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The Day Formula One Died...

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#101 Michael Ferner

Michael Ferner
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Posted Today, 11:33

You illustrate the issue perfectly.  You are clearly someone that likes motorsport, you can watch it anywhere and endure things most people can and will not to do so.
It seems the newer F1 fans need something more, either a driver to love or hate, a team to love or hate, a national element. Racing is never enough.
hence it is immensely popular.
You also get the corporate crowd, I know plenty, they work in business and get invited despite having no interest whatsoever, it's a day out, free lunches etc, but they will never go again, it was about business and networking.
What I can't understand is why people pay hundreds of pounds to go with little interest, that's a lot of money, almost a thing to be seen at.  To experience "atmosphere", all the things advertising tell you are what F1 live is all about.
I think there is simply a split in fans, like there is in most sports, rugby, football, tennis, there are those that enjoy the pure sport of it, and far more that simply watch it out of habit, style, leisure activity reasons. A crowd at Bath is very different to a crowd at Twickenham for instance. 
That is what Liberty want, and that is what they so far are getting, and more importantly like FIFA, Olympics etc to take it to places it has never been or where it is relatively unknown, and then either tap into that non existent India,Korea,Turkey audience, or the massive Mexico,China,Singapore one.
They are not paying after all, so why not try!

Interestingly, last year I went to the Belgian GP as a corporate guest, free entrance to the VIP section (which was excellent) and free access to the grandstand. It was mostly nostalgia that made me go for the grandstand just before and during the race, and I found the experience rather strange. I tried to interest myself in the race, but thought it was rather poor entertainment, despite the TV screen showing action from all around the circuit. Most annoying, though, and most lingering in my memory is the incredibly loud and foul music a DJ on top of the pit building played during the last fifteen minutes or so before the start. They even had "animation girls" on the stands, dancing and inviting you to sing along; it was most disgraceful. I tried to follow the start preparations, but evidently the promoters didn't want me to. I'm not really sure what that was for, it was certainly most unnecessary, and unpleasant.

I think they do similar things before football games these days, so perhaps it's just state of the "art", but I thought the whole event was rather pointless. I don't have experience of other corporate events, and am not really interested, so I'm not quite part of the core target audience, but this certainly hadn't much to do with motor racing. Perhaps a football lover would say the same about being corporate guest at a league match?


#102 Ray Bell

Ray Bell
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Posted Today, 13:37

Well, we can certainly agree on that stuff...

How on earth people can conclude that an interest in cars or motor sport means you just must like heavy rock rubbish too I will never understand.

And how they can think that you want to be bombarded with noise that drowns out your purpose in being there is equally unfathomable.