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Best place to purchase tickets?

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#1 Roughy

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Posted 24 April 2023 - 07:05

I've been to a few British Grand Prix over the years and would like to go to Zandvoort or Spa if possible this year. Where is the best place to buy tickets? Thanks.


#2 johnboutin

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Posted 05 April 2024 - 21:59

Hi Roughy

It depends on what you're looking for, but fans looking for a show must be interested in the hot spots

Dutch Grand Prix (Zandvoort)
     Tarzanbocht (Turn 1): Located just after the start line, this is the main overtaking point on the circuit. Drivers often attempt daring maneuvers in this right turn, which can lead to spectacular actions from the start of the race.
     Hugenholtzbocht (Turn 3): This corner, a rising hairpin, provides a good opportunity for drivers to get closer and potentially attempt an overtake on the exit.

Belgian Grand Prix (Spa-Francorchamps)
     La Source (Turn 1): This is a hairpin just after the starting line, where overtaking is common at the start of the race. Incidents are also possible there due to the compression of the peloton.
     Les Combes (Turns 5 to 7): Located at the end of the long Kemmel straight, this is one of the main overtaking points on the circuit. Drivers arrive at high speeds, which can lead to close duels and daring overtakes.
     Eau Rouge and Raidillon: Although overtaking is rare in this section due to its difficulty and speed, it is one of the most emblematic places in Formula 1. Drivers who manage to negotiate Eau Rouge well can position themselves to overtake on the following Kemmel straight.

Monaco Grand Prix
     Sainte-Dévote corner: The first corner after the starting line is a hot spot for overtaking attempts from the start of the race. It is known for being the scene of spectacular incidents and daring strategies.

source : https://f1mix.com/ci...rcuit-de-monaco

Spanish Grand Prix (Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya)
     Turns 1 and 2: The end of the main straight is a classic overtaking point where drivers can attempt daring maneuvers.
     Chicane before the main straight: Although overtaking is more difficult here, drivers who exit this chicane well can position themselves to overtake on the straight.

These locations are recognized for their action potential due to the overtaking opportunities they provide and their propensity to be the scene of racing incidents. The atmosphere in these areas is often electrifying, capturing the essence of motorsport.

#3 djr900

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Posted 14 April 2024 - 17:29

" the best place to buy tickets ?"
You ask.
Direct from the circuit, is my advise, try to avoid Ticket Agencies at all cost.
I say this having missed out on tickets for this year's Le Mans from the circuit/ACO , but found tickets from a large well known agents that I probably shouldn't name here.
The whole experience has been underwhelming, and I won't believe I actually have a ticket until it arrives ( which they say is 2 weeks before the event )