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Guess the Podium Anti-2020: Australia

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Posted 09 March 2020 - 07:55

Welcome to the 5th season of Guess the Anti-Podium.


Guess the Anti-Podium 2020 - Abu Dhabi!


Who will join the list of past champions:


2016: Cig35

2017: Grayson

2018: Cig35

2019: scheivlak


Mighty scheivlak added another competition under his belt. Will he win it for a second straight time?


Pick the Anti-Podium, as in the last 3 drivers who are classified finishers. That would be 20th, 19th and 18th in a race with no retirements.

Ground rules are simple:

  • The entry format is driver1/driver2/driver3, with driver1 being the last classified finisher of the race. Please adhere to it, it makes the data transfer to the spreadsheet much easier.
  • Should a driver be replaced before the deadline, the replacement will not apply automaticaly in your guesses. So keep an eye on what's going on. Should a driver be replaced after the deadline, I will update all the guesses with the replacement.
  • Scoring for each team is determined by the list below.
  • Retirements and disqualifications do not count, driver must be classified (which includes the 90% classification rule).
  • Guess the correct driver in the correct order and your score for that driver is multiplied by 2
  • Guess one of the bottom three correctly, but in the incorrect order, and the score for the driver remains the same
  • The number of correct guesses is not added to your points. However, the number of correct guesses over the season will be used in case of a tie. In case there is also a tie, the number of wins is taken into acount. This is to try and make sure the most accurate guesser is the champion.

Team values as per the 2019 Constructor Championship standings:

Mercedes = 10
Ferrari = 9
Red Bull = 8
McLaren = 7
Renault = 6
Toro Rosso = 5
Racing Point = 4
Alfa Romeo = 3
Haas = 2
Williams = 1


You guess...


That means Latifi is the last classified finisher.

Race result is...


Therefore your score is calculated as:

Latifi: 2 x 1 = 2 points (correct position guessed)

Giovinazzi: 0 points (not in anti-podium)
Russell: 1 x 1 = 1 points (in anti-podium, but incorrect position)

Total score: 3 points

The deadline for your guesses is the start of the qualifying.


Good luck!