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Penalty Competition 2020: Abu Dhabi

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#1 Marklar

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Posted 08 December 2020 - 00:03

Feel free to send me a DM with your Entry if you dont want others to see it, if you dont want me to see it either just state so in the subject of your DM, I wont open it then until the deadline.


The general game concept is quite simple: You have simply to guess which driver/s will end up during the race weekends with some nice penalties.....

Game concept and scoring
Each player has 10 credit points which he can freely allocate to the drivers for each race weekend. You can place all your credit points on one driver, but you can also give up to 10 drivers per weekend points. These points will be multiplied then with the penalties the drivers received during the race weekend (see the table under penalty points) and the value of the driver (based on the driver's penalty record in the last 12 months).

You can also guess that no penalties will be applied to any driver during the weekend or during the race. If you do so, then you cant allocate any points to any driver of course. If you are right you will receive a certain amount of points, while everyone else (if the weekend prediction turns out to be correct) who went for drivers will end the round without a score. If you are wrong though then you will end up without any points for this round.

Penalty Points
All sorts of driver penalties will count (even if it wasnt really a drivers mistake). Exceptions are

  • Gearbox and engine penalties
  • Breach of the parc ferme rules
  • Technial infringments (particulary with DSQs)
Points | Penalty
1      | Fines/Public Service     
2      | Reprimands, 2-places-grid-penalty
3      | 3-places-grid-penalty
5      | 5-places-grid-penalty, 5-seconds-penalty
10     | 10-places-grid-penalty, 10-seconds-penalty
20     | 20-places-grid-penalty, 20-seconds-penalty, Drive-Through-Penalty
30     | 30-seconds-penalty, Stop-and-go-penalty, Quali DSQ
50     | Race DSQ/ban

Should the FIA come up with a grid/time penalty which is not listed in this table, the same logic will apply as with the penalties below (e.g. 4-places-grid-penalty = 4 points). Penalty points will apply for the race where the driver breached the rules and not where he had to take the penalty (e.g. a collision in Race 1 awarded with an grid penalty for Race 2 will count for Race 1)

'No penalty' option
If you believe that the stewards will have no work the whole weekend you can simply submit a entry 'no penalties - weekend'.
Should you think that until the race start no penalties will be applied to any driver submit a entry 'no penalties - before race'
If you think that the race will pass off without any penalties then submit 'no penalties - race'.
Of course, if the whole weekend was the correct answer then anyone who picked one of the other options will receive their points as well.

The score for the whole weekend to be penalty free will start off with 1500. It increases every weekend by 50 until a race weekend happens to be without penalties, then it will be reset back to 1500. Same applies for the other two options, starting with 500 respectively. Please keep in mind that in case you chose to opt for one of these options you wont be able to pick drivers as shown above and score points for them.

The scores for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are

no penalties - weekend     2250
no penalties - before race 500
no penalties - race        900

Driver values
The driver value is based on the penalties the drivers received in the last 12 months. Every driver will have a start value which will depend on his penalty points from the previous season. For every race without a penalty the value increases by 1 point. If the driver gets a penalty his value will decrease by the amount of penalty points he got for this race devided by 10 (e.g. a 10-seconds-penalty would decrease the driver's value by 1 point). The values will be rounded in the end. The driver value can not fall under 1 point.

The start value will depend on how many penalty points the driver received in 2019. The formula is 10-(penalty points last year/10). This is done to give good rookies a chance to close up a bit quicker to the other drivers in this list.

Bottas      26
Verstappen  25
Sainz       23
Gasly       23
Ocon        23
Norris      22
Leclerc     22
Latifi      22
Vettel      21
Russell     20
Ricciardo   20
Stroll      19
Albon       18
Magnussen   18
Giovinazzi  17
[Hamilton   16]
Raikkonen   15
Perez       15
Kvyat       15
Fittipaldi  11
Aitken      11


  • You have to submit your guess until the start of the first practice for every race weekend.
  • If you are failing to submit your guess until the deadline, your most recent entry from the previous races will count
  • Submitting guesses with fractions (e.g. 2.5, 4.25, 6.33) is not allowed.
  • You can change from race to race your entry as much as you want to.
  • You can edit your entry as often as you want, but just until the deadline.
  • In case of an driver change in F1 before the deadline your points will not be transfered to the drivers replacement. So amend your entry in this case.
  • If this driver change will be after the deadline your points will be transfered just for this race to your drivers replacement. Unless your driver scored already in that race weekend penalty points (for example during practice) and will be replaced after that.
  • In case of an tie the player with the best single result (then 2nd best, etc.) will be the winner. If there is stil a tie after that then the one who had the most wins will be champion (then most 2nd places, etc.).




This is one of the very few games on this board where you have stil realistic chances to win the title even if you are not entering from the first race on, so new entries are always very welcome :)


Championship Standings

Deadline: First practice



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Posted 09 December 2020 - 14:38

Ocon - 5

Vettel - 5

#3 Makarias

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Posted 09 December 2020 - 17:40

Albon 2

Bottas 1

Fittipaldi 1

Ocon 1

Perez 1

Ricciardo 1

Räikkönen 1

Stroll 1

Vettel 1

#4 scheivlak

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Posted 10 December 2020 - 18:13

Bottas 5

Magnussen 5

#5 Brawn BGP 001

Brawn BGP 001
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Posted 11 December 2020 - 00:53

no pens - weekend.

#6 Bleu

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Posted 11 December 2020 - 06:48

I sent DM.

#7 M2000-5

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Posted 11 December 2020 - 07:48

Verstappen 10

#8 Marklar

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Posted 11 December 2020 - 20:37

Bleu (DM)

Albon 4
Hamilton 3
Russell 3