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5,000HP 12-Rotor Rotary Engine

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#1 Bob Riebe

Bob Riebe
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Posted 01 June 2023 - 01:01










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#2 Wuzak

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Posted 19 July 2023 - 10:43

#3 Lee Nicolle

Lee Nicolle
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Posted 21 July 2023 - 04:48

A few days ago I saw Dahm Rob trying to assemble this monster brap brap. He had the last housing on and it would not turn!

This guy is You Tube 'sensation' with his quad rotor RX7,, probably the worlds most dangerous car. That is actually quite slow!

To me and most people rotaries are an antisocial out of date engine. That have huge thirst and a re so bloody noisy.

When I was racing Sports Sedans I raced against a few of them. They were spending mega bucks to make these engines go,, and more importantly live.

Some do a decent job of the go,, live is another story

Meanwhile I beat them usually,, with a very simple 4bbl 350 Chev that was together for an extended period. And cost a LOT less than all the rotaries.

They were cheap horsepower 30 years ago,, but so much tech has happened with other engines making them very yesterdays idea