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#1 ettiwed

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Posted 05 September 2002 - 06:31


1937 Junior Car Club 200m Donington Park Dobson Arthur -ERA

1938 Britisch Empire Trophy Donington Park Dobson ??? -Austin

1938 Crystal Palace Plate Crystal Palace Dobson Arthur -Riley 6

1939 Invitation Sport Race Brooklands Dobson ??? -Delahaye 135

1939 Crystal Palace Plate Crystal Palace Dobson Arthur -Riley 6

1934 Tourist Trophy Ards Belfast Dodson Charles -MG Magnette K3

1936 Tourist Trophy Ards Belfast Dodson Charles -Riley TT Sprite


Dobson Arthur GB ?? ?? brother to Charles
Dobson Charles (Charlie) GB 1901 ?? brother to Arthur
Dobson Austin GB 190 ??

Who won in 1938 the Britisch Empire
And in 1939 the Invitation Sport Race


#2 anjakub

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Posted 05 September 2002 - 08:07

See: http://www.kolumbus....snellman/dd.htm

#3 David McKinney

David McKinney
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Posted 05 September 2002 - 10:39

I believe Austin Dobson and Arthur Dobson were brothers. There was also a third brother, possibly Bill
Charlie Dodson, having a different surname, was not related
Dodson wouold have been the Austin 7 driver in the 1938 British Empire Trophy (as he was in other events)
Arthur Dobson drove the Delahaye at Brooklands

#4 ry6

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Posted 05 September 2002 - 10:57

1. Charlie DoDson was not related to the Dobson brothers.

2. The Dobsons -

I was told that they were VERY wealthy individuals. It seems most of the gentlemen drivers
of the day had plenty of money.

Cholmondely-Tapper told me that "they were drivers of no great ability."

However, results indicate that Arthur was apparently a capable driver.

The other, Austin (or "fatty") was not apparently very good at race driving.

Some light or serious relief?

I understand from drivers who competed in the 1930's South African events that
the Dobson's were very heavy drinkers. For instance during practice for the GP
one or both of them stopped at a hotel on the trackside to partake in some refreshment on a number of occassions. The hotel ended up being called "Dobson's halt"

In another instance when the visiting drivers arrived by mailship in East London and
were greeted by the mayor one of the D's almost fell off the gangplank and spilled beer
on the mayor!

This incident was apparently captured on newsreel.