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partially drunken thoughts before raceday

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#1 JayWay

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 10:32

Im really starting to doubt the opinions I hear on this board. Consider this comparison of the overall opinions at this time last year to the overall opinion right now.

1.Eddie Irvine! How cant you like the guy, hes funny, quick, I WISH he would win a race, he really deserves it!------->Eddie Irvine, god do I hate him, hes the most overrated, slowest LOUDMOUTH ever in an MonzaMobile (Ya think I forgot about that eh!?!)

2.Ralph Schumacher is the biggest bust ever, hes only in F1 cause of his name------>Ralph Schumacher is quicker then his brother! Hes a future champ!

3.I love Jacques Villeneuve, hes talented and really speaks his mind!------->I wish Jacques would just SHUTUP!!!!!

4.Alex Wurz is a future world champ------->Alex Wurz is the future spokesman for Green Giant green beans.

5.Rubens who?------->Rubinho is the one to take Schummis crown! GO RUBINHO!!!

6.Mika Hakkinen is so overrated, hes only quick cause of the car----->Mika is the real deal! Hes the quickest over one lap!

7.HHF is a bust, get him out of F1!------>HHF is the most likeable driver in F1! What is there to not like about him? Hes an amazing driver!

8.Schumy is the **** of the earth------>Schumy is the **** of the earth...ok not everything has changed.

But anyways really makes you wonder how accurate your opinions are. Look at how much opinions have changed since this time last year. Makes ya doubt yourself just a liiiitle bit the next time you make an opinionated post. WOnder how much the opinions of this board will vary this time next year compared to the opinions expressed now....


#2 HappyDude

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 11:52

Very true JayWay. To give a slightly more accurate idea of how good the general opinion on AtlasF1 is I'm going to keep track of the "guess the grid" and "guess the winner" accuracy for every race and see how we do over the whole year. Who knows, if we're any good as a bunch it may be useful for betting purposes :)

#3 JayWay

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 14:46

One reply? This has to be my most unsuccesfull thread yet. Shame :(


#4 Lantern

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 14:56

Hard to eat crow and speak at the same time.

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