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Yet More Barely Legible Content...

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#1 Calorus

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Posted 05 March 2021 - 10:48


in particular...




In percentage terms among the top seven squads in the 2020 constructors' championship (the regular points scorers), the balance between Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas was 35.73% from [of]? the world champion's final total of 347. This of course doesn't show the potential points Bottas lost to poor fortune last year, and Hamilton missed the chance to add to his haul with his Sakhir Grand Prix absence after contracting COVID-19. But it still adds up to the smallest gap between team-mates last year (McLaren's Carlos Sainz Jr and Lando Norris were closest on 7.62%, while Ferrari had the biggest gap - 66.33 [%, or percentage points]?between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel).


Between embarrassingly poor English and woeful Maths, you've managed (again) to get me to pay to suffer a headache.


Who is supposed to be editing this?

Obviously, it's an atrocious mash of sentences, however what on Earth was the part in purple supposed to mean? Was it the smallest gap or wasn't it? It hardly looks like it from the parentheses.


And I whilst I'd like this to be legible, my aim is to alert you to the problem - do remember I'm paying you to read this, not the other way around.

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#2 midgrid

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Posted 07 March 2021 - 12:18

For what it's worth, a similar paragraph was in this week's print issue feature on Ferrari's recovery, although the wording was adjusted so it was far clearer (i.e. Vettel scored X% of Leclerc's points, the largest gap between team-mates; Norris scored X% of Sainz's total, the smallest). Alex Kalinauckas is the author of this piece as well.

#3 Ross Stonefeld

Ross Stonefeld
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Posted 07 March 2021 - 12:50

If a driver wins every race and his teammate is second, the lower guy(or gal) scores 42% of the team haul. If the same order is repeated in 9th and 10th, it's only 33%. If it's 10th and 11th, it's 0%. Last and second last is also 0%. What does this tell us other than the distribution of points is non-linear? 

#4 BRG

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Posted 07 March 2021 - 17:04

Is someone not aware of the meaning of the word 'legible'?  Calorus evidently managed to read it easily enough even if it was frankly gibberish.