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Fisi-Trulli swap? I can't believe it!

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#1 Ghostrider

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 12:11

According to dailyf1 Flavio is seriously considering swapping Fisi for Trulli for next year. Is he crazy or what the **** is wrong with him? Fisi has endured uncompetitive cars during four years in the team, in the meantime demolished his team-mates, and without complaining and now when the team is on the rise, he will get replaced? By Trulli of all people also!! I can't believe this. If this is the case I really hope Fisi will kick Trulli's ass next year driving a Jordan. Fisi should also consider using a new manager that could provide him with a top-seat. His current manager seems to be worthless. :mad:


#2 kenny

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 12:15

arent Fissi and trulli both under contract with Flavio???

#3 Ghostrider

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 12:24

Briatore has a management-contract with Trulli that expires next year. Benetton has an option on Fisichella for next year. I am not sure whether Flavio cuurently is Fisi's manager. He was a few years ago, but then Fisi had another manager for a while. If Fisi had had Button's manager he had driven a McLaren or Ferrari a long time ago.

#4 philhitchings

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 12:31

I think the swap will be Button and Trulli. Flav would have 2 of his boys in the team he is developing.

Button would get some support rather than being treated like a rent-a-driver

Alesi in the Jordan as well look prety good all round:D

#5 Ghostrider

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 12:37

I wish that could be true philhitchings, but Flavio has clearly stated that he will never run Trulli and Fisi in the same team. Maybe it is a sponsorthing I don't know.

#6 Clatter

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 12:46

Is this a new statement or just a rehash of what he said pre-season?

He certainly said at the start of the year he wanted JT.

#7 ffiloseta

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 13:02

I remember reading somewhere that Briatore would not have two ITALIANS in the same team. If this is so, this ranks second to most stupid position behind Ferrari's one of not having an italian driver ever again !

Why ? It has been said that the italian crowd puts so much pressure on a winning italian driver that he cracks.I am not sure why but it was last said of Alboreto.

On the other hand, I have never been able to prove this for tru, so if any of you guys has any hard reference, please let me know.


#8 Ghostrider

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 13:05

From dailyf1(french version) today:

"Jenson Button restera chez Renault en 2002, ça, c'est sûr - déclare Briatore - par contre, pour l'autre voiture, je dois choisir entre Trulli et Fisichella. La seule chose que je peux vous dire est que le résultat de la course d'hier n'entrera pas en ligne de compte au moment de faire mon choix. Il n'est pas question de choisir le meilleur entre Trulli et Fisichella, leur valeur n'est pas à mettre en doute. C'est une question essentiellement contractuelle."

I am not fluent in french but from what I understand Flavio states that it is not a matter of choosing the best driver, it is more a question of contractual reasons. It could of course be that Flavio wants to press Fisi salary demands with this talk about Trulli. You just never know with Flavio.

#9 taran

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 13:37

The "Ferrari doesn't sign Italian drivers" originated somewhere in the sixties when (IIRC) Lorenzo Bandini died in a Ferrari and the Italian press crucified Enzo. He took it badly (how dare those rascals criticize Ferrari :p ) and vowed never to sign an Italian again. This view was gradually eroded to the point that Riccardo Patrese had real hopes of joining Ferrari in the early 80's. At least, until a certain Michele Alboreto entered F1. In 1981, he was still learning the tricks but in 1982 Michele won a race in a Tyrrell which proved he was something special and early in 1983 he was signed for 1984 and beyond.

Ultimately, he was unlucky and perhaps somewhat demotived by the bad Ferrari's he had gotten and a young Gerhard Berger managed to outperform him. But the ban on Italians at Ferrari had been broken!

The "italian crowd puts so much pressure on a winning italian driver that he cracks" quote is from 1999 when Ferrari had to explain why they overlooked their test driver Luca Badoer and took the overrated Mika Salo to replace their fallen champion. Luca was not amused and was ready to walk in 2000. To placate him, Ferrari was forced to sign a contract in 2000 and 2001 that stipulated Luca was the replacement driver. Which only proves, it was a bogus reason in the first place....;)

#10 fisichella_2001

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 18:24

I don't think a Trulli-Fisichella swap would be such a bad thing, and I am a BIG Fisi fan. On the whole, Jordan have shown more potential and speed this season, and Benetton's points in Germany were quite lucky. Let's face it, they will probably be near the back again in Hungary, while Jordan will be up front. I'm not convinced they will be better than Jordan next season either, but even if they are it won't be by much, so Fisi will be in with a chance of scoring regular points for Jordan. Also, it would be great to see how he matches up against Alesi.

#11 arcwulf7

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 19:00

Fisichella i believe will be earning $10 million next year, if Renault exercizes its option on him. Trulli probably earns a little less than half that. That could be an issue in a team that will still not be running in the top half of the grid next year, even with their impressive performance on Sunday.

#12 fissijo

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 21:07

In theory the swap might be a good thing, as Fisi knows a lot of the Jordan team, and they didn't want to get rid of him in 98 but they had to... but then the changes and different car might be different...

i think i would rather go for consistancy and have Fisi at Benetton (therefore i don't need to get a new tee shirt ;)) but i wouldn't be gutted if the swap took place

#13 Tuffy

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 21:18

Renault must be stupid if there is anything true on a possible swap of Giancarlo and Trulli. To change a absolutely topdriver with a mid-class-driver! For me its unbelievable that Renault Sport will be accept a decission like that from Flavio.
To say it iss better to see Fisico in a midfield team like Jordan is crazy, Renault Sport / Benetton by now is still a Topteam and they will be a winning team again, if not '02 than latest in '03.

Flavio isn't Fisis manager, the contract was cancelled by about 2 or 3 years with the help of Benetton.

#14 Ghostrider

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 22:24

I agree with Tuffy. To be forced to leave Benetton/Renault for Jordan now when Benetton finally has the resources to become a top-team would be a disaster. I have serious doubts about Jordan's competitiveness in the future. The Honda engine is not the best out there and will not be for at least a couple of years. Jordan has also lost four of their top personnel over the last 15 months. Gascoyne(technical director), Smith(chief designer), Sam Michael and Dino Toso (two top engineers). Who knows how Jordan will do without these people? This years Jordan car is pretty fast, but very unreliable. Ok, they will have Hamidy for next years car, but is he really as good as Smith or Gascoyne in leading the design of a new car? I doubt it. I am really pissed off that Flavio even considers replacing Fisi that has outqualified Button 10-2 and has outraced Button every race. That is very strange way of repaying outstanding work. Renault should really put a stop to such nonsense.