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After Market, market.

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Posted 21 July 2022 - 19:57

I am putting this here as with the existing of some hard parts and the lack of others, to those in the know of the automotive genre (Herr Magoo and others) I just read an article in Hot Rod about hopping up major brands various engines (AMC was excluded) and Buick lovers were told , pretty much, not to waste time on the small block Buick.

I have forgotten more than I now know (and probably never knew that much) but even at that the short shfited the Buick not even mentioning the post BOP version that could use cylinder heads from the BOP.

What determines what is offered (for sale, even if in limited numbers) ?

I have read Studebaker sites where there once was an after market cylinder head, but there is nothing for early Buicks, Packhard, early AMC etc. , etc. , etc. but there is some out there for Flat Head Fords, Early Hemi Mopar, and probalby some I do not know of.


With a lot of Nail Head Buicks out there , plenty of Studebakers and early AMC, it would make more sense to offer parts for these than the LS cancer that now infects hot rodding.

Just blowing off steam but , to me, it is discomposing. :well: