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Tyrrell on Saturday Superstore, 1983, request for help

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#1 Richard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins
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Posted 14 August 2022 - 17:47

From a former Tyrrell mechanic:


On Saturday the 19th of February 1983 the Tyrrell team appeared on the BBC show Saturday Superstore hosted by Mike Read. We were appearing to break/set a wheel change record for Guinness Book of Records. Norris McWhirter was in charge of the stop watch - which he cocked up on the first timed run so we had to do it twice and it was bl00dy cold, David Hunt drove the car. I've been in contact with the BBC but it appears the tapes and any recordings have been wiped from their archives. Surprising as Kajagoogoo were appearing on the show and were number1 at the time. Can you put the feelers out to your sources to see if anyone has a recording that I can have a copy of. Many thanks,



This may be mission impossible but one can but try.


If it helps, there was also a feature by David Icke (yes, he of lizard, Son of God fame) with Keke Rosberg at a probably equally freezing Silverstone. From what I've been told, the footage went straight from the Tyrrell record try to Icke and Keke.


If anyone can help, let me know and I'll PM the contact details over to you.


Many thanks

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#2 Gary C

Gary C
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Posted 14 August 2022 - 19:06

I'm asking around with my TV archive friends as we speak...

#3 Richard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins
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Posted 14 August 2022 - 19:17

Thanks Gary! I knew if anyone could do anything, it would be you!

#4 Alan Lewis

Alan Lewis
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Posted 14 August 2022 - 22:38

Very much a last resort, but if all else fails then you could follow the Kajagoogoo lead. Bass/keys/stick player Nick Beggs has a site and social media links at...


Might have a copy, or know someone who does.

These days he makes (prog rock) far more interesting stuff (prog rock) that you can't dance to (thank God).

#5 absinthedude

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Posted 15 August 2022 - 05:47

There was no requirement for broadcasters to keep children's TV back then so a lot of it has gone missing, master tapes wiped and reused. Often when excerpts of Saturday Superstore, Swap Shop or other similar shows are used as DVD extras these days, they originate from VHS recordings that someone has been sitting on for 30-40 years. 



I remember the pit stop challenge, I would have been 10 at the time. Hopefully someone, somewhere has a VHS copy they made and kept.

#6 TennisUK

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Posted 15 August 2022 - 10:55

Different thing, but the thread reminded me of this:


#7 Tim C 27

Tim C 27
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Posted 18 August 2022 - 03:09

I may have it on a vhs cassette - I think there’s a piece about Keke Rosberg testing his Williams FW08c at Brands Hatch too.

Slight problem is that I live in Abu Dhabi and all my stuff is still in UK. I’m coming home at Christmas and I’ll try to remember to look for the tape. I’m pretty sure that I know where it is.

#8 Richard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins
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Posted 18 August 2022 - 05:08

Tim, if you managed to do that, that would be incredible. Im well aware this is likely mission impossible due to the BBC's policy of wiping old stuff