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Owed a Living?

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#1 tonyed

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Posted 13 May 2022 - 14:10

With the announcement that Suzuki are withdrawing prematurely from MotoGP and failing to honour a recently signed contract with Dorna it does appear to me that some riders appear to believe that racing owes them a living?

To me it appears that some riders do not realise why the manufacturers are in the 'sport'. 

They are in it for financial gain and involvement in MotoGP or any other series should realise them some technical or financial gain, if it does not then they are out.     

The days of 'Eucrie Sportive' are long over. It is about time the well paid and over cosseted MotoGP riders realised this.

Perhaps the amount of crashing that they participate in is dulling their senses.

I am opening up a food bank for MotoGP that find themselves on skid row. Caviar and champagne donations are welcome and if anyone could throw in a gratis Ferrari I am sure this would be appreciated by the unemployed. 




#2 Risil

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Posted 13 May 2022 - 14:27

To stick up for the MotoGP riders, here's a quote from Jack Miller:

“Myself and Suzuki, we came into the championship at the same time [in 2015], so to see them leaving now, it’s sad, because you know – the riders, OK, it sucks for them, it’s s****y but they’re both really good riders and they’ll both find a job, but there’s 45-50 other staff members there that now have to go and try to find a job to try and feed their families. That’s a s****y deal as well.”


Motor racing doesn't owe the rest of the team staff a living either, but the sympathy is well founded.