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Wanted: Any bits from a MP4-22/23 era McLaren (Front wing, Rear wing, Pods etc?)

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Posted 26 May 2019 - 12:26

Howdy all.

I know this is a bit of a long shot but without going into one of my usual 5 page b!tch sessions over how F1 has been ruined now with all this DRS / V6 / “green” crap we now have. I’ve just decided to basically go into deep denial and only watch the race recaps (after 22 yrs of watching every session of every race and every FP/Qualifying etc) In all that time, up till last week, I’d only ever missed one race live. China 2014 as I was on a first date with the now Mrs. BoozeBaron:) and to be honest I wish I’d watched the race lol (I’m kidding. She was definitely worth missing that race for) - But joking aside, the car listed in my subject line is my all time fav dream car and despite me switching my allegiances from Lewis to JB back then - I’ve now decided the only way I can get any pleasure from F1 these days, is to simply “live in the past”.

So my search to start collecting certain F1 items begins!! I’ve seen several 90’s era Jordan’s and the likes for sale on various racing sites at surprisingly relatively inexpensive prices (no engines usually) but wish to put this (or “these” if we can find multiple bits) in one or two of our bars as display items. I know too they made a bunch of dummy cars for the Hugo Boss stores back then too around the 2012 Olympics in London as I sat in one at the Stratford store ... so even something like that would be beyond awesome. But doubt those can be found now?!? And to make matters worse, I know McLaren stuff (legit on track used bits) are super hard to come by as they typically will reclaim every fiber they can of carbon after a wreck or if a fan finds something on track, it’s just rare. I think the last massively wrecked McLaren was Alonso in Oz? And they probably scrapped what little was left of that one. But that’s not the year(s) I’m interested in anyway. I’m looking for any bits off the Vodafone silver and “winners red/orange” that dominated for those few years with Lewis and JB or even HK or Alonso. Ideally a nose piece, front wing, rear wing or side pods or engine cover in somewhat decent shape is what I’m on the hunt for. Don’t care whose car it’s from or how badly its banged up. Plus it then has to be shipped to either our Toronto or Denver bar location from what I’ll assume is in someone’s garage in GB or Europe? We’ll obviously pay the freight. And depending on what’s on offer, we’ll discuss pricing but when Manor was fire sale-ing all their new and used parts off after going bankrupt- I think a rear wing went for around £500 and they were asking £1300 for a new front wing (was unused brand new still intact etc) But there’s a massive difference between Manor and a WDC car from 2007/8?) I may have my years wrong there as it has been 12-13 years now since McLaren has won anything of significance (wow, that’s sad and scary to say!?) but guess RBR/Vettel did their thing for 5-6 years and now LH / Mercedes have for the past 5 and probably will again this season for a 6th yr when you add in Nico’s WDC. So that’s 12 years of dominance just between 2 teams (RBR & Mercedes) So guess that’s about right then? MP4-22/23 were those the last years with Santander and Vodafone with silver and fire red/orange?

Anyway, this turned out to be a lengthy rambling post but wanted to explain clearly “what we want” and seek and am guessing it’s next to impossible to find any of these things today given how secretive McLaren was back then? But if anyone knows anything or has links to other car sites where bits are being sold off, any help would be appreciated.

On top of that, if you have “behind the scenes” pull or can negotiate on our behalf, we’d consider paying a finders fee if you’re involved and instrumental in procuring a certain part and getting it packed up and shipped to us. Then you’re def entitled to some sort of finders fee which usually run around 10%-15% of the items price. Cheers.

DM me if you know of anything!