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1934 2000-Kilometer-Fahrt durch Deutschland: Hans Mosick

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#1 Nanni Dietrich

Nanni Dietrich
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Posted 27 July 2022 - 10:46

I’m asking your collaboration to solve quite a mystery regarding the 1934 2000-Kilometer-Fahrt durch Deutschland. It was a car and motorcycle long-distance reliability race.


According to many sources, the event was marred by a number of accidents, resulting in the deaths of 5 competitors: a driver, Walter Frenzel, and the riders Horst Brandstetter, Werner Schmöker, Friedrich Brunswig and Wilhelm Murken, the latter did not die during the race but in a road crash, on the way to the race.


But in the Motorsport Memorial, we have a sixth fatality, Hans Mosick which is entered as an accident during an elusive “ 2000 Kms Deutschlandfahrt – Zuverlässigkeitsfahrt” of the same date (I am pretty sure it was an erroneous name of the same race):



The main source of all the accidents is the book "Automobil und Motorrad Weltalmanach 1935" by Stefan von Déván, in which there is a list of motorsport fatalities that happened in Germany in 1934.


The problem is that Hans Mosick is listed in the book among the deceased racers of 1934, but in several contemporary German newspapers of 1934 Mosick (or Mosik) from Chemnitz, is reported to be a finisher of the 2000-Kilometer-Fahrt durch Deutschland, riding a DKW. It is possible he would lose his life later in another accident, during a different race or, as for Wilhelm Murken, in a road crash "nearly" the race.


Can you try to find more information about Hans Mosick in the book (obviously who holds the book), or in any other source, trying to solve this mystery? Thank you in advance.  :)

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#2 oliver heal

oliver heal
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Posted 01 August 2022 - 21:48

Von Devan records "Die Toten des Automobil- und Motorradsportes, die ihr Leben heldenmuetig der Foerderung und dem Fortschritt des Motorwesens und Sportes opferten." In other words those heroes who gave their lives for  the progress of motor sport. The 21 July 1934 was a particularly gruesome day as no less than six people met their deaths taking part in the 2000km event as Nanni has said. Hans Mosick (Chemnitz) is included in Von Devan's list. The book provides no further information about how or where they died.


There were no less than 1738 entries and 955 finishers so he excuses himself for not listing those taking part or the individual results. I cannot see that this helps you at all!