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Formula Vee entry lists or programmes from Croft 1967

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#1 MarkFV147

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Posted 25 August 2022 - 14:38

Hi Everyone,

  I am new to the forum, so go gently! I have recently restored a Formula Vee circa 1967 and have been trying to identifiy the make. I do have a photo of a car that looks identical, apart from the colour. It appears to have been taken at Croft, we suspect in 1967 . There were, I believe, 2 Formula Vee races at Croft in 1967. Is there anyone out there with entry lists or programmes from Croft in that year? The car I am insterested in had a number, 87



#2 RAP

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Posted 28 August 2022 - 08:22

9 July 67 Croft 87 was B E Glover CG Vee colour green Entrant Midgeley Bros (Cornmill Garage) Ltd


The 2nd FV race was 17 Sept 67and the cars were numbers 90-104; 87 being a Sprite


Richard Page

Formula One Register

#3 Rupertlt1

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Posted 28 August 2022 - 08:36

Midgley at Keighley?

CG stands for Cornmill Garage?





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#4 Rupertlt1

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Posted 17 September 2022 - 07:20

MarkFV147: I know you are a newbie but can I suggest when you have received some help that you at least acknowledge it! A 'like' would do!

Also tell us some more about the car? Where did you find it?



#5 MarkFV147

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Posted 13 October 2022 - 16:17

Thanks everyone for the replies on this. Of course I would have done this earlier had I received notifications of those replies. A search of some Formula Vee information brought up this thread and then a scan of my junk mail found the notifications. Junk email rulles are now amended. Always consider that there is a good reason for something happening or not happening, so not a courtesy issue at all.


With regards CG. It is Cotswold Garages of Fowey in Cornwall, they were concessionaires for the Peco Formula Vee from South Africa. In 1967 there were at least four Pecos entered in Vee, Cotswold Garages also entered their own CG, which looks to have been a derivative of the Peco. If anyone has more information, then at least I will know about the notifications! I have some pics that I will post as soon as I am able.


Regards and thanks everyone

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Posted 15 October 2022 - 06:05

We have been barking up the wrong tree!

The only reference I can find to the Peco Vee, in South Africa, dates from 1965 (not to be confused with the silencer manufacturer of Birkenhead, makers of sporty exhausts):



"Just a note to let you know how the

Formula Vee movement is getting along

in South Africa. We held our first race

meeting at Kyalami on 3rd July with 16

cars entered and 12 started. The winner

was Peter de Klerk, driving a Capital

Vee. He is one of our local Formula 1

stars, having been runner-up in the S.A.

Championship for the last couple of


The movement is gaining rapid momen-

tum and we should have 25 to 30 cars

entered for the Sept. 11 meeting. A num-

ber of our other Formula 1 stars are

going to compete; John Love, Champion

in 1964 and who has won the Champion-

ship for this year will be driving, as

well as Tony Maggs, who has retired

from serious competition, and will race

Formula Vee as a hobby.

Two manufacturers have entered the

field on a commercial basis. These are

Capital Motors, who have sold quite a

number of cars and kits, and Peco, who

are still playing around with their proto-

types but expect to be in production at

the end of the month.

The best design, chassis-wise, I con-

sider is the Veegos car, built by a group

of enthusiasts known as Scuderia Los

Amigos. They clubbed together and

built five identical cars. They resemble

number 11 in the photos.

I wonder if you could let us have the

SCCA regulations concerning roll bars,

as I think we will probably have to

introduce something similar here.

D. P. Clapham, Secretary

Formula Vee Register of South Africa."

Vee Line, September 1965, Page 4


So who built the Peco cars and where? Peco Motors were in Pretoria.

See ref Alois Klesse: https://www.frankpre...ller/previous/2


Ref Croft I have three FV dates listed for 1967:

July 9th, B.A.R.C., 16 starters, 12 finishers.

August 12th, B.A.R.C.

September 17th, B.R.S.C.C. (Northern)

Motor Racing, June 1967, Page 278


See also from Thruxton 1968. Barry Wooding is listed as a Peco driver.


Crystal Palace, 1968:   https://www.progcove...alace680914.pdf

Event 3: #52 Peter Sayer, C.G. Vee plus three Peco drivers — Barry Wooding, Royston Dickinson and Christopher Reed.


Brands Hatch, 1969: https://www.progcove...rands690629.pdf

Event 5: #129 C.S.M.A. Racing Team (Dvr: Peter Sayer), Cotswold Vee, 1300



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#7 MarkFV147

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Posted 17 October 2022 - 12:58

Thanks RLT,

  Things certainly have moved on in the last 3 or 4 days. Two more Pecos have been located in the UK (in various states of disrepair!) and I have had a response from the deepest South West this morning, as follows:


"Hi Mark, my sister said you had asked on the Fowey community page about Cotswold Garage. I presume you are interested in their Formula Vee activities in period! I grew up in Fowey and a car enthusiast. Partners Ken Flint and Vern Edwards came to Fowey late 50’s with a background in racing including Connaught. They competed successfully in local motorsport with a focus on Volkswagen Beetles with big engines. Later in the 60’s they got into F Vee importing the South African Peco Vee. After this they marketed the CG Vee as a kit and also competed. The late Graham Brasier was their main driver. Cotswold garage always had interesting cars to look at, Alfa GTA, Ferrari, Maserati V12, Muira, Montreal etc, I was like a kid in a Candy store!!"


From the couple of photos that we have seen, the CG is a derivative of the Peco with different bodywork. It didn't look as though either car was able to compete at the level of the Beaches and Austros etc but they certainly contributed significantly to the grids of that era.


Dave Charlton, who always seemed to race at the SAGP in a Lotus 72 or an M23 was the first South African Vee champion driving a Peco, https://www.formulavee.co.za/about-us


The search for information continues. As for my car, it is definitely a Peco chassis (there is now no doubt of that) but the bodywork is akin to the CG. How one led to the other is yet to be determined.


Thanks so much for the help,