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Guess the Winning Time 2020: Bahrain

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Posted 21 November 2020 - 23:14

The general idea of this game is that before the qualifying you will predict the time for the winner to complete the Grand Prix (not the driver, just his winning time). After the race I will work out based on the official winning time the difference between your predicted winning time and the actual winning time. Over the season the person who gets the lowest overall difference between their prediction and the real time will be the winner.


  • The deadline for your prediction is the scheduled starting time of qualifying. Any predictions made after the deadline will not be counted and 4. will apply
  • Until the deadline you can edit your guess as often as you want.
  • All times should be submitted in the form h:mm:ss.xxx (if imbigious I will simply insert a zero on the wrong digit)
  • If you miss a deadline I will take the time predicted by the player with the worst result and increase the difference by 1 minute
  • All races will count into the championship, however every player will receive one joker (i.e. his worst result will be dropped or he can affort to sit out a round)
  • In the event of an tie the best single result (then the 2nd best, 3rd best, etc.) will be used as the tiebreaker.

Previous Winning Times of the Bahrain GP

2015: 1:35:05.809
2016: 1:33:34.696
2017: 1:33:53.374
2018: 1:32:01.940
2019: 1:34:21.295

Quickest ever Winning Time on this layout: 1:28:34.875 (2004)

You can join the game at any time throughout the season. To have a good chance of winning the championship you should join right from the beginning!  :)

Championship Standings

Deadline: Start of Qualifying