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I'm in need of everyone's help...

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#1 RAD

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Posted 26 February 2000 - 07:29

...some of you know of my lack of F1 coverage in FL. I got a reply back from Sunshine network's program director. She informed me that they had dropped F1 coverage and FOX all together. I sent a nice reply back along with a plead to keep FOX.

So today I went off to buy a satellite dish and found out that I could not recieve broadcast channels. I'm not putting a ugly antenna on my roof so I did not buy the system.

So, I was hoping that my friends here at Atlas could maybe help me out. If there was a mass e-mail to the PD's address, she might think twice about killing F1. Just a simple message on the subject line like "keep F1!"
and a nice "please" in the text would be great. I would be very grateful for any help.
Thanks a million!

Here's the e-mail address APempel@sunshinenetwork.com

Best regards,


#2 FordFan

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Posted 26 February 2000 - 07:32

You might want to check Sportschannel Florida's programming schedule. I think I read somewhere that they were picking up Fox Sports Net, and so might have coverage. Then you wouldn't need the satellite.

#3 RAD

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Posted 26 February 2000 - 07:43

That'd be great, but at the Fox sports net site, it seemed like I was crap out of luck. I'll check it out real quick here. Thanks FF!

#4 RAD

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Posted 26 February 2000 - 07:51

Well...it looks as if Sportschannel's site is down on the mat. I will have to wait for info. So hold those e-mails! I am e-mailing Sportschannel right now.

#5 bigblue

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Posted 26 February 2000 - 08:25

RAD, I had the same problem in Vermont. I bought a dish and just pay the $6 to the cable company for basic cable to get the networks. Wound up with 4 remotes though. Do it, Speedvision is awesome, really the only channel I got the dish for.

#6 Toxicant

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Posted 26 February 2000 - 22:02

I had the same problem in the last place I lived. I was in a remote place that didn't offer cable so I had to get a dish. I decided on PrimeStar because they offered Speedvision.

Any way the Gov. requires the dish companys to not offer you the networks unless you can't recieve them free through a standard antenna. I set an antenna up in the atic and ran a wire down to the TV, the dish guy hooked it up and said ...wow, you can't see anything with that...and then he checked off on the work order, checked antenna poor recption and then set up the networks...$3.00 extra a month.


#7 RAD

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Posted 26 February 2000 - 22:36

I am still waiting to hear news about Sportschannel Florida. Their web site is down and their e-mail is not working either. Hopefully they are retooling to become a FOX affiliate. I must have faith.

As for Satellite; I'll never own it. We are getting Broadband in May so that's what I'll buy. As I speak they are digging up my front lawn.

#8 foster

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Posted 27 February 2000 - 05:13

Years ago, with those old 12-foot satellite dishes, you could pick up the feed directly from the track without any commentary at all, but with the sound of the motors and screeching tires. No adverts, either. It was great! (Unless you need commentators) Do 12-foot and 10-foot dishes still exist? If so, you should be able to pick one up second-hand and real cheap. Do they still beam a live feed directly from the track? Sounds like a possible option, at least. Good luck. If you don't succeed, come to my house.


#9 FordFan

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Posted 08 March 2000 - 07:49

RAD, down here in SoFlo, Sportschannel Florida has indeed picked up Fox sports net. They have an F1 Pre-season show at 6pm on Saturday and they will show the race at 10am on Sunday, which is obviuosly on tape delay, but it still isn't too bad. Their site is still down, but someone at Atlas turned me on to TVGrid.com, which had the listing. Hope the info is right and that it helps.

#10 theMot

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Posted 08 March 2000 - 07:56

Hey Rad you want me to send her one of my patented flame emails? If i do that your bound to get proper coverage. Either that or ill end up in jail or something.

#11 eamo

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Posted 08 March 2000 - 08:01

Move to Ireland:
Loads of Jobs, Great Guinness, and F1 on two channels
(PS I emailed for you Rad)

#12 Junior

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Posted 08 March 2000 - 09:34

Hey RAD - There's two solutions to your broadcast channel problem if you do get a dish.

If you get DirectTV, you can buy with it a small antenna that mounts on top of the dish. It's smaller then the dish itself and when I asked a neighbor about it, he said he's never gotten better local channel reception. Can't remember how much it costs, but it was a little expensive ($60 one time fee?).

Solution two. If you get your local channels from any of the big Florida cities (Miami, J-ville, etc) then you may get your local broadcast channels offered on DirectTV. They've begun allowing some of the bigger markets around the US to give permission to DirectTV to send the signal over DirectTV's satellite dish. Eventually, all broadcast channels will be show over DirectTV (but don't hold your breath, it'll be a while).

The dishs don't look that bad mounted on your house, and pretty easy to install. It took me about two hours from opening the box to calling the company and start recieving my signal.

#13 Mr. Salty

Mr. Salty
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Posted 08 March 2000 - 22:30

You're always welcome to watch it from my house in Chatt. :cool: I'll just ask the wife to pick up some extra beer!