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Spondon SELVA 500

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Posted 01 February 2021 - 13:32

Hi I have the Greeves 500 engine that was being developed by Bob Stevenson as the SELVA in a Spondon frame. I have most big bits but am in need of a 5 speed Albion gearbox cluster to include selector forks and cam barrel but the cam barrel was modified to have a lantern type selector mechanism. At the moment the cam barrel and selectors are desperately needed so that they can modified if needed. Understand that Joey Mulholland had the engine at some time, does anyone know of any contact details for him. The engine found its way into Frank Balls racer that I have but that is now fitted with an Oulton engine.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Posted 23 November 2021 - 20:31

Well this is an interesting post! During the time of the SELVA we were frequent visitors to 23a Moor Street, Spondon, as Bob and Stuart were making bits for our Greeves Oulton. At the end of the '72 season we bought Bob's Oulton and as the Yamaha tide was in full flow both racing success wise and business wise for Spondon Engineering the SELVA was abandoned. We bought he SELVA rolling chassis and Bob fitted our racing BSA B50 single into it. It vibrated terribly and we split it down to engine and rolling frame after a year or so and sold the two parts separately. I am confused about you needing Albion gearbox parts for it. I always understood that the unit construction engine as can be found in the handful 500 Greeves scramblers which still exist, used a 4 speed 'box of Greeves design and was modified by Bob to take an extra gear. Barry Hutchinson.


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Posted 23 November 2021 - 23:13

Hi Barry,
I have an Albion 5 speed cluster that fits perfectly, there is a housing that has been added which accommodates the extra gear so makes this possible. I have been making enquires with various GRA members, Jeff Nunn and Dave Harper but this was about a year ago so some things are a bit hazy now but investigation did point to the Albion cluster being used with a modified Cam Barrel. I will try and add some photos of what I have but if things go pear shape I will send you the photo’s direct to see if you can shed some light. Do you have an email address mine is tonylockwood@blueyonder.co.uk.