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Can someone who has driven F1 cars comment on gear-change tactile feedback?

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#1 Gold

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Posted 06 May 2020 - 01:56

I am programming my racing simulator and am wondering what the tactile feedback difference is in changing gear between the old semi automatic gearboxes used in F1 from 1989-2004 (around 50ms shift time) and the seamless gear boxes used after 2006 (around 8ms shift time). 
Engineers tell me the seamless shifts are less of a violent jolt but I’m taking my chances that someone on his forum has actually driven a Formula One car once and can maybe describe the feeling somehow.


#2 Ross Stonefeld

Ross Stonefeld
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Posted 06 May 2020 - 12:53

Wouldn't this be modeled on...eh...something like the combination of engine braking in whatever gear/rpm you're in plus the aerodrag of lift-off at that speed to give you X decleration rate for Y period of time? Plus whatever jolt from the resumption of acceleration in the next gear?