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Comparative weights of the Lancia D50 and MB W196 gp cars.

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#1 mariner

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Posted 01 July 2022 - 09:42

Having just seen a Lancia D50 in the " flesh" again it is remarkable compact car and , famously proved as fast as the MB W196 in the early 1955 races.


Reading an article in Vintage motorsport ( Jan/Feb 2022 issue ) it quotes the weight of the D50 as 1367lb vs 1841lb for the W196. That is a 25% weight advantage vs the Mercedes for only 260 bhp vs 290 bhp power disadvantage. 

So the D50 should have  out-accelerated  the W196. 


The 1841lb for the W196 is repeated on many google sources and I would sort of expect the W196 to weight more due to its MB tool room construction and complex engine plus inboard front brakes etc.


The D50 weight is still well above the 1068lb quoted by Tony Rudd for the BRM P27.so , whilst light, it was not the lightest 2.5 litre car by any means


Was the W196 really that much heavier  than the other 2.5 litre cars?




#2 Sterzo

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Posted 01 July 2022 - 10:04

A dumb question (what else would you expect) but were all those weights specified as dry weights or otherwise consistent with each other? And I wonder if someone has metric weights for the Lancia and Mercedes, which might be more trustworthy than converted ones.

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#3 Allan Lupton

Allan Lupton
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Posted 01 July 2022 - 10:14

Pomeroy (p306) quotes the W196 with 90 in wheelbase and enveloping body at 1,540 lb.


ETA Sterzo may well have a point since the weights posted by Mariner are 620.06 kg and  835.07 so quite round figures c.f. the lb. figures which look as if they are to the nearest lb. in 1400/1800 odd.

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