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my race predictions

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#1 umma gumma

umma gumma
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Posted 08 March 2000 - 05:00

lap 10....MSchumaker stops his car to explain to a fan what a very nice guy he really is

lap 22....Hakkinen stops for a sauna and won't come out unless somebody brings some snow for him to jump into

lap23....Danni Minogue takes her top off in the heat and Jacques promptly jumps out of his car

lap25....nice guy Herbert flips off nice guy Barrichello and they get into a fistfight

lap30....Jenson Button misses his braking point and takes out Frentzen and Wurz, who were having a close race

lap 35....Alesi gets infuriated with Prost over the radio and crashes into the garage in a rage

lap38...Irvine gets distracted by all the Foster's advertising and nicks off to the pub

lap40...Coulthard, feeling sorry for Gene in the minardi, offers to switch cars and promptly breaks down

lap41...Trulli decides he'd rather be surfing and gives his Jordan to a local

lap43...RSchumaker's engine blows up

lap44...Jackie Stewart has a late-midlife crisis and pulls Verstappen ( who was leading) out of his Arrows in an attempt to regain the glory of his youth

lap45...Murray Walker staggers out onto the track and passes out, drunk, forcing Heidfeld to stop and stall his car

(oops, ran out of time)...Zonta and Gene duke it out for 1st place, Zonta gets his first podium and Gene wins the race. Then gets disqualified.


#2 RaceGirl

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Posted 08 March 2000 - 05:29

The scary thing is that your prediction about Alesi might just come true!!

#3 f li

f li
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Posted 08 March 2000 - 05:36

UG or should I say ug,

That's hardly funny: Seems like just about everything that you mentioned has happened!
Dan Gurney stopped during a race for a pint!
Another driver stopped during practice to pick up a girl and show her the track!

#4 rayt

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Posted 08 March 2000 - 06:21

That's funny! Almost too close to the truth. I'm waiting for the day when FIA gets egg on their face for having a race that nobody wins because everyone is disqualified for one reason or another. Lets hope for a well fought season where it is won on the track and not by the politics!


#5 Andy

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Posted 08 March 2000 - 06:28

I'll drink to that rayt! ;)