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Motor racing pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels etc (merged)

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#251 Rupertlt1

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Posted 04 April 2019 - 13:38

Been meaning to post on this topic for some while. Pau is trending so let me start there, both these establishments on the main straight:


Now gone for good, much lamented: (replaced by a multistorey car park, or some such)


Restaurant - Bar - Tabac (sur le circuit)

Mr Mme Jean-Marie BAREILLE

18 Avenue Gaston Lacoste

64000 Pau

Tél. (16-59) 27. 34. 98


2016: Bistrot La Salle, Eurl.Lucas et Fils, 6 Avenue Gaston Lacoste, 64000 Pau. By the race track, a marvelous bolt-hole on a soaking wet day. Good nosebag: Merguez et Frites.

Hotel: Logis Hotel le Bourbon, 12, Place Clémenceau, Pau, 64000. Tel +33559275312. Breakfast €7.80. Comfy digs, ideally situated close to Boulevard des Pyrénées and race track. Late night revellers a nuisance to some.



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#252 Vitesse2

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Posted 06 April 2019 - 11:28

Next time you're in Somerset, you might consider a meal at the Frome Flyer, which is on Jenson Avenue, Frome.




It remains to be seen whether nearby Glastonbury will need a Lando Lounge ...  ;)

#253 MCS

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Posted 06 April 2019 - 12:34

Try The Fox and Barrel, on the A49 at Cotebrook, near Tarporley, a short backfire from Oulton Park. Although it has changed hands recently, it pays a passing nod to the circuit just down the road with a few motoring pics and an Oulton poster on the walls. Amomg the pics are a framed pair of photos by Simon Arron, showing the old Demon Tweeks and Chaters shops, which have been clearly lifted off TNF - as that is the only place the photos have ever appeared. I took Simon there recently and, in true Victor Meldrew fashion, he couldn't believe it.


I drove past on Thursday and there is clearly a significant renovation taking place.  Wonder if they will have anything Oulton Park/motor racing themed moving forward?


Sorry for not stopping by, Alan - I only had a couple of hours.



#254 2Bob

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Posted 06 April 2019 - 21:47

The pub at Longford in Tasmania has been mentioned before but no photos I think.  As of 2 years ago it still had a motor racing theme:




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Posted 06 April 2019 - 23:37

There was a motor sport themed pub for a while in Wembley called  the Chequered Flag in the late 70s, early 80s, although I never went there. It had been the Hop Bine for years and then later The Dog and Duck and various other names. Its now a Tesco express! I think it was featured in an episode of "The Professionals".


On the first page of this thread someone asked about a pub called the Bull and Butcher which they thought was in Buckingham. This pub is actually in Turville, which is a village in Buckinghamshire. It did indeed have many signed pictures and photographs, many of them made out personally to the landlord, although I can't remember his name he must have been quite well connected.  I remember a classic picture of James Hunt in his McLaren making a rude gesture!  They put on a car show once with quite a few single seaters there. But it changed hands some time in the 1980s and all the pictures and memorabilia went. It's now just another poncey gastro pub in a pretty village, worth a visit but nothing like what it was!

#256 Rupertlt1

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Posted 07 April 2019 - 13:41

Le Nouveau Monde

82, rue Jean Lagarigue (4,908.07 mi)
Grand-Couronne 76530


With Le Mans coming up this place is well worth a visit - full of Rouen memorabilia (the old circuit is not far away) - and a pleasant lunch.



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Posted 07 April 2019 - 15:15

Another fascinating thread..........much better than filing my VAT Return and getting my accounts up to date..........I recall this place in Florida, perhaps outside the scope, I will let you guys be the judge


Head south along South Atlantic Avenue from Daytona Beach Shores and you will find this establishment.....


http://www.racingsno...urn.com/site/ - now on the site of the original beach races that grew into NASCAR - beer's cold, food is honest American, we have all done much worse. This is back in the day before the Tri-Oval was built.






Looking at Stuart's original post


However, that move plonked us quite close to the Magpie in Sunbury, and another pub in Shepperton which I can never seem to remember the name of! Both were very much racing watering holes, with the Brabham and WSR guys frequenting the latter...


Back in the early '80s the Guv'nor of the Magpie used to be a personal sponsor of Dave Coyne............not sure about the pub these days.


The place in Shepperton referred to was the Kings Head in the Church Square..........the family that ran it at the time had amongst their number an ex-Indy mechanic. The local team was WSR up in Charlton Village, so Dickie, Harvey, Alex, JonJon and co. would drown their sorrows or celebrate their successes. Herbie Blash lived within walking distance and attracted many Brabham folk and sometimes David Yorke would pop down. Naturally such a happy state of affairs could not be allowed to continue and a new landlord took over and killed the racing vibe almost immediately, he probably made more money was still going strong when I last heard a few years back.


Oh well back to the speadsheets................ :stoned: