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Atlas Allrounders - Season standings

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Posted 21 November 2004 - 19:38


A long and hard season is at an end, thanks a lot to LB for setting the game up, and thanks to all who played. I am ready for next season already, as a plyer and hope that LB will run it once more.

The last two races, seem to have been difficult, at least we all managed to score very low.

Posted Image

Congratulations to Stickshuft for a good performance.

Macao F3, where we supposedly see the stars of tomorrow, another lowscoring round for all of us.

Posted Image

Congratulations to Arcsine, who managed to win with a meager 16 points.

Bringing us to the end of season standings...

And the Atlas Allrounders Champion...



:clap: :clap: :clap:

Who have throughout the season been among the top scores, and who have shown a better grasp at getting it right in a number of different categories.

Posted Image

Congratulations to our new Champion, and to all the players.


P.S. I am as usual open to critique, and any misplaced or incorrectly awarded points will be updated if brought to my notice.


#2 fullcourseyellow

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Posted 22 November 2004 - 04:34

Boy, I'm 2nd again! I'm 2nd in all the competitions I've competed this year... :mad: ;)

Thanks LB and KWSN - DSM for all your work! It's been fun! :D

#3 scheivlak

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Posted 22 November 2004 - 09:36

:D :D :D

Looked liked everybody struggled the same way as I did in the last rounds.

It was great game, it moved my attention to competitions I really didn't know much about!
It was a real challenge every time!

Thanks LB for starting this and KWSN- DSM for continuing :clap:

#4 StickShift

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Posted 22 November 2004 - 13:05

Bathurst 1st...Macau Last :lol:

Thanks a lot for running the game LB and KWSN - DSM!

#5 garth_b

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Posted 28 November 2004 - 23:09

:clap: A third equal and a fourth equal :clap: Happy with that. :up:

:( But midfield for the season yet again! :(

Thanks for the game LB and KWSN - DSM