drivers in F1, if he was 1 sec off the pace every qualy, sure, chuck his ass out, but he's not.  These Perelli's seem to be a nightmare to understand, more so this year.  0.2 sec is better than I thought he'd be....


As for Ocon, he was MARGINALLY faster than Perez over a lap, and Perez is not destroying Stroll by any means, even if you do add FULL STOP as a means of desperately making your point true


Hamilton as good as Senna? Give me a break.......


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Posted 19 May 2019 - 14:17

I don't think it's conveniently forgetting that - they're two different things entirely. And as you said, if he qualified better he'd be even further ahead at the end of lap one...

There's also the argument that it's easier to make up early places from that far back if you're essentially out of position in a quick car. But that'd overlook the fact that for all he's rubbish over a qualifying lap, Stroll has a lot to like. He's a good racer, brave overtaker, consistent over a race distance and seems to will his car up the field on the first lap like he's playing on his Xbox.

But I'm struggling to see how Perez has done anything this season but prove that he's a class above and that's gotta be an issue for Stroll Sr. On paper, this was a good pairing for his lad because Perez himself is not renowned as a fast qualifier and indeed was beaten quite comprehensively by Ocon in that respect in 2018. Two drivers with a similar skillset on paper. Pair Stroll with someone like Ocon and he'd be on the receiving end of a 20-0 potentially, Perez works.

Except he doesn't, because Perez is still much better. I've always liked Perez, you look at someone like Hulkenberg or particularly Magnussen and they've got their supporters who'll tell you that they're a World Champion in waiting and performing 10/10 heroics in a sh*tbox car, and I think much as they're good drivers, it's generally little more than fanboy ramblings really - but in Perez you have someone who is delivering year in year out and still despite that is getting nowhere further up the grid. He got podiums and nearly won in a Sauber, then jumped into a McLaren and matched Jenson Button (not good enough there, though) before beating Hulkenberg and Ocon more often than not over about two decades at Force India. A handful of podiums and a low profile are all he really has to show from it.

Oh, ok, and a couple of penthouses and a Maserati and stuff, but y'know.


Pretty much agree with this. I rate Perez - quality driver - to get podiums in this modern era as a midfielder is not easy....ask Hulk/Sainz.

I'm a simple guy. If someone is quick in qualifying, they have the raw speed. That's what matters most. Racecraft etc. can sort itself out later, with experience.

If you lack qualifying pace, the issue is more likely...lack of talent. In the race, you are likely to look better than you actually are if you are starting behind the cars you should have been ahead of in the first place. 

How can you be in a Force India and not be out of Q1 yet?