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Can anyone identify this motorcycle?

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#1 Mawerick

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Posted 09 May 2004 - 13:20

This photo appeared in a local magazine called Retro Auto Moto.

The motorcycle appears to be German, judging from the license plate. It also seems to be used in races ;)

But can someone identify the make and model? Possibly even the rider? :confused:

Posted Image

I have a slightly better quality version available via email, the one above had to be compressed quite a lot.


#2 Mawerick

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Posted 14 May 2004 - 00:05

Anyone? :confused:

#3 MPea3

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Posted 14 May 2004 - 21:27

this is goign way out on a limb, it's certainly just a slim maybe at this point.

the engine and the way it mounts into the frame looks similar to a JAP from about 1930. it might, and that's a BIG might, be a Bucker. (where's the damn "oom-lowt" key on my computer?) Franz Bucker built his own frames and used other components, including JAP engines. The front forks and tank look similar to Bucker's from the late 20's or very early 30's, before a more teardrop shape became the norm. other areas of the frame and the general design are also similar to Bucker's from that era.

but i'll keep looking.

#4 swintex

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Posted 15 May 2004 - 00:25

I honestly have nothing but the greatest respect for the brave rider about to set off on this fearsome looking machineā€¦ but I can't help wondering why he appears to be wearing two crash helmets.

#5 Lipp

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Posted 15 May 2004 - 00:39

To judge from the photo and from the spikes on his wheels he must be some sort of gravelracer, especially when yo see he's got protection fo his legs.

#6 Mawerick

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Posted 15 May 2004 - 14:03

Thank you for your efforts, I appreciate them :)

#7 guazzoni

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Posted 18 May 2004 - 13:55

I've looked several times at the pic. It's really not that easy... :evil:

But I've the impression that the frametube going down to the engine are actually two tobes with the engine in between.
If this is the case, I don't know (out of memory) of makes who used such a system. So this might narrow it down.

What the Bucker is concerned, it could be (I don't know the marque, I'm more into belgium bikes...) but many many bikes of the late twenties and early thirties used jap engines (if it is even a JAP engine) and even more bikes looked similar...

What about an higher resolution scan of engine and tank. Maybe someone can then recognize what is visible of the badge...

#8 275 GTB-4

275 GTB-4
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Posted 04 May 2006 - 11:17

OK I have another one....when I visited the Museum I was surprised to see that these fine looking cycles were made by a company better known for cars....Packard?? Auburn?? help!! :wave:

Posted Image

#9 MoMurray

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Posted 04 May 2006 - 16:06

Don't know about the car connection but they both appear to be Indians. Indian was related to the Schwinn bicycle company but not to any car company AFIK. I stand to be corrected!