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Birmingham Post Rally

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Posted 27 November 2019 - 19:28

1953 Birmingham Post Rally

First event. Ended Droitwich.

1. Peter Morgan/Mrs J.D. Morgan (Morgan)

Ladies: Miss A. Jervis/Miss A.J. Freeman (Morgan)


1954 Birmingham Post National Motor Rally,

Rally start Civic Centre, Birmingham, 10.00 a.m., Sept 17. About 400 miles. Into Worcestershire, passage control at Upper Bentley, then Grafton Flyford, timed control at Bredon Field Farm. Fourth control at Pencombe Cross (5m west of Bromyard), fifth a small ford south of Clee Hill. Timed control at Clee St. Margaret. Passage control on top of Long Mynd. Timed control at Welshpool. Passage control Llanfihangel. Climb, stop-and-go, of Bwlch-y-Groes. Passage control at Llandrillo. Timed control outside Bettwys-y-Gwerfilgoch. Breakfast halt Llandudno, driving tests. Via Shelsley Walsh (tests), to finish at Droitwich, Lido car park, (more tests from 2.45 pm) 18 Sept.

The competitors, in order of starting:

I. M. Yule, D. C. Horsburgh (Fiat Standard Special); B. H. Thompson. C. K. Saunders (Alvis Silver Eagle); M. J. Hawley, B. L. Reynolds (Triumph TR.2); John Moore. A. Moore (Morgan-Plus 4); B. Day. R.O.C. Mellor (Triumph TR2); A. Day, B. Chavasse (Sunbeam Alpine); T.A. Parkes. P. Homes (Triumph TR2); Miss A.M. Jervis, Miss M.J. Freeman (Morgan-Plus 4); J. L. MacVitie, Mrs. S.J. MacVitie (Triumph TR2); G.T.E. Cheney, K. Eckersley (Austin Healey); G.G. Hunt, R. Thompson (Triumph TR2); D.C. Sweeney, S. Cornthwalte (Sunbeam Alpine); P.H.G. Morgan, Mrs. J.D. Morgan (Morgan-Plus 4); W.A.G. Goodall, A.T. Hall (Morgan-Plus 4); A.L. Yarranton. D. Thompson (Morgan-Plus 4); Mrs. D. M. Osborn, Mrs. S. Hurley (Triumph TR2); W. E. Fry. B. Murrell (Triumph TR2); F. P. Grounds, H. G. Bennett (Jaguar XK120); R.G. Harper, B.A. Harper (Land Rover); P.B. Reece. B. Davies (Morgan-Plus 4); J.T. de Blaby. D. Oakley (Morgan-Pius 4); B. Phipps, Miss A. Palfrey (Morgan-Plus 4); C. B. Taylor. J. B. Hodson (Trumph TR2); J. W. Waddington A. Waddington (Triumph TR2); Dr. J.T. Spare, M. Meredith (Morgan-Plus 4); J. W. Cox, R.M. Brooks (Ford Zephyr); F. A. Denning, A. E. Clark (Morris Special); A.J. Brown. F. P. West (M.G. TD-Mk.2); A. T. Fisher, Mrs. V. Domleo (Ford Popular); R. D. Butterell, H.J.H. Dodds (MG.-T.C.); M. Roden, B.W.V. Bovey (M.G.-T.D.); #33 A.J. Bishop, A.H. Perks (Morgan 4/4) reg FWD 376; R.A. Jameson, G.T.I. Taylor (M.G.-T.A.); R.J. Bayard, P.B. King (M.G.-T.F.); M. R. Clark, J.R. Clark (M.G.-T.F.); H.E. Rumsey. P.J. Taylor (Austin/Ford Special); Miss M. Brett, Miss S. May (M.G.-T.F.); G.T.S. Smith. B. Williams (Triumph Renown); M. Crump, Mrs. P.J. Crump (Morris Oxford); S.T. Parmiloe. K. J. Poulton (Ford Zephyr); R.J. Sanders. H. Wareham (Ford Zodiac); A.E. Wright. J.S. Wright (Austin A.90); K. Hobday. L. Hill (Standard Vanguard); J.J. Bott. J.R.W. Thomas (Riley); S.B. Bowskill. P. Mould (Riley Kestrel); R.E. Walmsley. K.J. Perry (Austin A.70); R.E. Lewis, J.B. Marley (Austin A.70); G. Fancourt, L. S. Gold (Austin A.70); R.I.H. Sievwrlght. Mrs. J. M. Sievwright (Ford Zephyr); D.S. Ross Slater. H.H. Priest (Ford Zephyr); M.D. Pickering, P.D. Pickering (Ford Consul); K. Rawlings, L. Tracey (Daimler Conquest Century); G. Holdsworth, Bob Foster (Vauxhall Velox); H.C. Roberts. Mrs. I.H. Roberts (Ford Anglia); Gerard B. Flewitt, P. Reed (Austin A. 40); J. F. Livingston, H. L. Livingston (Standard 8): P.J. Anton, W. Wallis (Ford Anglia); M. E. King, C. Brown (Standard); L.E. Newry, D. Lewis (Volkswagen); J.E. Pritchard. C. Tudge (Hillman); D. H. Holland, Miss C.N. Holland (Austin A. 40); H.W. Whitehouse, T.N. Rock (Austin A.40); M.J. Webb, M.J. Wild (Hillman Minx); D. Richards, J.B. Madeley (Volkswagen); P.G. Longland, D.J Sidebotham (M.G.); K.V. Walker, N.C. Day (M.G.); K.P. Veale, G. Stacey (Standard 10); G.W. Adams. V.C. Adams (Ford Anglia); A.B. Bowers, H.B. Watson (Austin A. 40); Mrs. L.E. Grounds. Mrs. D. Reece (Ford Anglia); H. Foster, G.G. Coates (Austin A.40); R.E. Stokes, L. Sims (Ford Anglia); J.A. Harper. R.M. Carver (Morris Minor); T.S. Baker, R.H. Martin (Austin A.30); W.A. Machin. R.H. Dillow (Austin A.40); E. Williams, A.F. Mitchell (Austin A.30); L.G. Browne. J.G. Hadley (Renault).


Winner of MAC Challenge Cup and Souvenir: Ken Rawlings, L.J. Tracey (Daimler Conquest Century)

Series Production Cars up to 1,300 c.c.

1. T.S. Baker, R.H. Martin (Austin A.30), M.A.C. 250.3 marks lost

2. P.J. Anton. W. Wallis (Ford Anglia), Hagley & District L.C.C., 251.4

3. B. Phipps, Miss A. Palfrey (Austin), Worcestershire M.C., 271.9

4. J.A. Harper. R.M. Carver (Morris Minor) M.A.C. 370.6 marks lost

Sports Cars and Non-Series Cars under 1,300 c.c.

1. A.J. Brown. F. P. West (M.G. TD-Mk.2), M.A.C. 216.9 marks lost

2. M. R. Clark, J.R. Clark (M.G. TF), Sunbac, 310.3

3. R.A. Jameson, G.T.I. Taylor (M.G. TA), Hagley & District L.C.C., 341.4

4. H. Foster, G.G. Coates (Austin A.40), Hagley & District L.C.C., 378.6  

Sports and Non-Series production touring cars over 1,300 c.c.

1. A.L. Yarranton, D. Thompson (Morgan-Plus 4), Worcestershire M.C., 193 marks lost

2. Dr. J.T. Spare, M. Meredith (Morgan-Plus 4), M.A.C., 201.9

3. W.A.G. Goodall, A.T. Hall (Morgan-Plus 4), Worcestershire M.C., 213.2

4. Mrs. D.M. Osborn, Mrs. S. Hurley (Triumph TR2), M.A.C., 225.5

Series production cars over 1,300 c.c.

1. Ken Rawlings, L.J. Tracey (Daimler Conquest Century), Sunbac, 245.9 marks lost

2. G. Holdsworth, Bob Foster (Vauxhall Velox), Sunbac, 246.9

3. R.J. Sanders, H. Wareham (Ford Zodiac), Hagley & District L.C.C., 248.7

4. G. Fancourt, L. S. Gold (Austin A.70), M.A.C., 373.4  

Women's award: Mrs. Osborn and Mrs. Hurley; runners-up Miss A. Jervis, Miss M.J. Freeman (Morgan-Plus 4), Worcestershire M.C.   


1955 Birmingham Post Rally 

1. T.A. Gold/Miss J. Martin, (Triumph TR2)

2. Dr E.W. Deane/J.H.S. Preen, (Sunbeam Talbot)

Ladies: Miss P.A. Ozanne/Mrs G. Shand, (Sunbeam Talbot)

Team Award: Gold/Martin, H.C. Rogers/R. Fletcher, B. Day/R.O.C. Mellor - all TR2


1956 Birmingham Post Rally

1. J.W. Waddington/J.M. Wood (Triumph TR2)

Ladies: Miss A. Palfrey, Miss A. Jervis (Austin)

Club teams: Morgan Car Club — W.A.G. Goodall; #1 Morgan, reg TKT 100, A.L. Yarranton/D. Thompson; P.G. Morgan   


1958 Birmingham Post Rally 

Starting #1 Aston Martin, reg TWE 589, A.G. Bird/F.R. Fleet



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Posted 27 November 2019 - 22:00

In the 1954 event, sports cars <1300cc - the fourth placed finisher had fewer marks than the third place. Is this a typo, or some unexplained weirdness in the scorings and placings?

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Posted 28 November 2019 - 00:12



Thanks for pointing that out - it was a typo - I've fixed it!

These events organised by Midland Automobile Club - I've contacted their archives at Shelsley Walsh for more info.

Also there are 1955 pics at Revs.



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Posted 29 November 2019 - 15:41

Birmingham Post Rally, 22nd/23rd April, 1955

M.A.C. Challenge Cup and £30 for best performance:

#56 T.A. Gold/Miss J. Martin, (Triumph TR2) 6.6 marks lost

Production touring cars up to 1000 c.c.

1. #149 W.C. Johnson/A.W. Humphreys (Austin A30), 17.3

2. #152 I.B. McLaughlin/J. Nicholls (Austin A30), 19.8

3. #161 W.J. Ward/ J.R.F. Carpenter (Standard), 33.3

4. #154 T. Beckingham/G. Hartley-Smith (Standard), 46.7

5. #146 J.R. Platt/G.H.E. Howard-Smith (Standard), 50.8

1001 c.c. - 2000 c.c.

1. #130 P.J. Anton/R.A. Jameson (Ford Anglia), 14.9

2. #123 W.G.E. Mackintosh/F.J. Phillips (Volkswagen) 28.2

3. #120 P.B. Robson/J.E.B. Hissey (M.G. Magnette), 30.2

4. #142 E.Y. Fullwood/B. Chavasse (Ford Prefect), 32.8

5. #124 H.W. Whitehouse/T.N. Rock (Austin) 33.7

Over 2,001 c.c.

1. #110 Dr E.W. Deane/J.H.S. Preen, (Sunbeam Talbot), 7.7

2. #102 B.J. Smith/G.T.I. Taylor (Ford Zodiac), 12.4

3. #103 Sir Charles Kimber/Lady Kimber (Sunbeam-Talbot), 17.7

4. #100 F.A. Denning/A.E. Clarke (Humber), 22.4.

5. #94 M.J. Webb/D.H. Smith (Ford) 22.5

Grand Touring, modified touring and production sports cars up to 1,600 c.c.

1. #67 L.C. Windsor/J.C. Dixon (M.G.), 9.8

2. #89 E. Woolley/P.F. Steiner (Porsche), 11.9

3. #84 G.W Adams/P.D. Adams (Ford), 13.1

4. #74 R.W. Best/C.K. Henson (Austin A40 Sports), 14.5

5. #75 D.J. Morley/G.E. Morley (Ford) 18.3 

Over 1,601 c.c.

1. #56 T.A. Gold/Miss J. Martin, (Triumph TR2) 6.6 marks lost

2. #38 L.G. Holdsworth/A.N. Foster (Triumph TR2), 10.2

3. #24 A.L. Yarranton/D. Thompson (Morgan), 11.8

4. #26 Peter Reece/B. Davies (Morgan), 12.2 

5. #6 H.C. Rogers/R.F. Fletcher (Triumph TR2) 13.1

All Ladies Crew, Regent Challenge Cup and £10:

#96 Miss P.A. Ozanne/Mrs G. Shand (Sunbeam-Talbot) 32.5

Club Team of 3 cars, Three M.A.C. Tankards and £10:

"The Potters" all TR2's #6, #56, #41 - 41.7 marks lost



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Posted 04 December 2019 - 15:51

Many thanks to David Moore, MAC archivist, for the following:


Birmingham Post Rally, 1955


1. Mrs F. Deeley/J. Deeley (Austin Healey) ret'd

2. L. Sims/F.I.J. Girling (Aston Martin)

3. E.W. Durrant/C. Lewis (Triumph TR2)

4. E. Williams/A.F. Mitchell (Austin Healey) 

5. P.C. Cooper/G. Holland (Triumph)

6. H.C. Rogers/R. Fletcher (Triumph TR2)

7. Mrs Y.B. Jackson/Mrs. J. Kinns (Morgan) UNW 500

8. J.T. de Blaby/R. Dillow (Morgan)

9. G.C. Hull/K.P. Tallett (Triumph TR2) PAC 555

10. M.J. Hawley/B.L. Reynolds (Triumph TR2)

11. W.H. Morgan/P. Taylor (Triumph TR2)    

12. D.C. Sweeney/A.H. Worward (Sunbeam Alpine Special) OOL 750

13. Not in use

14. D.J Strange/A.G. Threadgold (Ford Zephyr)

15. G.T.E. Cheney/K. Eckersley (Austin Healey)

16. H.E. Rumsey/P.P. Roberts (Triumph TR2) LVJ 932 - EXCLUDED REG No 19 Exceeded 40 MPH AV.

17. G.G Hunt/R.L. Thompson (Triumph)

18. M. Jacoby/W.K. Webster (Triumph TR2) 702 FRF

19. G.R.R. Johanson/J.C. Bray (Triumph)

20. J.M.C. Shand/T.W. Harris (Jaguar) ORT 626

21. W.H. Osborn/R.E. Noble (Triumph TR2) OVC 272

22. P.H.G Morgan/R.E. Stokes (Morgan) KUY 387

23. W.A.G. Goodall/G.J. Stallard (Morgan)

24. A.L. Yarranton/D. Thompson (Morgan) KWP 926

25. A.N. Hewett/W.A. Jones (Jaguar XK 120)

26. P. Reece/B.Davies (Morgan), KNP 5

27. J.A. McLaughlin/D.J. Linnington (Austin Healey)

28. W.H. Wadham/S.D. Silverthorne (Triumph TR2) PPX 10

29. P.C. Wadham/A.E.S. Osgood (Swallow)

30. A. Polack/H.R.W. Hughes (Morgan) ECF 495 - EXCLUDED REG No 19 Exceeded 40 MPH AV.

31. M.B. Warbreck-Howell/C.D. Williams (Triumph TR2)

32. J.M. Taylor/W.H. Green (Sunbeam Alpine)

33. B. Harper/Miss. V.M. Holmes (Triumph TR2)

34. J.L. MacVitie/S.J. MacVitie (Triumph TR2)

35. A.E. Cleghorn/Mrs. M.E. Cleghorn (Morgan)

36. E.C.M. Collier/N.F. Westwood (Austin A40)

37. Mrs. R. Beaumont/J.R. Beaumont (Triumph TR2) GCK 670

38. George Holdsworth/Bob Foster (Triumph TR2)

39. E.S. Ridley/W.J. Jacobs (Triumph TR2) scratched

40. A. Merryweather/L.H. Merryweather (Triumph TR2)

41. B. Day/R.O.C. Mellor (Triumph TR2)

42. T.H. Wareham/C.M. Sharp (Austin Healey)

43. G. Wood/P. Uppington (Ford Zephyr)

44. C.B. Taylor/H.C. Burrows (Triumph)

45. F.E. Still/L.N. Needham (Jaguar XK 120) TUR 25 - EXCLUDED REG No 19 Exceeded 40 MPH AV.

46. R.A. Gouldbourn/S. Turner (Triumph TR2) - EXCLUDED REG No 19 Exceeded 40 MPH AV.

47. D.P. McIntee/T. Nichols (Triumph TR2)

48. T.N. Blockley/R.D. Richards (Austin Healey)

49. L.K. Lord/S. Keen (Triumph TR2)

50. J.C. Wallwork/W. Cave (Triumph TR2) GJA 205

51. S.J.B. Foxall/B.W. Bodman (Triumph TR2)

52. Miss D.E. George/C.D. Charnell (Triumph TR2) KVA 506

53. A.G. Imhof/I. Mackenzie (Allard J2) LXT 5 - EXCLUDED REG No 19 Exceeded 40 MPH AV.

54. L.S. Stross/ K.G.M. Pointing (Jaguar XK 120) - EXCLUDED REG No 19 Exceeded 40 MPH AV.

55. K.N. Ballisat/W.E. Fry (Triumph) - EXCLUDED REG No 19 Exceeded 40 MPH AV.

56. T.A. Gold/Miss J. Martin (Triumph TR2)

57. F.W.B. Watkin/L. Newey (Alvis)

58. P.G. Walton/B.S.C.R. Castle (Vauxhall) - EXCLUDED REG No 19 Exceeded 40 MPH AV.

59. Miss A.C. Wild/Miss J.M. Freeman (Triumph TR2)

60. R.G. Harper/B.A. Harper (Land Rover)

61. W.E. Homer/H.E. Mason (Triumph)

62. G.M. White/T.W. Vizor (Willys) GOP 547

63. H.J. Freeman/D.E.S. Moore (Jaguar XK 120) PPA 777

64. F.D. Kerr/C.F. Kerr (Triumph TR2)

65. Dr. R.S. Parkin/A.A. Storer (Triumph TR2)

145. J. Sprinzel/L. Arnstein (Triumph TR2)



66. A.T. Fisher/Miss E.V. Domleo (Ford) COF 792

67. L.C. Windsor/J.C.Dixon (M.G.) CHF 252

68. J.R. Charlesworth/J.R. Lambourn (M.G.)

69. Miss. D.M. Osborn/Mrs. S. Hurley (HRG) KLL 565

70. M.R. Clarke/J.R. Clarke (M.G.) 

71. J.I. Goddard-Watts/B.J. Stamper (M.G.)

72. K. Richardson/J.C.S. Heathcote (Standard) PRW 532

73. E.G. Vanner/P.S. Hindley (Ford Anglia) non-starter

74. A.W. Best/C.K. Henson (Austin A40 Sports) MOF 454

75. D.J. Morley/G.E. Morley (Ford Consul)

80. R.D. Butterell/H.J.H. Dodds (Standard) 576 ARF

81. A.H. Hill/R.L. Ward (Renault)

82. J.W. Cox/T.M. Brooks (Ford Anglia)

83. H. Foster/F.M. Lovett (Austin A40)

84. G.W. Adams/P.D. Adams (Ford)

85. S. Moore/Miss. J. Chesterton (M.G.)

86. Mrs. J. Johns/D. Johns (M.G.)

87. D.J. Balmer/J. Ladds (Ford)

88. A.E. Bengry/G.C. Warburton (Volkswagen) MCJ 191

89. E. Woolley/P.F. Steiner (Porsche)

90. G.K. Farmer/N. Farmer (Ford Consul)



91. W.K. Blomfield/F.V. Harrison (Sunbeam Talbot)

92. G.H.Parkes/J.L. Record (Austin A90) non-starter

93. P.E. Roberts/G. Streather (Sunbeam Talbot)

94. M.J. Webb/D.H. Smith (Ford)

95. G.T.S. Smith/Mrs. P.U. Smith

96. Miss P.A. Ozanne/Mrs G. Shand (Sunbeam Talbot)  

97. J.J. Blackburn/K.O. Gibson (Ford) 

98. I.V. McLaughlin/J.H. McLaughlin (Austin A70)

99. J.J. Bott/J.T. Thomas (Riley)

100. F.A. Denning/A.E. Clarke (Humber)

101. N.B. Roberts/P.D. Pinson (Ford Zephyr)

102. B.J. Smith/G.T.I. Taylor (Ford)

103. Sir Charles Kimber/C. Buchanan-Dunlop (Sunbeam Talbot)

104. E.B. Kent-Phillips/R.J. Cooper (Buick)

105. J. Trigg/L. Taylor (Sunbeam Talbot)

106. R.G. Lewis/M. Poole - entrant C.C. Clarke (Riley)

107. K.J. Poulton/S.T. Farmiloe (Ford Zephyr)

108. M.D. Pickering/R.D. Pickering (Ford Zephyr)

109. L. Hill/A. Vizor (Ford Zephyr)

110. Dr E.W. Deane/J.H.S. Preen (Sunbeam Talbot)  

111. R.J. Saunders/V. Wall (Ford Zephyr)

112. J.S. Wright/A.E. Wright (Ford) non-starter

113. F. Tyldesley/J.G. Spencer (Sunbeam Talbot)

129. A.F. Keen/R.F.E. Catherwood (Ford Consul)

139. N.K. Williams/R.Jones (M.G. Magnette)


GROUP 1. CATEGORY 1. CLASS 'B' CARS 1001 C.C. TO 2000 C.C. 

114. B.H. Thompson/P.H. Thompson (Hillman Minx)

115. J.J. Virr/K.T. Broughton (Ford)

117. L.H. Bagnall/E.R. Bamforth (Ford Anglia)

118. D.H. Holland/C.M. Holland (Austin A40)

119. J.G. Dathan/F. Wilkes (Austin)

120. P.B. Robson/J.E.B. Hissey (M.G. Magnette)

121. M. Crump/Mrs. P.J. Crump (Morris)

122. D.G. Scott/G.K. Armstrong (Ford)

123. W.G.E. Mackintosh/F.J. Phillips (Volkswagen)

124. H.W. Whitehouse/T.N. Rock (Austin)

125. E.G. Jackson/J. Swaby (Ford) non-starter

126. J.D. Irlam/B.J. Warr (Ford Anglia)

127. J.F. Livingston/H.L. Livingston (Standard)

128. G. Shanley/P. Worledge (Ford Anglia) 

129. A.F. Keen/R.F.E. Catherwood (Ford Consul) Transferred to Group 2, Class D

130. P.J. Anton/R.A. Jameson (Ford Anglia)

131. K. Nightingale/W. Bradley (Volkswagen)

132. J.H. Bostock/C.F. Cowlishaw (Volkswagen)

133. J. Payne/R. Fitton (Volkswagen)

134. J.W. Bishop/J.B. Marsh (Volkswagen)

135. B.R. Potts/M.J. Canner (Ford Prefect)

136. P.E. Gibson/J. Hughes (Riley)

137. G.D. Wake/B. Gilbert (Ford Consul) - EXCLUDED REG No 19 Exceeded 40 MPH AV.

138. E.J.S. Townsend/G.K. Emsley (Ford) 

139. N.K. Williams/R.Jones (M.G. Magnette) Transferred to Group 2, Class D

140. J.R. Crow/Miss. K.M. Crow (M.G.)

141. J. Maltby/R.E. Roberts (Lancia Aprilia) non-starter

142. E.Y. Fulwood/B. Chavasse (Ford Prefect)

143. Miss E. Cullen/K. Graves (Austin A50)



144. R. Maitland-Hughes/R.V. Kelly (Morris Minor)

146. J.R. Platt/G.H.B. Howard-Smith (Standard)

147. W.A. Machin/R.A. Hobbis (Austin A30)

148. M. Roden/B.W. May (Morris)

149. W.C. Johnson/A.W. Hunphreys (Austin A30)

150. D. O'M Taylor/R.F. Daniels (Standard)

151. K.P. Veale/G. Stacey (Standard)

152. I.B. McLaughlin/J. Nicholls (Austin A30)

153. B.W. Estaugh/D.S. Murray (Standard)

154. T. Beckingham/G. Hartley-Smith (Standard)

155. B.W. Fursdon/R. Neate (Renault)

156. R.A. Birch/E. Marvin (Morris)

157. J.D. Hadley/L.G. Brown (Renault)

158. W.F. Howarth/W.A.W. Cox (Austin A30)

159. Scratched

160. A.B. Bowers/H.B. Watson (Morris)

161. M.J. Ward/J.R.F. Carpenter (Standard)

116. J.F. Dickinson/J.G. Foster (Morris Minor)


Comments: I haven't been able to find anything on the winning T.A. Gold/Miss J. Martin Triumph TR2? I think she became Mrs Gold?

Some drivers earlier announced in the Birmingham Post in different cars e.g. John Sprinzel (Austin), L.S. Stross (Bristol 401).

Also F.M.B. Watkins (Alvis) does not appear above.

Eight cars disqualified: "two secret checks were operated."

#33. B. Harper/Miss. V.M. Holmes (Triumph TR2) - is this Velma Holmes, later worked for the B.A.R.C. in London, went to South Africa?



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