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Fast Riders Today.

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#1 tonyed

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Posted 02 June 2023 - 15:12

So why are racers so much faster today than in the past?

1. Bikes are so much more sophisticated - Manx Norton  55 bhp, Superbike 220 bhp, Moto GP 300 bhp.

2. Tyres - no longer using wooden rims, cross ply tyres, 21" rims - now radials that last one race or 1 lap qualifier.

3. Circuits - less reliance on roads that are everyday use, even in Ireland and the TT the roads are a vast improvement.

4. Attitude and proffessionionlism, riders who make their living racing motorcycles, not coming from a hard day mining coal but fresh, ready to go on the start line.

5. Riding gear, not afraid of crashing, as the modern racing suit offers a little more protection than tweed plus fours and a leather cap of yore.


All this might seem relevant, but scrutiny of recent TV adverts has lead me to believe it is entirely due to the new range of mens skincare products that has released real men form the constraints of exposure to dry skin, bad hair, body odor, etc that has blighted us, as racers, in the past.

How marvelous and relaxing must you feel plummeting down Bray Hill or through the bottom of Barangaroo at 150 mph knowing that your skin is sufficiently moisturised and that if you finish up being carted off in several pieces to intensive care or worse to Nobles hospital if you only ever donate just one organ posthumously, it will be your skin.

So thankyou, Dove care for men, what Bazzer started with Brut you are continuing into the 21st century and beyond, saving men from themselves  :smoking:       


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#2 Michael Ferner

Michael Ferner
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Posted 02 June 2023 - 15:47

They should put it on the Enhancing Substances list.

#3 billlawrence

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Posted 03 June 2023 - 07:20

wonderful never thought of that explains it all