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The return of real characters on the F1 grid?

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#51 jjcale

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Posted 12 October 2019 - 09:43

On the other hand, stewards seem afraid as well to apply proper penalties these days. I mean Vettel swore openly at the race director in the team radio few years ago and got away with it. Back in the 90's race bans were handed out sometimes several a year, nowadays it seems impossible to get a race ban unless your name is Grosjean and they would never dare to ban a Hamilton or Verstappen even for one race.



Only 3 race bans were ever applied in the 90s, and all 3 were for on track incidents in 1994. Irvine for the crash in Brazil, Schumacher for his various antics at Silverstone and Hakkinen for causing too many accidents.


The good old days always get better the further in the past they are ....


#52 NixxxoN

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Posted 12 October 2019 - 16:19

What was wrong with how Eddie rolled? He was proper outspoken. When you don't care what or who you upset with your comments and don't pander to people so you can 'fit in'... that's when you're a unique and strong/abrasive character. You are loved and hated in equal amounts, perhaps much more of the latter actually. Smug? Nup, just didn't give a **** about people pleasing.

Who on the grid today is remotely like that exactly? Back then it was Eddie & Jacques and I wouldn't say anyone has fit that mould since. Additionally I actually think it was detrimental, at times, to their F1 careers and still - they never wavered and are the same to this day.

He had an ego like a mountain and didnt even bother hiding a bit. Mr "best driver in the world after Michael Schumacher"

#53 CL16

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Posted 12 October 2019 - 16:32

A lot of fans don’t want drivers to have character. Max said he could be 2 tenths faster than Lewis if I’m the same car and the Max thread is full of people moaning that he said that. Maybe they just want a grid full of drivers happy to just participate

That’s not character, that’s just arrogance.