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10UG 2020: Bahrain Guesses

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Posted 21 November 2020 - 23:15

Here are the Questions for the Bahrain Grand Prix, these questions will remain the same throughout the 2020 season. You can enter anytime throughout the season, to increase your chances to win the championship you should join right from the beginning  :)

1. Where will Esteban Ocon qualify? (position before penalties)
2. The drivers of which team will have the smallest difference in qualifying? (time)
3. Which team will complete the lowest number of laps in the race?
4. Who will be in 9th place on lap 17 (when the car has completed the 17th lap)?
5. Who will be the first driver to pit during the race?
6. Which driver will gain the most positions at the race start (position after lap 1)?
7. Where will Nicholas Latifi be classified at the race finish? (if not, please state DNF, DNQ, DNS, or DQ)
8. How many drivers will finish the race on the lead lap including the winner?
9. How many drivers will complete exactly as many pitstops during the race as the winner? (including the winner)
10. How great will be the margin between winner and 5th? (Give your answer in steps of 5 seconds: 0-5 secs, 5-10 secs, 10-15 secs,...or laps (1 lap, 2 laps,...))
You get 1 point for every correct answer
Championship Standings
Deadline: First Practice