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McLaren, Williams, McLaren...... Williams??? Will Ferarri miss out again?

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#1 Alfisti

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Posted 07 March 2000 - 08:35

The Tifosi often bring up the fact that after being blown away by McLaren... then Williams... then finally getting on top of Williams... only to have McLaren annihilate the field in 98, that they feel robbed.

Well let's say Ferarri miss out this year... do you think it's possible Williams-BMW-Michilin will knock it off next year just to annoy the forever second placed team???

It's unlikely Williams will be that fast next year but imagine the groans from Italy if they FINALLY get on top of McLaren only to go full circle to find Williams in front again....... I think Todt would just stand there and head butt the PC screen at Melbourne if that happened.


#2 Mellon

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Posted 07 March 2000 - 08:53

Maybe Todt should follow his own advice from his rally days:
If you want to win, hire a Finn.

#3 Toxicant

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Posted 07 March 2000 - 21:25

Is there a Finn out there that can design a better car then Newey?


#4 jack and gilles

jack and gilles
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Posted 08 March 2000 - 04:08

Or maybe the conclusion isn't McLaren, Williams, McLaren......Williams?; but rather Honda, Renault, Mercedes......Honda? I'm sure JV is counting on it :D

#5 todt

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Posted 08 March 2000 - 04:30

Has everybody forgotten a little factor called Schumacher? And his team Benetton who won in 95

#6 jack and gilles

jack and gilles
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Posted 08 March 2000 - 04:43


I believe that the '95 Benetton used a Renault engine, but I did forget that the '94 Benetton had a Ford engine, so please add the word "Ford" to my earlier post of engine suppliers.

Also, you were 100% correct in stating that Schumacher is "a little factor" ;)