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Predict the 2021 season!

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#1 JensHaglof

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Posted 25 March 2021 - 18:19

I've created a google form where you predict the F1 2021 season. Thought it would be fun to analyze once the season was over and compare the prediction with the actual result and make a YouTube video about it. Also post it on this forum.
Initially I offered a cash prize to the one whose guess were closest to the final result but got a warning that that might be considered gambling. So I'll remove that! So the first prize is now the glorious feeling of winning and being the best at predicting the up coming season! :)
You get:
5 points for correct placement
4 points if you are 1 off
3 points if you are 2 off
2 points if you are 3 off
1 points if you are 4 off
So a maximum of 150 points available. (20 drivers + 10 teams * 5)
Here's the form!
Since it's so late I've lengthen the submission time to when the qualifying starts at 27th of march.


You have to enter your email, that's so I can contact the winner and tell the good news and also to ask if he or she wants to be named in the results thread!
Good luck!


#2 JensHaglof

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Posted 29 March 2021 - 15:46

Ok, 4 people entered! Not as much as I hoped for but the contest is still on! :) Let's see who comes closest to the final result! Revealed after the final race at Abu-Dhabi!