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Why go to a F1 event ?

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#1 BalvicarScott

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Posted 28 September 2022 - 07:53

As someone who has been attending 2 or 3 F1 Grand Prix for many years now I am at a loss how attending an event can be so unsatisfying when, we are told, F1 is more popular than ever and the events are so well attended.

I may be in a reducing minority but I go for the sport, for a weekend of motorsport, not for the event itself, to spot celebrities, or to hear some bloke playing someone else’s music and fiddling with a mixing desk or to have some young aspiring TV presenter tell me what a fabulous time we are all having.

Yes I like a look at the merchandising stalls and I marvel at the cost of a pint of something resembling beer but I want my fix of motorsport. However what do I get…..

Fridays have always been a bit of a waste of time more a day to check out the stalls and back to the campsite early. Saturday should be the real start of the festival of motorsport but, take this year at Spa, it was Qualifying at 4 p.m. with no racing previously just some qualifying sessions and the F2 race ended at 7p.m. Not only that but, as I was seated near the Fan Zone all I could hear was the noise that passes for music these days.

Sunday the race starts at 3 p.m. and I managed to catch the F2 and the Porsche Supercup, but the F3 was on too early in the morning as usual. The race itself I enjoyed though after Max took the lead it was a bit processional but it always had the potential to be thus. There is always the mid field or the back of the pack fights to watch.

24 races next year is too many on so many levels but worse is the F1 heartland of Europe being phased out. Yes there are two races in Italy, no doubt to maximise profits on the back of recent Ferrari success (!!) but no French GP ( even if Paul R is poor these days), and no German GP at all, and we still get the Monaco!!!

Finally I have just purchased a ticket for  Silverstone and the ticket prices are up 40% I’m scared to see what they will be in Spa, traditionally the highest cost outside of Monaco. At least this year I managed to avoid the gimmick that is a sprint race which might be harder in 23 with 6 waste of times planned.

Liberty Media need a good kick up the arse for so many reasons. We need a racer and motorsport man to sort things out and I don’t mean Ross Brawn!!





#2 JimmyClark

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Posted 29 September 2022 - 07:21

I disagree on Fridays - I really like Fridays, as the crowds are a bit quieter and usually you can watch practice from different vantage points (although I see this is getting ever more restricted now, despite rocketing prices).

Sundays aren't what they used to be, I agree. The later start times are annoying as for many races it means you don't get to enjoy the evening as it takes so long to get back to wherever you are based (unless camping right next to the circuit). If you're in GA it's a long long day to wait for F1 whilst saving your spot (I just go for grandstands now). And even traditional track invasions after the race
seem to be more and more discouraged now.

Agreed on the need for loud DJs. They don't add anything but liberty seem obsessed with this kind of stuff. Timmy Trumpet at Monza was probably the most irritating individual I've ever been aurally subjected to at a race. On a Saturday, the busiest day, it really wasn't needed until the evening (when I would be safely far away!!).

I agree going to races doesn't seem as fun as it used to be. Very big crowds, insane pricing, and ever more restrictive experiences unless you want to fork out even more. But it's still an amazing atmosphere, and you meet so many nice people - i don't find going to other sports as social and chatty.

It's still great for one event a year or so, but it's getting harder and harder to justify the cost, especially as flights and hotels get insanely expensive too if you don't book the week the calendar is released. But it's a fix I still need from time to time...

#3 djparky

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Posted 01 October 2022 - 21:31

I've not been to any part of an F1 weekend since I went to Silverstone Friday 2015, but I went to see the cars on track and to have the experience...back then it wasnt bad value either. I've been to a few Indy Car races since then and it's all about the racing which is why I go, can get close to the cars, meet the drivers etc. Plus as I live in the UK it's an opportunity for some travel

#4 jimjimjeroo

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Posted 02 October 2022 - 07:54

Monza this year was a total cluster fuxk for the fans

Put me off for life

#5 Bloggsworth

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Posted 10 November 2022 - 11:25

For a good sleep?

#6 TheFish

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Posted 18 November 2022 - 09:44

I'm considering going to another race next year and thought I'd look in this forum for some inspiration and find this on top.


I love going to races all across Europe (and Albert Park was amazing too, but that's not an easy one for me to visit these days) and getting to experience different places and cultures whilst getting to meet different people from across the world.


Actually going to a race for the motorsport is something a bit weird to me - it's pretty rubbish for actually watching a race. Even if you're in a spot that gives you plenty of circuit to look at it's still nowhere near as good as watching it on TV. The atmosphere is usually great though.


Admittedly I heard that Barcelona and Monza were pretty awful this year, but Imola (despite the weather) was great this year, as have other races I've been to. The racing is just a reason for me and friends to get together and have some fun, see new places, eat good food and meet nice people.

#7 flatlandsman

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Posted 25 September 2023 - 09:22

I used to go many years ago, but I could now do my entire yearly race attendance for probably 20 - 30 meetings for the same price as a weekend ticket.  It's a no brainer really. 

#8 southernstars

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Posted 26 September 2023 - 09:59

I think it depends which race you go to. Melbourne, with five categories and racing on all four days, is excellent value IMO.