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Hate him or love him, nobody in F1 is funnier than Eddie!!!

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 01:23

"When Senna took a swing at me I thought, 'Here's a few quid coming"
(Pete Burgess)

When Eddie Jordan asked him to take part in a photo shoot of all the British drivers before Silverstone 1994 he replied, "Do I have to? Send out some f**ker in my helmet, they'll never know the difference"

Upon meeting the head of Ferrari for the first time, he complained to him about the prices of spares for his GTO and asked if he could do something about it.

Asked how someone (still really a newcomer at the time) such as himself could have the audacity to shake his fist at Mansell (then driving the McLaren in a race for the first time, and blocking Eddie) he replied "Well its the first time I've seen him this year so I thought I'd give him a wave".
(Pete Burgess)

Post race interview after his car caught in the pit lane during a pit stop - Interviewer: "Tell us what happened Eddie" Ed:"Well I pulled into the pits and the car caught fire"

On Thursday evening Irvine was having a drink with some friends in the hotel bar. Schumacher came in and Eddie invited him to join them. "Michael, come and have a drink with us!" MS:"No thanks, I don't drink alcohol, I simply can't." Eddie replied: "Why? Are you pregnant?"

Eddie gets onto the stage to give the prizes to some Italian drivers. Claudia Peroni and Renato Ronco (they are Italian journalists) ask him a few questions. Giorgio Faletti, a quite famous Italian comedian is the third host of the prizegiving. He stares at Eddie for a while, just out of curiosity, as he will explain later. Eddie notices that Faletti is looking at him and asks: "Why is this man looking at me this way? Is he a finocchio?" "Finocchio" is an Italian expression (quite unkind, to be true) for "homosexual"!! While the people on the stage stand petrified, the audience bursts into laughter!

Eddie trying to get into Lillies Bordello nightclub in Dublin
Bouncer: Sorry sir, members only
Ed: I'm Eddie Irvine
Bouncer: Piss off, Eddie Irvine is a famous racing driver. Stop wasting my time.
(Niall Cunnane)

During the presentation of the Ferrari drivers (I assume this was in the beginning of his first season with the Scuderia-Marlboro team) Eddie was invited to come up to the scene where Michael Schumacher was standing already. So, Eddie did come up, he approached Michael shook his hand with one hand and grabbed Michael by the balls with another. I would like to stress that this was during the official Scuderia presentation where the journalists and the photographers were present. Therefore this picture was published in the newspapers and magazines all over the world.

Getting Villeneuve to repeat the phrase "Rothmans Williams Renault" about 5 times as the Canadian couldn't pronounce it properly at the 1996 Australian press conference

He was being asked about the reliability of the Engines. As he was half way through some explanation of torque and differentials, something catches his eye to his left, and he calls out for someone to come over. I thought it was perhaps a mechanic, who could perhaps explain better the intracacies of the Ferrari engine. The Eurosport cameraman, tries to Pan to the right (Eddie's left), but Eddie holds the camera with his hand. The cameraman still manages to focus on what caught Eddies attention. It was two beautiful Argentinian girls. Eddie walks over, and asks if they were gonna go to the Hard Rock Cafe that evening, they said "maybe", and Eddie says, "See you there then". Calmly he walks back to the camera, and asks "Where were we?"

Interviewer: "Why has Schumacher got an odd shaped helmet?" Ed: "Because he's German, he's got an odd shaped head"

Eddie was being interviewed by CBC covering the race weekend, asked if he liked Montreal, Eddie replied he "loves french brods".

After yet another DNF in 1996, Tony Jardine confronted Eddie in the pits for a live interview. He asked Ed a couple of hard-hitting questions and managed to keep a straight face as off-camera, Eddie poured a bottle of ice-cold water down his trousers.

Sneaks up behind Damon Hill when Damon was doing a live pre-race BBC TV interview and knocks his cap off.
Interviewer"(laughing) That was Irvine"
DH:"Hmm, I might have guessed".

Going up to David Coulthard just before the start of the race and saying "I missed you at Australia but I'm going to get you this time".

Giving Louise Goodman a hard time after she called him Edmund on live TV.
LG: "Your Mum calls you that"
Ed:"Well you're not my Mum"

Michael Schumacher, Eddie Irvine and Jean Todt face live, some hundred Hungarians in the context of "Grand Prix Action". One question, from the public, interpells directly Michael Schumacher and Irvine: "You say it is hard to overtake in this circuit. But in 1989, in the occasion of Ferrari's last win, Mansell started only in 12th place. So? "Schumacher is embarrased. Eddie Irvine replies: "Mansell was Mansell. We, we are only simple mortals..." A loud applause starts.

Pre race interview with Louise Goodman (ITV Pit lane reporter):"Tell us about your new private jet Eddie" Ed:"Well y'know, it takes off, it lands, it's just like any other plane, really..."

Whilst loitering outside the Silverstone paddock after qualifying 97, I happened to wander past Eddie without noticing him. When my brain finally alerted me to what I'd just seen, I turned around to say hello. I presume that Eddie must have noticed my exquisite taste in clothing because he stared at my chest for quite some time before lifting his eyes to my face, grinning and greeting me with "Alright?". Sadly, the little man driving Eddie's scooter (complete with Eddie on the back) whisked him away before anything else could happen. Aw, well.
(Victoria Sharman)

Signing an autograph "Norman Whiteside 97" when a girl went up to him and said "You're Norman Whiteside, my dad is a big fan of yours". Norman Whiteside is an ex-Northern Ireland football player who is hitting 40.

When having a few pints in a bar in Milan, he was asked how he gets on with his Brazilian girlfriend, which has been asked a lot since she speaks hardly any English and they have never been seen talking. His reply? "I get on fine with her, she's a bit thick and she's not great looking, but **** me, she's dynamic in bed".

David Coulthard is giving a pre-race interview with Louise Goodman. Eddie comes up and squirts the contents of his drink bottle on David & Louise. David retorted that the main problem facing him on the grid was having "this idiot in front of me".

On having the dubious pleasure of getting stopped for speeding in his 288 GTO, four times in nineteen hours over Christmas '97, in his native Ireland. "I couldn't help it Officer. It's running so well at the minute- and I was determined to make the most of it." It worked- the police let him off.

Asked to comment about the Jerez Schumacher crash in Autosport he said "Honestly, I think we all would have done the same. But I'd like to think I'd have made a better job of it!"

Eddie appears on the Pat Kenny Show on RTE. Goes a little like this...
Pat asks him to explain his comments about living near Damon Hill:
J: Eddie, you live near Damon Hill. Do you drop around to Damo's for tea often ?
E: Well, to be honest, you'd have to be a pretty sad bastard to need a racing driver for a mate. I have normal friends and have the crack with them. Well, to be honest, most of the guys in Formula 1 just dont get it.
P: "What do you mean?"
E: "Well for example, MS' idea of a good time is walking his dogs on a Sunday. I mean they might be very clever in a racing car, but out of it, they just dont have a clue"
Pat: "So what do you like doing ?"
E: "I like getting pissed and going to Lillie's Bordello"
Later on, they had a Marlboro competition, to which there were 3 hints. So Pat says (very seriously and distinctly)
Pat: "Its one of Eddie's favourite hunting grounds" [referring to his finishes at Spa]
Eddie immediately quips
E: "What, Lillie's Bordello ??"
Brought the house down.

Eddie was being interviewed on the radio in Australia 98.


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Posted 09 March 2000 - 02:01

Great stuff!! Thanks Red. If I'd had to type all that, it would have taken me all day...

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 02:05

cut and paste, helps!!! ;)

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 02:10

LOL! :)

Thanks a lot Red.

I wish they'll have Eddie in the broadcast booth once his career is over ...

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 02:54

Thanks Red, its awful hard to take Eddie's words out of context. They are so wonderfully blunt.

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 03:09

Clearly the guy is enjoying his ride in the F1 rollercoaster...

I just wonder why are you posting this Red?
are you trying to make Eddie look good? for what reason?

actually, never mind...

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 03:21

Very enjoyable - truly one of the last of a breed.

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 05:13

Molive, to answer your question.

Eddie is not my favorite driver. I also don't consider him particularly talented or fast (although he is not as bad as many want us to believe. Nobody can arrive to the last race fighting for the title and have zero talent).

However, I am never offended by his antics and actually find his irreverent personality refreshing in a world of androids like Mika Hakkinen ("I have my opinions on the barge boards, but my team doesn't want me to talk about it") or Schumi "Nobody knows the real me"), it is awfully cool that there is this guy who obviously doesn't give a **** about what the media, the sponsors, team managers, other drivers and the FIA think about him. He is having the time of his life, traveling the world, having the greatest job on earth, having incredible success with women, and he still manages to get paid 6.5 million British Pounds a year by Jaguar. I love this guy, I love him because he brings spontenuity and fun in an F1 world that it's taking itself way too seriously. Like Nelson Piquet before him, Eddie is the last F1 gipsy and I posted the quotes just because they are so awfully funny. He's kind of the Benigni of F1, I am not surprised he grabbed Mika and Schumi's balls in public. He knows he can get away with it and I am glad there is someone like him around.

PS. I also like JV's attitude, he says what he thinks. However, although more talented than Eddie, he is not funny.

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 05:19

I think that I would wear a athletic cup if I was going to meet him. :eek: :rolleyes:

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 05:35

actually i saw him in an interview on "the panel" last night (aussie show) They asked eddie how he goes at the night clubs and he said one time he found this gorgeous girl in a milan club but he didnt tell her he is an F1 driver. She wasnt interested so after a little while he gave up and told her. Ten minutes later its all happening :) **** i wish i was him!

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 05:47

well, I saw this line work before. I went out many times with Emanuele Pirro and Andrea DeCesaris. Andrea was in F1, Emanuele in F3000 and I was a college student!!!

Although Emanuele was probably the best looking of the three, Andrea was getting all the girls. The good thing is that Andrea never tried to get more than one at the time, so Emanuele and myself always ended up having a good time anyway.

But it was classic. Go to the best club in Rome, get a table in the VIP section. Andrea approaches stunning gals that give him the cold shoulder. He insists and tries to be funny or uses his Italian charms. Girls still not impressed (mind you, actors and musicians and politicians were hanging around there often, so the girls were waiting for someone special). Nothing seems to work, so Andrea becomes suave: "OK. I am sorry, I didn't want to bother you. I will leave you alone. It's just that I wanted you to join us for a few drinks since I am celebrating with my friends. See, they just renewed my contract for next year. You know, Formula 1 it's not an easy business, so I am very excited to have a chance to drive again next year. But as I said, sorry if I bothered you".

Suddenly and almost magically, several jaws dropped to the floor. "What do you do? you drive in Formula 1?" they ask incredulous. Andrea, pretending to be shy and a little embarassed "well, mmhh, actually, yes, I am a Formula 1 driver. I race for Alfa Romeo". "Oh, and who are you? do I know you?" "well, I don't know, I am not as famous as Niki Lauda, you know. I am Andrea DeCesaris". "Ah, Andrea, yes, I have heard you name. So, you don't race for Ferrari?". "No, not yet, maybe one day. But I am very happy at Alfa Romeo" "What that's cool. So you are racing again next year, eh? yes, we must celebrate, that is so cool". Well, you know how the story ends.... ;) God ol' Andrea.

#12 Mr. Salty

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 05:59

Hell, I may turn into a Jaguar fan yet! At least Eddie actually seems to enjoy being in F1! ;)

#13 Keith Steele

Keith Steele
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Posted 09 March 2000 - 06:13

Johnny seems to have a pretty good sense of humor as well. I'm sure they'll have a good time.
One other Irvinism and this is only from memory was when asked about how he'll get on with his new team mate. He said the difference is Johnny will actually get my jokes, where Michael never did.

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 06:47


So you finally found that Classic Eddie Moments-section...?
Probably one of the funniest pages in the whole Internet! :D

Man, I just love this guy (Eddie)... :)

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 12:18

Thanks Redfever.

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 13:39

From Autoweek 1/3/2000:

Who says rock 'n' roll stars have all the fun?

Starring at the recent Autosport Awards, conducted by the British weekly racing magazine at a swanky London hotel: Eddie Irvine. After receiving a reader award, the former Ferrari Formula One driver, a judge in the televised "Miss World" competition the previous evening, is interviewed on stage.
Says TV presenter Steve Rider: "Well, Eddie, 'Miss World' looked like fun last night!" Eddie looks back accross at his table and says, "And I'm hoping she'll be even more fun tonight..." whereupon he returns to the side of Miss World (20-year-old Yukta Mookhey, from Bombay) and the couple departs.

Doesn't sound like a night from "Lifestyles of the w@nkers" now, does it?

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Posted 09 March 2000 - 14:33

Suddenly, I like Ediie more than before. :D

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G-R #4
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Posted 09 March 2000 - 16:16

Hmm, I always knew this guy was funny, although some people just don't get him.

"Why? Are you pregnant?"