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The worst season opener...

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#1 mono-posto

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Posted 07 March 2000 - 06:55

The worst opener of the past 10 years was the South African GP at Kyalami 1993, well in terms of attrition that is. Only 7 drivers were classified as finishers with ten retirements from a spin off and/or collision and 9 retirements from Mechanical failure.

The next season opener with the highest body count of the past 10 was no less than Australia last year with only 8 classified finishers.

A matter of fact, the number of drivers succesfully making it to the finish line at the start of the season has steadily declined since 1994 which saw 12 finishers. 10 in 1995, 11 in 1996, back to 10 in 1997, 9 in 1998 and finally 8 last year.

Here's hoping for an exciting first race and hopefully everyone's car will work like it should!

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#2 Indian Chief

Indian Chief
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Posted 07 March 2000 - 10:02

More attrition = better race, IMHO.
Especially because team like Minardi have the chance to score points - They almost did las year till Badoer's gearbox gave up at Albert Park when he was 6th.
The worst season opener I have seen was Australia '98.
McLaren openly fixed the race and there was no action anytime during the race.

#3 Witt

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Posted 07 March 2000 - 17:35

Yep i agree with IC. 98 was one of the most boring races, in hindsight. I was there and saw DC & MH change places right in front of me. Being a Mika fan i was overjoyed, but in it is not one of the GP's i like to watch in replay.

I remember the next day the media gave Formula One a hammering. The hype the media place on the event now has never been the same since before Melbourne 98. I think that day the Australian media really lost alot of respect for the sport and the scars are still evident today.

The best one i've ever watched was in 1996 when JV came on the F1 scene and really scared Damon Hill good. JV drove like he was still in CART. It's a shame JV has since adopted the "F1 way" and waits like the rest to overtake in the pits.

97 was pretty good too with Mclaren winning for the first time since Senna in 93.

#4 Jecko

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Posted 07 March 2000 - 23:29

Unfortunately with the way the cars are designed now there is no way anyone can drive like in CART. Just ask Zanardi.

#5 jack and gilles

jack and gilles
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Posted 08 March 2000 - 03:07

Sorry to disagree, but 1997 was the worst opener, not one of the best. JV was on pole, 1.75 sec ahead of HHF and 2.1 sec ahead of MS. Then, EI makes one of his trademark starts and takes JV out in the first corner.

The championship would have been less unnerving for JV fans with 10 points in Australia instead of 0!!