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Jacky Ickx - Rumours And Speculation

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#1 Jon Saltinstall

Jon Saltinstall
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Posted 22 February 2022 - 19:48

I am hoping that some members of this community may be able to help with tidying up a few final queries that I am trying to resolve for my forthcoming book detailing Jacky’s complete competition history, which several of you know I am working on. This should be published later this summer, and a formal announcement will be forthcoming in the spring.


I am sorry that the questions may be a bit obscure – I am a bit of a completist! – but I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide. I have pretty much exhausted all the conventional sources and archives that I know of, and those close to Jacky do not know (or cannot recall) the answers. So; here are the remaining queries:

  • In 1966, several European motorsport magazines reported that Jacky tested "a Formula 1 car" at the Nürburgring, just after the 6 Hours Touring Car Race in July. This may be just a press rumour, but does anyone have any evidence to suggest that it is true – and if so, who the test was with?
  • In an interview in “Rallye Racing” at the end of 1971, Jacky disclosed he had received an offer to race at Indianapolis in 1969 but his Gulf contract had precluded it. Which team had offered him the drive? 
  • There have been discussions on this forum (as well as in contemporary magazines) that Jacky tested the aborted Van Hool F2 car at the start of 1976. Research suggests this is unlikely, given his commitments to the Williams F1 team, but does anyone have any conclusive evidence either way?
  • It was reported (in passing) that Jacky practiced for the 1982 Monte Carlo Rally. I have found no evidence of this or indeed whether it was a serious plan. Can anyone support or disprove this story – if it happened, do any photos exist?
  • Allegedly, Jacky drove the Course Car (a Renault Clio) for the Monte Carlo Rally on 22 January 1994. Can anyone confirm this and – better still – provide a photo?

One last photo plea - does anyone have a "clean" shot of the Jacky in/with the #1 Mercedes 280GE during the Rally of the Pharaohs, 8-15 October 1983? Annoyingly elusive, this one.... 


As ever, it may be easier (and more discreet if you prefer) to reply to me directly to my email address, which is jon.saltinstall@hotmail.com. I will of course ensure that full acknowledgement of any help is given, alongside full accreditation for any photos provided. 


Thanks for listening and for indulging me. I hope that between us, we may be able to solve some of these puzzles.


#2 WonderWoman61

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Posted 24 July 2022 - 11:04

He was linked to McLaren for 1976 until they hired James Hunt.

#3 Myhinpaa

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Posted 24 July 2022 - 12:57

Lots of photos and a video report from the '83 Rallye des Pharaohs here: https://www.jacky-ic...hp?idx=687&id=5

He also dabbled in ralllying in an ex-Walter Rohrl Porsche 924GTS in '82, Boucles de Spa: https://www.jacky-ic...hp?idx=498&id=9
Some articles here from Rangé Des Voitures from the event too + Paris Dakar '81 & '86: https://rangedesvoit...tag/jacky-ickx/

He did indeed drive the Course Car on the '94 Monte Carlo Rally, in a Gp.N Renault Clio Williams, reg. no. 5457 VB 84. But photos, documentation seems to be scarce.