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Who is the biggest snobbish F1 driver?

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#1 PeaQ

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Posted 06 March 2000 - 06:23

It seems like the most drivers in F1 are really snobbish, so;
Which driver do you think is the biggest snob i F1, vs Who is the least snobbish driver?

Pretty good question I think... :)



#2 Holy Driver

Holy Driver
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Posted 06 March 2000 - 08:13

Biggest: Michael Schumacher
Least: Hm, hard to say, Alexander Wurz maybe, but he sounds sooo nice and humble that I´m not sure if it´s really honest ...

#3 Indian Chief

Indian Chief
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Posted 06 March 2000 - 10:12

Sez You, HD.
If you ask real F1 insiders like other drivers or managers, they will probably say that MS is one of the nicest people in F1.
For example, Rosset xplained that MS gave him a lot of respect which he did not get from other top drivers like Hill or Hakkinen.
My choice of biggest F1 snob : Damon Hill.

#4 Jonathan

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Posted 06 March 2000 - 10:30

I do recall Michael Schumacher loaning David Cultard one of his personal helmets for the Monaco Grand Prix, Cause DC's helmet was fogging up (This would have been prior to Spa 1998).

I thought that was an unusually nice thing for Schemacher to have done.

Please avoid making any remarks on Mr. Coultard's head shape...

#5 Raelene

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Posted 06 March 2000 - 10:32


I know a number of people that have met MS and said he was very nice, not snobbish or up himself at all.

A year or so F1 racing had a piece on JV snobbing off the Silverstone crowd, just after MS and DH had been signing autographs..

anyway, I don't think any are snobby, they are just very busy and must get sick of the intrusions...

#6 theMot

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Posted 06 March 2000 - 10:51

Jonathan, Just seeing DC trying to pull his head out of that thing after the race would have provided hours of comic relief. For the record i think JV is the most arrogant little **** in the paddock. This has nothing to do with me not liking him its just that hes always talking **** and never backs it up.

here Danni Danni Danni here baby come sit on theMot's lap.

#7 Ruapuna

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Posted 06 March 2000 - 11:22

Perhaps doing a poll of the most snobbish atlas poster would be more appropriate.

#8 tom

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Posted 06 March 2000 - 13:30

i'd vote for todd.

oh and for the most blind atlas poster.
i'd say linus, the guy thinks irvine's fast and thinks alesi's gonna woop heidfeld .........oh please.........


irvine = w@nker

#9 Mat

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Posted 06 March 2000 - 08:53

The most snobbish- Without a doubt, Damon Hill! Good Riddance!

The least snobbish- Everyone else!

I think most drivers are fine, i guess they all have their bad days, and some are more approachable than others.


#10 The Swerve

The Swerve
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Posted 06 March 2000 - 08:58

Yeah, let's slag off the other posters who aren't here to defend themselves.


#11 Smooth

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Posted 06 March 2000 - 22:44

Well, since this is all based on hearsay and perception I may be waaaaayyyyy off, but JV seems like he has a real chip on his shoulder.

#12 614david

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Posted 07 March 2000 - 02:01

Jacques Villeneuve isn't snobby!! He knows he is good and says so, but that is self confidence not snobbery!!
I think the most snobby f1 driver is Pedro Diniz- the guy thinks he's gods gift!
The least snobby driver'S, are- Jacques Villeneuve, Mika Hakkinen, H2F, Rubens Barrichello, David Coulthard, and Johnny Herbert in my opinion!!

Oh yes, and the most arrogant, self rightious, slow, and pathetic driver award is won hands down by Eddie Irvine!!;)

#13 mtl'78

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Posted 07 March 2000 - 02:04

I don't hate F1 drivers who are snobs. If I were an F1 drivr I would be the craziest snob I could be and LOVE every minute of it!

#14 Zeus

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Posted 07 March 2000 - 02:58

Schumacher is my initial reaction to that. Least would have to be HHF or Alesi, who seems to be very in touch with the fans.

If you go back in history, I think Piquet seems to have been pretty high on himself.

#15 John

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Posted 07 March 2000 - 03:25

I can't really say, but I understand that the F1 drivers are rather protected for a reason...Bernie says 59 billion people are watching them, and 100 countries and the media from all of those countries. So I'd be rather protective of my privacy too.

#16 gray_cat

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Posted 07 March 2000 - 03:38

Speaking of snobs

At Hungarian GP '99 all the drivers made a parade lap on the back of a flat-bed truck, they were chatting, most of them smiling and waving to the crowd, except for one guy who turned his back to the grand-stands and pretended ignoring the whole affair. Guess who that was - I'll give you a hint - he was wearing yellow.

I made a good picture of this.

#17 Daemon

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Posted 07 March 2000 - 10:19

In all the years I've been watching F1, all drivers come across as 'snobish' or 'arrogant' at some times...the only one to stand out as a fulltime 'nice guy' was Alex Zanardi. F1 is worse off without him!

#18 f li

f li
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Posted 07 March 2000 - 11:19

Snobbiest? - it wasn't Richie Ginther that for sure! I got to watch a race at Riverside from the top of the Toyota GT-2000's Team truck. It was a local club race and Toyota sent two semis full of GT-2000's (or was it 2000-GT's? - watch "You Live Only Twice" for look). R. Ginther was the team boss. I was just a scrawny teenager pitting for a local club racer. I asked, he only said, "Don't fall!" and up I went!

#19 Todd

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Posted 07 March 2000 - 12:36

I've heard the stories about Damon, but I have to vote for a certain little prep-school boy who said he couldn't respect anyone who hadn't made a million dollars. Maybe that is why he doesn't bother with sick children. There just a sap on his taxes. The people who talk about how nice he was probably were very well dressed at the time.

Least snobbish? Michael Schumacher, carpenter's son. Even when he gives millions to charity every year, he does it through the UN so as to avoid playing Santa to the poor. One of the richest guys in the US(John Klugie) lived in my home town and there were always events and buildings being named after he and his ex-whore wife because they loved to flaunt their every act of charity. They managed to get a hospital wing named for them by kicking off a fund drive with some seed money that amounted to a tiny fraction of what it cost to complete.