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Silver City Trophy 1960

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#1 The Runner

The Runner
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Posted 29 May 2002 - 15:56

..would anyone please be kind and scan and e mail to me the race report and pictures to this race from Autosport or Motor Racing. I am curious to read about the first formula one race held over the extended Brands hatch circuit. email is hillbrm@hotmail.com


#2 Roger Clark

Roger Clark
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Posted 29 May 2002 - 19:26


#3 Barry Boor

Barry Boor
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Posted 29 May 2002 - 20:10

I am able to say that I was there that day. Unfortunately, so were tens of thousands of other people, all of whom had made the effort to attend the 'new' Brands Hatch. We stationed ourselves just before Paddock Bend but were peering in between dozens of other heads to get any view at all.

Of course, had we known then..... a stroll out to Hawthorn's or Dingle Dell would have given us a great and un-interrupted view but as the track out there was new, I suspect few people ventured out that way.

I was but 12 years old and my recollections of the race are slim. I do recall it not being very exciting - Jack Brabham just ran away and hid. Sadly, Stirling was still recovering from Spa, otherwise I think it may well have been a much closer contest.

Apparently, Dan Gurney was in a Yeoman Credit Cooper but as my Gurneyitis had not yet struck at that time I really don't recall that at all. It was nice to see works Ferraris though.

#4 Don Capps

Don Capps
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Posted 29 May 2002 - 20:45


I was there as well and all I clearly recall is that we were not in the grandstand area like our other visits, but out in "the woods." Of the race itself, alas, I remember it being "another Brabham race" and I also was hoping that Moss would be back soon. What I really remember most from that trip was that Dad finally took us to Stonehenge -- after we had nagged him for several years.

#5 Felix Muelas

Felix Muelas
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Posted 29 May 2002 - 22:02

Posted Image

#6 The Runner

The Runner
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Posted 31 May 2002 - 05:32

..thankyou very much, it is nice also to hear great stories like that. Motor Racing in the fifties and sixties is just brilliant, I went to the Gold Cup in 1962 and it lives, it is all such a different thing now. That is a smashing race report from Autosport, and the drivers look like they are trying really hard everywhere.
I was listening to Mosely going on about how thay don't want to take away steering and braking from the driver?!!? he was being asked about the aids the drivers have these days, he drove in Jimmy's last race didn't he?
I have just bought a video which is still on it's way to me called 'Green To Glory' and it is a film made in 1960/61 about F1, have any of you seen it?

#7 Roger Clark

Roger Clark
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Posted 31 May 2002 - 12:05


you might find this interesting.


#8 john winfield

john winfield
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Posted 24 March 2023 - 21:15

In this Brian Dandridge compilation, amongst the 1970 films there is older footage taken by his father. Although Brian thinks it's 1959, I'm pretty sure it's the 1960 Silver City Trophy. Jim Clark leading the Formula Junior race, Jack Brabham the main event, and glimpses of  Phil Hill/Richie Ginther in the big Ferraris.  The 1960 footage starts around 14.45, just after the 1970 Crystal Palace Formula 2.


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