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#301 William Hunt

William Hunt
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Posted 09 August 2001 - 14:16

Thanks Don & Marco. hopefully we will enjoy some interesting topics out here.


#302 Uncle Davy

Uncle Davy
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Posted 06 September 2001 - 15:45

Bump. :)

#303 birdie

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Posted 06 September 2001 - 16:42

Hi, I'm Mary-Ann, most people call me Bird or Birdie or Gladys for some reason :rolleyes:

I'm 19, from the UK and I'm a web designer (mostly in the karting industry) right now but I'm going to be studying for a degree in Motorsport Management from the end of this month. Alongside that I manage a driver called James Bean who you should all watch out for in 6 years or so! Ultimately I want to manage a winning team in the World Kart Championships. Got interested in racing in about 1993 and I've always followed international karting, BTCC and F1 to varying degrees however I'm a lot more interested in historical grand prix racing at the moment.

My brother and my dad both race karts (Rotax Max), Tom in Champions of the Future and my dad just at local clubs, and I'll probably be starting myself in 2002.

#304 Don Capps

Don Capps
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Posted 30 September 2001 - 20:17

It was obviously time for a new thread for introductions and re-introductions among the members of The Nostalgia Forum.

Say what you feel is necessary and whatever you think is relevant. :lol:

As for me, I might "say" something later on.

Have it it folks!

#305 Hans Etzrodt

Hans Etzrodt
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Posted 30 September 2001 - 22:52

I was born ten days after Dick Seaman won the German Grand Prix, however not at the Nürburgring but in a Berlin hospital. I held many different jobs but spent most of my life as mechanic on cars, trucks and aircraft, thereafter service and parts manager at car dealerships. I am presently managing a medium-sized condo building in the concrete jungle of Waikiki, not far from the beach.

I saw my first race 1951 at the Nürburgring when Ascari defeated Fangio. My late father brought us teenage boys in a 1947 black VW and we watched as Paul Pietsch spun his Alfa out of the Nordkurve and disappeared down the embankment. I thought he was dead but he survived after only minor bloodletting. The incredible engine roar, the excitement, the sweet smell of burned ether and castor oil proved irresistible. I was addicted ever since, admittedly only as a spectator. It became very exciting for me when Mercedes started to go grand prix racing in 1954. Pictures of Moss and Fangio adorned my wall. Fangio was like a God to me; still is. He was so far above everybody else. Moss came closest. I also went to Monte Carlo to see the 1963 Monaco GP. I visited annually races at Kyalami while I lived in South Africa and Road America at Elkhard Lake while I lived in Chicago. I remember the continuous bloodletting in the 50’s, Ascari, Le Mans, Castellotti, de Portago, Musso and when Collins got killed, I felt devastated. Then Jean Behra, Harry Shell and von Trips got killed also, after which I ignored racing till 1963. Thereafter I must have had a better handle on myself but the killing went on and on until Jackie Stewart started the ball rolling and racing became much safer after he initiated his safety campaign.

Because not much detail was published about the grand prix races before 1950, I early on saved books I got as presents and even bought some used prewar stuff when I could afford it in the early fifties. Over the years, I have accumulated three overflowing bookcases. Old, contemporary magazines and newspapers are the real sources, I found out too late. As the Internet grows, we hopefully get easier access to the various libraries. Untangling the contradictions in GP racing history’s early years (1895-1949), a very time-consuming job, has now become my hobby, as tedious and frustrating it is at times.

Thanks to Leif Snellman, who guided me to The Nostalgia Forum, I was able to meet the many bright people from all over the world with similar interests here at this most fantastic place. Leif was also kind enough to display my list of Grand Prix Winners 1895-1949 on his homepage at http://www.kolumbus.fi/leif.snellman/
I have always been working on several projects simultaneously and some lists come handy in my daily use.
· Grand Prix Drivers and Other Racers of Note 1895-1949
· The Records of Grand Prix Winners 1895-1926
· Grand Prix Auto Racing Circuits 1895-1949
· Grand Prix Winners All Time Victory Chart
· The Elgin Road Races
· The World Championships 1925-1930
· The European Championships 1931-1932
· The European Championship 1939
· Decisions Affecting GP Racing History 1894-1950
Presently, I am trying to complete Mountain Climb Winners 1897-1949, a companion list to the one already published. But it will be a larger collection of races and is already a six-year ordeal. I hope to finally finish it next year.

Lastly, I have a request: will everybody please check the contents of their profile and supply your personal information in case it is missing.

Thank you and Aloha.

#306 Darren Galpin

Darren Galpin
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Posted 01 October 2001 - 07:12

Compared to many of our esteemed colleagues here, I'm a mere whippersnapper who for some reason got involved in motorsport history and ended up with the webpage www.silhouet.com/motorsport. My first F1 race was at Silverstone, watching Mansell pass Piquet with that move at the end of the hangar straight. I've been to Silverstone again, Spa and Interlagos since then.

My website has been going since 1994 now, and I answered a call on r.a.s.i. at the time for articles for a new F1 magazine online called AtlasF1. That article got into the very first issue. Since then, I have written a few articles which are featured on the 8W Specials page (www.8w.forix.com), but I spend most of my time keeping my webpage uptodate, answering the e-mail queries that I receive, and updating my page with the information which the TNF members kindly send me. Surprisingly, I do have a life beyond this, and I work as a Verification Engineer in Infineon Technologies UK Ltd in Bristol, England, working with microchip designs.

#307 Stefan Ornerdal

Stefan Ornerdal
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Posted 01 October 2001 - 13:51

I was born december 23rd 1953 and has attended races ever since as my whole family are motor racing addicts, starting with old dad who was sporting his Husqvarna in the thirties. My big brothers was rallying in the sixites, not without some succes. One of my nephews raced in the Clio Cup, other family members is/has been motocrossers, speedwayriders etc. Never been racing myself except for some outings in Alfa Romeo Owners Club races. I was last everytime...
I have been club secretary in my speedwayclub "Vargarna" (Wolfs) from 1979 to 1991 and was team manager for the juniors for many years. Now I am webmaster for the club: http://www.vargarna.nu
I did not have time for any car racing at all in the eighties, the kids was born and speedway filled all of my spare time. Therefore, I think I know much more about Clark, Hill, Surtees than Prost, Senna and Mansell.

I have collected F2 results since my first visit to Karlskoga as a kid in 1964. My employer, the Swedish Hydrographic Department, forced me to learn more about to handle a computer. Thus, my F2 pages was born as I had to learn typing, it was not intended to be a homepage or anything, just to enjoy myself.

I live at the seaside in a small village outside Norrkoping, 160 km south of Stockholm. My wife and my girls (14 and 10 years) says I spend all too much time with the 'puter! No time for my little garden and to keep our house in good order...

I have not been a member of TNF for a long time, but I do feel this is my home on the net. I am member of a few mailing-lists and discussion forums, but this place is much, much above all the others. The friendly athmosphere and all the good people who nows everything about racing, this is fantastic!

I feel I have very intelligent and good friends all around the globe.


#308 fines

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Posted 01 October 2001 - 15:17

Good idea, Don, and especially convenient to have a "sticky" thread right at the top! :up:

Me, I was brought here by Hans almost exactly a year ago, and since then time isn't what it used to be! TNF has renewed my interest in Racing History, and at present I'm involved in more projects than at any time before! Not sure if I had better kept a safe distance though... :lol:

I was born in Bitburg, Germany, not far from the Nürburgring and Spa-Francorchamps, and have lived here and around here all my life. I am 34, very tall :rolleyes:, handsome and single (Applicants, please include a photograph of yourself, only females accepted!) :D At daytime, I usually work for a supermarket at the goods-in; not a glamorous job, but it keeps the fridge from attracting cobwebs!

My dad worked at a garage, and so it was only natural that I was going to be interested in cars, but my focus soon turned to racing cars, and by now road-going cars leave me absolutely cold. In fact, I do not really enjoy driving at all, and I'm quite possibly the worst car driver on this board! :blush:

Once I had accepted the fact that my frame wouldn't fit into a racing car, I abandoned the dream of becoming a racing driver, but once the bug has bitten there's no escape and I was collecting newspaper articles, magazines and books ever since I was ten. My collection is now about 100 books and 2000 magazines strong, and still growing.

Basically, I'm a "monoposto monomaniac", but owing to my huge library (:evil: Barry, don't giggle!) I might even be able to contribute a thing or two to other topics such as sports and touring cars, rallying and so on. I'm also quite versatile when it comes to motorcycle racing.

The focus of my research jobs is mainly on obscure race results and chassis numbers; two of my main projects at the time are early post-war Formula Libre racing and Japanese single-seater races. A by-product of my search for race results is a large collection of championship points tables, which bit by bit will appear on my website at http://grand-prix-ra...ellow.com/facts.

Another long term project of mine is the computer-generated Racing Driver Ranking "GPChart", which can be assessed at http://grand-prix-ra...low.com/gpchart. I also love writing, and have a regular Nostalgia Column at http://www.racingnewsonline.com.

Of all the drivers, I mostly admire Bruce McLaren ever since I saw him introduced somewhere as an ever-smiling, cheerful chap, which is exactly what I am. Just look at my avatar, that's me! (Okay, okay, I look a little bit older these days ;))

Fav. Artists: Max Ernst, Hieronymus Bosch, Maurits Escher, Wassily Kandinsky, Man Ray, etc.

Fav. Composers: Arnold Schönberg, George Gershwin, etc.

Fav. Directors: Ingmar Bergman, Peter Weir, François Truffaut, Marco Ferreri, Peter Greenaway, Luis Buñuel, etc.

Fav. Jazz-Musicians: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, etc.

Fav. Jokers: Marx Bros., Jacques Tati, Monthy Python, Roberto Benigni etc.

Fav. Novelists: Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, etc.

Fav. Philosophers: Aristoteles, Karl Raimund Popper, Niccolò Machiavelli, Karl Jaspers, etc.

Fav. Playwrights: William Shakespeare, Botho Strauß, Tennessee Williams, etc.

Fav. Poets: Rainer Maria Rilke, Georg Trakl, etc.

Fav. Pop-Musicians: The Strokes Posted Image, R.E.M., Van Morrison, Janis Joplin, etc.

Fav. Pop-Scientists: Douglas Hofstadter, Dietrich Dörner, etc.

Fav. Food: Eisbein mit Sauerkraut :lol:

#309 Frank de Jong

Frank de Jong
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Posted 01 October 2001 - 15:19

My name is Frank de Jong, 4/3/59, living in Amsterdam, married, no kids.
No family motor racing, and I'm afraid my own experience isn't much more than a few laps in a Golf GTI round Zandvoort (at least at the old circuit...).
But since my childhood I've been mad about cars, but it took me some time to get interested in motor racing. I've been visiting Zandvoort since 1974 until the mid-80's, with the odd trip to Spa, Zolder or Hockenheim.
I've been following motor sport ever since, by TV, magazines and books.
My interests were first the technical aspects of the cars (I still keep a database for technical specifications of almost all sorts of racing cars since WW2) but TNF inspired me to create a site about the European Touring Car Championship 1963-1988, my first love of motorsport.

Like Stefan said, TNF is my home on the net!

#310 Keir

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Posted 01 October 2001 - 17:03

Howdy there folks!!!

I've been an f1 fan since the early 60's, as anyone can tell, I'm a devoted Amon fanatic. My racing experience includes Formula Vee.
Home is the USA. I love motor racing history and a good F1 photo essay will always have my attention.

BTW, For all you rich women out there. I'm about to be single.


#311 Frank de Jong

Frank de Jong
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Posted 01 October 2001 - 17:50

Perhaps it's nice to include my automotive history: started in '81 with a Fiat 127, then Autobianchi A112E, Lancia Beta HPE, VW Golf diesel (sorry, first company car...), Mercedes 190 automatic, Opel Ascona 1.6 (first company car with my current employer, a.k.a. the worst car I ever drove ;), Peugeot 205 GTI, VW Golf GTI, Opel Kadett GSi 16V, Alfa Romeo 155 1.8, Mercedes C 180, currently BMW 320D Touring automatic.

#312 Roger Clark

Roger Clark
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Posted 01 October 2001 - 18:07

Roger Clark is my real name, though I'm not related to the eponymous rally driver or to the 1960s world champion. I'm 51 years old, widowed, and I live in Cheshire UK with two sons in their 20s, two border collies and a guineau pig. I won't offer any opinion over which of the five is the most domesticated.

I play squash enthusiastically but with no discernable ability. Luckily I have a number of friends with similar enthusiasm and not much greater ability, so once a week we raise a sweat and make fools of ourselves. The game is always better from the bar afterwards. Two years ago, as I approached my first half century I decided to do something to prove that I wasn't really stuck in a rut, or perhaps that the male menopause is not really a myth , and took up motorcycling. I am now the proud owner of a Honda VFR, on which I terrorise the drivers and residents of Cheshire, Derbyshire, and occasionally North Wales, all at a very sedate pace. I follow football, (soccer, but I don't like the word), though many would say that following football is not an appropriate phrase as I am a supporter of Peterborough United, my home town team.

I have followed motor racing for 40 years now. My main interest is the history of the sport, but I follow Formula 1 as closely as ever. For all its weaknesses, I firmly believe that in years to come we, or our successors, will view the current era as a golden age. I can't think of a period of the last hundred years of that racing that is not now viewed as a golden age, so perhaps the last statement should not be too surprising.

I discovered TNF early last year and have been amazed to find so many people with similar interests to my own, and astonished at the industry and generosity of some of the work that is evident. I hope to have contributed to some of it. I have a modest library and an extensive collection of magazines; my main contribution to this forum is in the form of extracts from those magazines.

I am a founder member of Les Amis des Circuits d'Antan, an informal group whose aim is to seek out racing circuits. Through it I have met two members of this forum and would welcome the opportunity of meeting many more.

I see TNF as a shining example of the real benefits of the internet. It brings together people of a common interest, with no boundaries of race, creed or colour, and no commercial interests being satisfied. Long may it continue.

#313 Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jackson
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Posted 01 October 2001 - 18:28

Hi, I live in Coventry, UK, born in Yorkshire on April 4th 1958.

Became interested in racing as an 8-year-old, when my elder brother was watching BBC's coverage of the start of Le Mans 1966. I've been a Le Mans (and general Sport Car racing) addict ever since.

I was pointed to this forum by my friend Martin Krejci, who I've been corresponding with daily for about 4 years, discussing Sports Car racing & results.

My F1 interest has been up & down over the past 30-odd years, and I have to say it's been very "down" for some while.

I was keen on most racing in the 70s - 80s, especially F5000 (I was privileged to watch some of the UK races 70-74).
Touring Car racing was also a great interest (Thanks for the brilliant website Frank !)

I have an extensive database covering Sports Cars mainly, but also CART, F3000, F1, and the Touring car side is being done slowly.

Thanks to all who make this a great (and regular) visit for me.

#314 tompka

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Posted 01 October 2001 - 18:47

Hi. I'm Pakolicz Tamas from Hungary. I may be young at almost 25, but I'm a motorsport lover since I can remember. Nowadays I write for a Hungarian Formula 1 news site, and try to find out as much from the history of my favourite sport as much I can.
I also do computer system administration for living and as my second passion.
Unluckily I've never been to a real professional motorrace, since I live quite far from any serious track. But the tracks don't have to wait for me too much ;)

#315 Barry Boor

Barry Boor
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Posted 01 October 2001 - 19:32

Hi everyone. I am who my user name says I am. I was born in the east end of London on February 27th 1948.

Nothing much happened for just over 9 years; then my Dad took Mum, my sister and me to Goodwood at Easter 1957. Foolish man!!! The result is, I have been a race-fan ever since.

My wife of 16 years, Heather, thinks that I have no other interest but motor racing. If I'm not runing my slot-cars, I'm watching racing videos, reading racing books or messing about collecting and/or restoring diecast racing and sports car models. However, like Roger I am a football fan - in my case, the beloved Chelsea (foreigners and all) But I also enjoy the American game and root for (U.S.-speak) the Forty-niners.

I build my own Scalextric-based slot-cars, lately concentrating on the 1950's - my favourite era for cars, drivers and circuits.
Insomniacs (or masochists) might like to look at

I am a cousin to a guy named Peter Connew, who made a ludicrous attempt to enter the world of F1 racing in 1972 with a car built by himself, a friend named Roger Doran and me. I was brought in on the project because Peter needed someone with a degree of woodworking skills as the body had to be made 'in house'. I made the patterns for the nose, cockpit canopy and airbox, then having produced the actual fibreglass items I became a team mechanic. Great fun!

Nowadays I am back in my first profession - teaching. I live in N. W. Wales and work in Caernarfon. I am now able to converse in the Welsh language, though not fluently.

I am one of the aforementioned Amis des Circuits d'Antan and spent a terrific weekend in France with Roger and KPY last May.

I don't get to go racing very much these days. I wouldn't miss a Grand Prix on t.v. but I think that the racing just isn't what it was. (The truth is, it probably never was what it was!) But I DO like going to long lost tracks. I have been to Dieppe, Rouen, Reims and Ospedaletti (San Remo) and plan to get to Monsanto Park and maybe even Oporto next year.

I am one of Dan Gurney's oldest and biggest fans. But I rate Jimmy Clark as the best ever!!!

Favourite race car - Ferrari sharknose 1961 - favourite race Monaco 1961.

This written with apologies to those who have read it all before!!!!!

#316 cabianca

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Posted 01 October 2001 - 19:44

Born in 1938. Got into model airplanes. One day in 1952 while picking up my favorite airplane mags (Flying and Air Trails), I bought an auto mag instead. It was Petersen's Auto Speed and Sport which lasted little longer than a year, but was much better than Road & Track in those days. It had a picture of Villoresi's 1951 Mille Miglia winner and I fell in love. There was a dude who lived in my neighborhood who had a Ferrari 212 Vignale coupe. I would run to his house from my Junior High School every lunch hour to see him come home for lunch. Forgot about airplanes, even though what became the Reno Air Races had originally been run in Cleveland after the war and I attended and was nuts for them. The next year my father took me to Lockbourne Air Force base for an SCCA National. The straight was well over a mile long and the sound of Kimberly and Spear's Ferrari 340s was even better than I expected. The next year (1954), I went to Put-in-Bay, a round-the-houses course on an island in Lake Erie off the coast of Ohio. You got to the island by flying in a Ford Tri-Motor. Course was limited to two liter cars and a Siata 208S won. I lucked out in that I began dating a girl whose brother had been a sports car freak but now was into Harleys. He had all the Road &Tracks from the beginning and gave them to me. I still have them and every other one ever printed. Since I've moved at least 30 times over the years, that's quite a feat. Saw my first big international race at Sebring in 1956. My father had a new 56 Chev with the 180 HP power pack and we drove from Kansas City to Florida blowing off anyone who tried to race us including a couple of XK-120s. When we pulled onto the main drag of Sebring on Thursday evening, Taruffi was coming the other way wearing a sleveless sweater, driving a Maserati 300S. It was as big a thrill as that first race at Lockbourne. Got Fangio's autograph that weekend and never looked back. Have attended almost all the USGPs until it got ridiculous with 7-12,000 people at the last few races before last year's revival. Was at the USGP at Indy last year and am sort of embarassed to say that I watched the USGP on TV yesterday. Racing has been great to me. Have met tons of intersting people and gotten invited to places I could only have dreamed about when I was a kid. Straightening out the history of racing is a lifetime occupation and one that never bores you. I enjoy the comments of the world-wide participants on the Nostalgia Forum. Long may it flourish.
Michael T. Lynch

#317 FEV

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Posted 01 October 2001 - 20:05

Hi all,

My real name is Frank Emerson Verplanken. I was born July 30, 1975 in France. The second first name was given to me by my parents in respect for two of their heroes : Emerson Fittipaldi and Keith Emerson. My father is a long time F1 enthusiast. He spend 10 years as a flag marshall at the Monaco Grand Prix before retiring due to business occupation (my uncle still is the chief marshall of the chicane spot).

My oldest racing memory is Derek Daly’s wonderful start at the 1980 Monaco Grand Prix. Since then I am a motorsport fanatic even if my passion progressively turned to Endurance and American racing. I’ve always loved History so since I was a kid I tried to know more about motorsport history. In 1985-87 I spent two years in the USA (well, Vermont in fact !) where I discovered two great American hobbies : oval racing and statistics. When I came back in France I started collecting motorsport books and magazines and started a database on drivers and championships. I quit school as soon as I could (but passed my A Levels as an off-school student) which allowed me to start working, earn money and buy more motorsport stuff ! After several years doing many (often boring) jobs I settled in a small village in the French pre-Alps were I became a shepherd. Great job where you are your own boss and that leaves you plenty of time to do what you want. That was in 1994. At this time a TV Channel called Monte-Carlo TMC started airing CART races, which had never been shown in France before. The guy doing the comment was a good journalist but had little knowledge about the CART/USAC/AAA history, or about the tracks and drivers. So I wrote him a letter telling him so and giving him information. He kindly replied something like “well, thanks, but if you’re so smart why don’t you come and do the next race with me ?” ! That’s what I did. He was happy with my poor performance and called me for the next one and so on…I spent 5 years at TMC doing TV comments (F1, CART, Historic…) until early this year when I moved to the only French channel totally devoted to motorsport : AB Moteurs.

It is also this year that I came across Atlas F1 and its wonderful TNF. If I remember well I found the link at Leif’s Golden Era site. Roger Clark's point of view on TNF just a few posts above is exactly what I think of it - HEAVEN.

#318 Don Capps

Don Capps
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Posted 01 October 2001 - 20:30

I am originally from South Carolina, but as an Army Brat and then as a soldier, I have moved literally dozens upon dozens of times in my lifetime. I lived for most of the 50's and into the early 60's in Europe.

I experienced my first motor race at the Lakewood Speedway in Atlanta, Georgia in 1949 and apparently have been hooked ever since. Saw my first Grand Prix in 1955 and my first Le Mans the same year (quite a debut!) and saw my last Grand Prix -- AKA "F1" -- race at Dallas in 1984. That was about my 50-something-th or so GP, which included the 1961 USGP at Watkins Glen and most there until the end in 1980.

I am interested in a variety of motor sports. I have been fortunate enough to see many races and watch a number of top notch drivers in action. Stirling Moss, Dan Gurney, Parnelli Jones, Keke Rosberg, Gilles Villeneuve, and Mario Andretti are the sorts of folks I consider Racers. There are others, but these are the sorts I lean toward -- "all-arounders."

I am a historian by both training and inclination. I have taught history at various points in my career, including a period of time on the faculty of The Citadel. I enjoy working on my various projects -- not all of which are racing-related. I have served as a military historian in an assignment or two and I am a Member of the Society for Military History, among others.

When possible, I write my Rear View Mirror column for Atlas F1. I have been the host of this forum since its inception and have no end of pride at how it has shed more than a few rays of light into many dark corners of motor sports history.

I am currently in the twilight of a long military career and looking forward to retirement. I have a daughter and a son and a grandson. My daughter works in banking and my son is a dual major in college -- Marine Science and Biology.

I am a sergeant's son married to a colonel's daughter -- a fact that did not exactly enthrall the colonel's daughter's mother, to say the least. :lol: However, this being America, I have managed to go from private to colonel. I served in Viet-Nam as a member of a Ranger unit (1968-1969) and have spent the last decade developing simulations and training technologies for the Army.

I have wide-ranging interests not only in motor sports -- I think dirt track racing is pretty awesome, that road racing is great, that ovals are a challenge -- but in other areas as well: military aviation, the history of the American militia & National Guard, music (As Duke Ellington said, "If it sounds good, it is good," which means that although I lean heavily towards classical music, it is not unusual for Jimi Hendrix, Beach Boys, Dire Straits, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Johnny Cash, John Hartford, Chambers Brothers, Doors, Perry Como, and whatnot to all get played right along with Monteverdi, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Adams, and so forth), cinema, science fiction (Harry Turtledove, Harry Harrison & Kim Stanley Robinson are typical of what I read), and was a soccer (football) USSF Referee (plus instructor & assessor) for 20+ years.

My favorite place in the whole, wide world is Charleston, South Carolina... :up: ... where the Cooper and Ashley Rivers meet to form the Atlantic Ocean.

#319 Vitesse2

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Posted 01 October 2001 - 22:30

Right, now the Colonel's checked in, I think I'll do the same.

My real name is Richard Armstrong, born 1955 in Reading. I've been a racing fan for as long as I can remember, certainly since the mid-60s. My first real racing memories are from the 1967 season - the birth of the Lotus 49, Gurney at Spa etc. I have vague memories of seeing Le Mans on TV even earlier than that (1965 maybe?). As a lad, I was a Graham Hill fan, following his career with a passion. Other drivers of that era I admired were Clark, Stewart, Gurney and especially Jochen Rindt - I've always had a soft spot for the hard-driving type! 1970 almost put me off the sport forever - the combination of triumphs and disasters was almost too much to bear and as the carnage continued through the seventies I must confess my enthusiasm waned for a while, especially once James Hunt had retired. I stayed on the fringes though and kept some interest, reading more about the history of the sport and developing a deep respect for the heroes of the golden age between 1930 and 1960 - Nuvolari, Rosemeyer, Bira, Seaman, Moss, Fangio, Ascari and the rest. In my teens, I had collated a lot of results and information which I thought was safely filed away - it would be invaluable today in the context of what we're currently discussing and researching, but I lost it all in a house fire in 1987 - everything from Peace Cup results and championship tables to progressive lap records for every British circuit over a five-year period! Luckily, I saved all my books, but most of the magazines went the same way. I returned to racing in the late 80s, following Damon Hill to the world title - those LRC colours again.

In the early 90s, I started to rebuild some of my old records again, discovering Sheldon's black books and others and was starting to develop various projects when life got in the way for a while. When it got out of the way again, I discovered the net and also that Leif Snellman, Allen Brown, Stefan Ornerdal and Felix Muelas had all done the projects I was planning! Nevertheless, I stuck around and, like Roger, I'm constantly amazed at the breadth and depth of knowledge here - it really is a "living encyclopaedia" of motor sport and I feel very privileged to be part of it. It's amazing that a question asked by someone in Europe can be answered almost immediately by someone else in Australia, South Africa or even Hawaii - just shows that the net really is a global village.

I've already mentioned most of my interests, but I seem to have missed a few - Wimille, the Gordon Bennett Trophy ... oh the list just goes on and on. I like to think I know at least a little about most European racing from most eras and I suppose that was demonstrated a couple of months ago when I tied for first place in the 8W game with two of the most distinguished historians on this forum - Marc Ceulemans and Alessandro Silva: I felt very humbled to share a bottle of virtual champagne with them! (I notice Don and Michael were too modest to mention that they are also previous 8W winners!)

Other interests outside motor racing: cricket (HUGE Yorkshire fan!), mediaeval history and walking the dog (another border collie!)

Finally, I can only echo Roger and Stefan:

I see TNF as a shining example of the real benefits of the internet. It brings together people of a common interest, with no boundaries of race, creed or colour, and no commercial interests being satisfied. Long may it continue.

I feel I have very intelligent and good friends all around the globe.

:) :)


#320 Pete Stanley

Pete Stanley
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Posted 02 October 2001 - 04:34

I am 22 and I stay quiet around here.

I used to pretend to be a college student, but I wasn't very good at it, so now I'm writing. Note my careful use of words: "writing," but not "writing for a living." :rolleyes:

If I am successful in pimping my first book, a novel, others will follow. Even if I'm not successful, others will follow. I'd like to concentrate on non-fiction history, including some motorsports history, naturally!

I live near Harrisburg, PA. When I'm writing, I sometimes run away to a small house our family owns in Blue Ridge Summit, PA. The rear porch of the house has a panoramic view of Site R, and the valley beyond it, all the way to Hannover, PA.

#321 LB

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Posted 02 October 2001 - 05:10

Hello, My name is Craig Leadbitter ( hence LB - school nickname that stuck) I am one of the younger members in here at a mere 28 :cool: and hail from Fort William in the North of Scotland but I have been a fan of Motor Racing since I can remember. My ealiest memory is monza 1978 simply because I threw a big strop cos my parents wouldn't let me watch the highlights program ( Peterson crash). However on a happier not I can clearly remember incidents from Arnoux/Villenueve in 1979 onwards.

My first GP attendance was in 1983 at Brands and i've been to a fair few since. I can usually be seen at clubbies at Knockhill and previously Ingleston in Scotland and have racked up a fair few miles chasing cars around Britain. In current Gp's I am Atlases resident DC whipping boy :D but previously I have been a big fan of Villenueve, Warwick, Senna and anyone that drives a Jordan. i was brought up on a diet of superlatives on Clark and Stewart by my Motor Racing daft mother. ( Dad hates it...... :blush: )

My knowledge of History in Motor sport is i like to think fairly decent but is built more from Book reading and here rather than actually being there so I tend to read rather than post. Having said that when I'm in my sixties I'm sure I'll be educating the young'uns on the brilliance of Villenueve and Senna, maybe even Schumacher (and possibly Montoya)...

Career wise I'm still fumbling about looking for a decent job with my Economics degree that I achieved a few years ago, I currently work in a diving school generally running things without actually being in charge :D

#322 quintin cloud

quintin cloud
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Posted 02 October 2001 - 06:25

Hi All

My name is Quintin Cloud, I was born in 1975, 14 October in Joburg , my first motorsport/F1 event that I saw was in 1987 when the Williams Team With Mansell and Piquet came out to do winter testing at Kyalami , and yes cars on tv was great but been there to see and HEAR the Williams-Honda's in full song is one of the best experiences that one can have at 12 years old ,from 1990 all F1 testings that have happen I've been there. It is most likely to see me at the track with camera taking as many photo's as the budget will allow. :)

In the real world I am a Electronic technician for the military company ,where we make rocket , mortar and field & naval artillery Fuzes , I working in the R&D Lab doing delvopment work on those products . In my speer time I do research work for my webpage which started in 1996 inwhich includes Grand Prix results from 1894 to 1949 with many F. libre Vioturette, Cyclecars of the 1920's. From 1950 to present the site has the Offical World championship results with about 99% of the non-championship results. New results that are been worked on is South African F1 series and for special interest the Tasman Series, url is http://www.drive.to/formula1results :)

#323 Marco94

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Posted 02 October 2001 - 08:02

OK, here we go:

I am Marco Rooney. Dutch, but 1/32 part Irish and an even smaller if not near zero part Swiss. Born in 1971 my first memory of motorracing must be my father heading for Zandvoort, to the Grand Prix. Because James Hunt won that race, he was automatically my first hero. But interest wore of fairly quickly.

My real love for the sport started with the South-African GP in 1983. I had heard and read about this Porsche designed turbo engine. It made it's debut in Zandvoort 1983 and the interest I had in the engine rubbed of on it's driver Niki Lauda. In those days Jan Lammers, of Le Mans winning fame, would be commentating the races. During the live transmission of the South-African race he spoke with rising admiration about the progress that Lauda was making. I was getting prepared for a Grand Final, but the engine did not cooperate and died. I became a fan of Lauda, the TTE-Po1, McLaren, John Barnard and Ron Dennis at the spot. Alain Prost took over the role of Lauda at the end of 1985 and he remained The Man until 1993. Actually, in my opinion he still is the best to sit behind the wheel.

My live first contact with motorracing was the 1984 F1 tire test in Zandvoort. Guess why my father took me there for my birthday. Yes I actually touched Niki Lauda's helmet. But somehow nothing special happened. :-) Also got to see a very young Ayrton Senna. I must admit that I was not very impressed by him. I remember explaining my father that he was considered very, very good, but that he should first be F1 champion before I would consider him worth anything. This rather unpolite opinion was expressed some 2 meters from the subject away. We could still get into the garages during lunch time in those days. I sure am glad Ayrton did not understand Dutch. Current special interest is the Solitude races near Stuttgart, Germany.

To be honest, I have been less intensly interested in F1 since 1 May 1994. It broke the line of successions from Lauda, Prost and Senna as favorite driver. Hakkinen sort of took that place from 1997 onwards, but I first got really excited when I literally saw the first driving of Jenson Button. So smooth, so artistic. It really was as if Prost was driving again. JB has disappointed me this season, I really hope he will get his act together. It would be a shame to waste such talent. And of course the first year of Juan Pablo Montoya has brought back a twinckle in my eye. The man just makes me smile when he drives. No, make that when he overtakes. Apperently nobody told him passing is not done in F1.

I do have a life outside motorracing as well. I enjoy music of any kind as long as it's good. But Bruce Springsteen has to stand out as that special person from "the wonder years." Interested in art, architecture,... just about anything really. Studied automotive engineering in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. And got the B.Sc. Continued with for a master degree at Delft University of Technology at the Vehicle Dynamics department in Delft, The Netherlands. A this point still an open book, but soon to be closed.

#324 LittleChris

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Posted 02 October 2001 - 12:30

Hi everyone.

Born Chris Hall on 19th February 1962 and not looking forward particularly to being 40 next year !! Little Chris comes from being at the opposite end of the height spectrum from Fines !

First memory was being taken to Silverstone for testing one Friday early in 1968 and seeing people like Graham Hill, Bruce McLaren etc. Further trips followed including seeing Tony Brooks driving a Vanwall in about 1969.

Moved forcibly by parents from London to Yeovil in Somerset in 1970 and therefore Thruxton became the nearest circuit. Attended most of the F2 races there in the mid to late 70's and 80's as well as many of the F3 races ( especially when Senna & Brundle were racing ).

Major hero was Ronnie Peterson, but also supported Johnny Herbert, Stefan Johansson, Gilles Villeneuve amongst others. Currently like Montoya.

Have visited Rouen ( twice ), Reims, Chimay (twice ), Mettet (Twice ), Peronne, Le Mans, Spa as part of my fascination with true road circuits.

Went to Cadwell Park Race School in 1987 and was quite quick but sorely lacking in any sort of funds to go any further. Have also driven at Snetterton.

Currently reside in Stratford, East London and follow West Ham Utd Football team. Unfortunately it currently looks like I might be following them out of the Premiership !!

#325 Racer.Demon

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Posted 02 October 2001 - 15:40

Why don't I re-introduce myself too?

Mattijs Diepraam, age 33, currently residing in Halfweg, a small village west of Amsterdam, not all that far away from Zandvoort. I'm married to this dark-haired and light-skinned speech-therapist babe, who is also the mother of my 3-year-old kid named Bruno.

If I'm to go with some of the childhood experiences revealed elsewhere on this Forum, my boy will become a Readers Comments member in perhaps a dozen years or so, and a TNF member a further 20 years later, as he is already fully aware of all the current F1 drivers, their cars and their helmets and is learning to recognize numbers through the official FIA F1 entry lists. Also, he has developed this skill of differentiating between "very old racing cars" (anything before the 60s), "simply old racing cars" (70s) and "only moderately old racing cars" (80s). If you think this is all due to an unhealthy influence by his racing-mad dad, you're wrong. He does not need any encouragement, which is reflected by his self-developed interest in two-wheeled racing. But I do admit that having all those motorsport magazines and books around the house does create some very imposing visual input for such a young mind. Oh well...

Having said that, I was only introduced to Grand Prix racing when I was 8 years old. Curiously and morbidly, my interest was first sparked off by Lauda's fiery 'Ring accident - the constant replays on television created a lasting impression. This coincided nicely with my father proudly presenting two free paddock tickets for the rescheduled 'European GP' at Zandvoort in 1976, courtesy of him being a boffin at Esso's PR department.

Ironically, Lauda wasn't there of course, recovering from his burns. I still had Clay to cheer in the lone Ferrari but having been given the chance to visit the Tyrrell pits (thanks, Ken...) my allegiance was partly transfered to Jody Scheckter and Patrick Depailler and their amazing six-wheelers. The following year, while I kept supporting Tyrrell and Depailler, I was also overjoyed with Scheckter's debut win for Wolf, and even happier when he switched to my - and probably any boy's - first love Ferrari, while Gilles' Zandvoort antics of 1979 made me support him for the rest of his life. Gordon Murray's gorgeous BT49 - and Nelson's silly pranks - made me a Piquet fan for a long time, and I have also been an Alesi fan during his Tyrrell and Ferrari days.

I haven't really had a 'policy' when supporting drivers or teams, i.e. picking them on special character traits or skills or results. I have a soft spot for "amateur" drivers, though, who in the modern world would be the guys with amazing natural talent but with sloppy discipline and/or poor engineering skills - Regazzoni, Depailler, Piquet, Alesi. But mostly I just keep with my old favourites, which used to be Ferrari and Tyrrell. Today I still root for Ferrari (can't help it) and a couple drivers that I like for no particular reason. You tell me why I like Alonso and don't have any feeling for Raikkonen!

I kept visiting the Zandvoort paddock until the final race in 1985 and haven't been to a modern GP since. Never had the urge to travel to Spa - on a race weekend, that is - and the prices have become astronomically high anyway. I do however have developed a passion as a track pilgrim, trying to visit as many of the classic European road tracks when on holiday.

Finally, I must lay total and utter blame with Felix Muelas for corrupting me with his taste for all things of the past... :)

Helping, supporting and inspiring each other we have been able to create 6th Gear, 8W and MRH, which we hope will grow to new strengths in the near future. The knowledge of Leif Snellman and Rainer Nyberg have also been huge assets to 8W, and I want to thank them for sharing it with us.

Although I'm definitely in the minor league when it comes to real knowledge of motor racing nostalgia - I'm still trying to complete a basic library! - I'm a real enthusiast for the subject and want to contribute by helping others who don't have a platform to publish and share their work. If everyone must have a job, then allowing other people to shine should as well be mine.


#326 Chris Bloom

Chris Bloom
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Posted 02 October 2001 - 18:47

Posted Image
Name: Chris Bloom
Born: 21/5/70 Cambridge, UK
Lives: Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Occupation: Photographic salesman
First GP memory: Villenueve's antics in the sand at Zandvoort 1979
First full race watched on TV: French GP 1981 (Prosts first victory)
First GP attended: British GP 1982 (also my first motor sport event attended)
Best GP: Hungarian GP 1989
Best race watched live: 1985 Formula Ford World Cup, Brands Hatch
Favourite drivers (who I have seen race) Alan Jones, Gilles Villenueve, Keke Rosberg, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Juan Pablo Montoya
Favourite drivers (who I never saw race) Jimmy Murphy, Guiseppe Campari, Tazio Nuvolari, Bernd Rosemeyer, Henry Birkin, Chris Amon (thanks to Keir :smoking: )
Favourite teams (present) Williams, Sauber, Jordan, Mclaren
Favourite teams/manufacturers (past) Ferrari (when they were Ferrari), Auto Union, Lotus, Tyrrell, Buggatti, Delage, Alfa Romeo
Favourite circuits (present) Spa, Indianapolis, Sepang, Monaco
Favourite circuits (past) Nurburgring, Zandvoort, Kyalami (pre 1985), Adelaide, Long Beach


Favourite bands/singers: Bruce Springsteen, REM, Crowded House, Lauren Hill, Eminem
Favourite TV programs: I try and avoid TV, unless there is something that particulary interests me. Programs that interest me are motor sport programs, documentaries, some movies, some comedy (Frasier is the only current comedy show that immediatly springs to mind as worth watching). i.e. I don't watch the telly just for the sake of it.
Hobbies: Reading, computers, visiting new places

Since I have been interested in motor racing I have also had an interest in the history of motor racing. My favourite period of Grand Prix history is that between the two world wars. However I am interested in all motor sport history from 1894 onwards. I have only missed two GP since 1981, Italy 1988 and Belgium 1990.

I am also as much a F1 fan today as I have ever been. Like everything else we only remember the good times. For me the best GP race is always the next one.

I am a big fan of racing simulators, I have most released since the mid-nineties. My favourite of course is Grand Prix Legends.

My route to TNF was trying to research the Westmead circuit which used to be here near Durban.

What else do you want to know? Oh yeah, I'm also unattached since a couple of months ago and I'm younger than Keir and Fines:lol: so to any females out there looking I am the obvious choice:D ;)


#327 Big Jim

Big Jim
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Posted 02 October 2001 - 18:50

Hello everyone,
My name is Jimmy Lisle. I am a locomotive engineer for the Norfolk Southern here in the USA. That is my own drawing you see to the left. Although trains have been my love since before I can remember, cars have been the second that I can remember. First drag cars and then sportscars and Formula One. I also have been known to build a few models and actually win a few contests. My first GP was at Watkins Glen in '72 and my last there also in '80.

Big thrill this year was meeting Dan Gurney at the Vintage races at Watkins Glen and getting to see J.W.A. GT40 #1075 in the pits.
Take care,
Big Jim

#328 pancho

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Posted 02 October 2001 - 19:20

Hello, all. My real name is Paul Smith and I was born on 1st September 1962 in Coventry UK, the home of Jaguar cars and the legendary Coventry-Climax engine.

Been into motor racing all my life, courtesy of my father, an avid fan and former employee at Climax. Weened on the sport at Mallory Park, Silverstone and Donington. First GP British 1981 (Watties win)but most enduring memory being nearly flattened by Ronnie Petersons F2 March as he stuffed it at the Mallory Esses in about '73.

Now live Wakes Colne, Essex, and work in Digital production creating animation and computer simulations. Flirted with Motorsport journalism in the recent past, and have a few minor credits to my name. Raced karts for 4 years but took the hint to retire when I found myself facing backwards too often.

Fave driver Jimmy Clark. Fave car 1965 Indy Lotus.

ok, next....

#329 cjpani

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Posted 02 October 2001 - 23:49

Well, here goes
My real name is Carlos Pani Villalobos
Born and lived in Mexico City all of my life. I´m 27.
Just married and have a wonderful daughter called Michelle :)
My motorsport passion comes for as long as I can remember, and attended all of the Mexican Grand Prix of the "new" era, and one date of the prototypes championship, also held in the Hermanos Rodríguez track. Also attended last year´s CART race in Monterrey.

My favourite race car of all time is the porsche 917, and currently helping a friend translate a superb page on the matter, located at www.porsche917.com.ar . Big fan of Pedro and Ricardo Rodriguez, and also of the "super-hero" type of drivers, who competed in F1, then entered the prototype championship, and drove f2´s just for fun, while having a ultra glamorous lifestyle. Fan of those drivers who are fearless enough, but not crossing the line to irrationality, like many drivers today.

I don´t know how I got to like more old cars, which I never saw race than the ones I did. I guess they were simply more beautyfull, and complex to drive.

I´ve done a little bit of shifter karting, and done more than a couple of laps in the Hermanos Rodriguez track at the wheel of a 911 turbo (lucky me;))

The mos famous motorsport person I ever got to meet in person was Bob Wollek, a mere week before his death. Had an amazing 20-minute chat with him and put a grin in my face that could not be erased for a week, until I heard of his accident.

Finally I´m a lawyer, used to litigate criminal matters, but now I´m working in an internet company; but intend to practice litigation again in the near future; hence starting masters degree in Criminal Sciences.


#330 BertlF

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Posted 03 October 2001 - 06:34

Hi everyone!

My name is Robert Fabian, I'm 40 years old and live currently in Sweden. I was born in Vienna, Austria, studied Biochemistry and Food Technologie and lived aboroad for the past 15 years (Portugal, Brazil, Ireland, Sweden). I'm working for a German multinational company and enjoy the experience of learning about new cultures, different lifestyles and meeting new people thoroughly.

My interest for motor racing in general and F1 in particular was brought up by an incident in September 1970 in Austria. While on a weekend excursion with the familiy, I heard on the radio that the Austrian F1 driver - and at this point almost world champion -Jochen Rindt was killed in practice in Monza. Headlines in the papers, interruptions of TV programs, special news bulletins etc. followed. Jochen was already claiming his 'hero' status in Austria at this time and I, although only barely 10 years old, asked myself: "Why is that?" "What does people attract so much on motorsports and their heroes?".

Well, since then I read everything (magazines, books etc. first only in german, later with enhanced language knowledge, the vast amount of english motorsports literature became available....) about motorracing and F1. I enjoyed the heydays of J Stewart's success at Tyrell, Fittipaldi's rise at Lotus, Lauda's days at Ferrari and later Brabham, followed by the McLaren stint, James Hunt, Piquet, Villeneuve, Berger, Prost, Senna, Mansell up until Schumacher and Hakkinnen. Sorry if I didn't mention all of them, simply too many....

With added life experience I also enjoyed tremendously to look back at the famous 50's and 60's era. Since my long time girlfriend comes from the UK (Yorkshire, to be precise...), we spend quite some time over there and I try to track some of the traces of British motor sports from the 50's and 60's.

I do not have any 'favourite' drivers, although my childhood heroes were Stewart, Fitti, and Lauda. I simply enjoy good (and fair!) racing and always hope that the 'best might be winning'....

I do not attend racings regularely, although I have visited quite a few F1 Grand Prix in different countries already. I also enjoy to attend amateur racing meetings of smaller fromulae, since ther you can sometines experience the real 'racing spirit' which seems to have gone lost in today's over-comercialised professional racing categories... However, my dream would be a Le Mans race weekend, guided by an experienced Le Mans buff who can show me around and walk along the race track wherever possible...

Despite motorsports I'm interested in flying (learning for my PPL currently), history (specially military history) and astronomy. I also like vintage cars (currently trying to restore a Porsche 911 from 1970

I enjoyed reading the threads in the TNF for quite some time until I decided to add sometimes a comment to an interesting topic and post the odd question myself. It would be a pity not to benefit from the abundance of information and stunning knowledge of some of the members here.... I have to say that I'm sometimes really baffled by the amout of detailled information which comes up if somebody asks the right question...

Well, that's all for today. Good luck, godspeed and safe journey to everyone!


#331 dmj

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Posted 03 October 2001 - 16:07

My name is Dino Milic-Jakovlic (it explains my username), and I'm living in Samobor, Croatia. I was born in 1970. and first time I saw a F1 car was in 1975. Although I was very young I remember Lauda's Ferrari and a Beta liveried March well, exposed in a wonderful presentation at Zagreb Fair. I started to watch races from 1979. season, with huge affection for Ligier drivers from French team's glory days - it was later replaced with much huger affection for a young Brazilian that started to drive for Toleman...
Sadly, I never saw a F1 car in action, being too lazy to attend any GP.:o Actually I am more interested in production than race cars (again a :o ), but you can't divide their histories fully. I'm a journalist by vocation, but sadly it is not my daily job at the moment. However, I enjoyed some time as editor of a Croatian car magazine, personally writing articles about old cars, drivers and races. Today I'm writing just ocassionaly, but TNF is best place to learn (and sometimes steal:lol: ) interesting information I can use later. In few months I will start a Web site dedicated to Croatian oldtimer scene and car history so some of TNF members can expect to be asked for permission to use their data or writings for use or translations to Croatian... And for links page, of course.
My other interests are modelcar collecting, odd and old vinyl records (I hate CDs:mad: ), making the questions for TV and radio quiz shows, collecting car magazines (guess who took the archive when above mentioned magazine went out?;) )...
I would just like to add that when I discovered TNF I first found the longest threads - and as soon as I saw they're about Chris Amon and Dan Gurney, two of my all-time favorites, I instantly felt like coming home...:) :) :)

#332 Barry Boor

Barry Boor
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Posted 03 October 2001 - 20:23

I am not a big database builder, but I thought I might create one just for my own amusement.

Not on Grand Prix winners, or races or cars; but on NOSTALGIA FORUM MEMBERS. Don's new Intros thread has set me off on it.

I have a number of 'fields' to fill in, but some of the posts in this thread are slightly lacking in the info that I would like to insert.

I wonder if I might ask anyone who has posted so far AND anyone who is yet to add their names (WHY HAVEN'T YOU DONE IT ALREADY!!!!?) if they would be kind enough to post another message (or send me a private one if you prefer) telling where you attended your first race meeting; your favourite driver and if it's not too personal a question, your year of birth. I promise I won't tell anyone, honest!

When the thread seems to have petered out, I will do some averaging etc and publish a general survey of the type of people we are!

Thanks in advance for your co-operation. :)

#333 Frank de Jong

Frank de Jong
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Posted 03 October 2001 - 20:52

OK Barry, so far I've never mentioned a favourite driver since Verstappen is too obvious and I don't really have a hero from the past (too many good or interesting drivers).
But perhaps I should mention an old favourite (and just to make an analysis of favourites a little more complicated Barry :p ): Dutch touring car driver Huub Vermeulen, the one who attracted me to touring car racing in 1974.

#334 Stefan Ornerdal

Stefan Ornerdal
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Posted 03 October 2001 - 20:54

Funny, I have already been thinking of this!

We are:
joyful men in our best years,
working with something technical, except FEV who has the best job of us all,
been to racing since we were babys.
Listening to Bruce Springsteen and reading books about history in general, not only racing history.

In short: a lovely bunch!

Question 1) Karlskoga, Sweden, 1964
Question 2) Jim Clark and Ronnie Peterson
Question 3) December 23, 1953

#335 Barry Boor

Barry Boor
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Posted 03 October 2001 - 21:00

Thanks, Stefan, Frank and Jeremy. So fast too! :D

#336 Mike Argetsinger

Mike Argetsinger
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Posted 04 October 2001 - 00:41

Inspired by Barry, I will add some lines.

I attended my first race in 1948 -it was the inaugural Watkins Glen Grand Prix - the first post-war road race in the United States. On the cool-off lap my father - Cameron Argetsinger (who had originated and organized the race, as well as competed in it!) - stopped on the circuit at Big Bend where his family was watching. I was lifted in to the car - he raced a red MG-TC that first year - along with my older brother J.C and sister Louise. We rode with him in to the village to join the post-race excitement. I have had many wonderful experiences in motor racing in the years since but I don't think anything touches that moment.

My family organized and ran the racing side of things at Watkins Glen in to 1970. My father brought the U.S. GP to Watkins Glen in 1961 (and it stayed there for 20 years). He was the first person to make a success of F1 racing in America. By this time I was working on the organizational side of things and eventually became assistant to Mal Currie who was Press Director. In that job I not only learned the business that I continue to make my living at (public relations) - but also had the opportunity to work directly with many of the drivers. Later in the 60's when I was then living in Europe I served as my my father's "on-the-scene" representative. He would come over each year for one, or sometimes two, races to negotiate the deals and set up the logistics, etc. Since I was attending virtually every Grand Prix at the time I would, on his behalf, deal with various interim issues that would arise. This was a chance to get to know and develop lasting relationships with all the drivers, team owners and principals of the era. Organizing a GP in those days was a very different matter than today. Unlike the 'turn-key' operation of today, we negotiated individually with each team - this included starting money as well as transportation - we arranged (and paid for) all of the transportation of the cars, spares and team personnel. The teams were responsible for getting the cars to Heathrow on a specific day and we did everything else.

My own desire to race though always had precedence in my life. I started racing in 1965 - the year after completing my 2 years of service in the U.S. Army. Although my heritage and first love was road racing - that form of the sport was financially unobtainable to me at the time. So I started my racing in the local dirt track stock car circuit in upstate New York - Dundee, Dryden and Chemung Speedways. This was great racing and the experience instilled a life long appreciation and respect for oval racing. I pursued it for parts of '65 through '68. I finally did my first road race in 1969 at Silverstone in a Formula Ford.

In the middle of all this I had a wonderful year in 1966 working for the Cooper F1 team and thanks to Roy Salvadori (and others) I was at every Grand Prix that season on their behalf. It was an exciting time and I probably forged my closest friendships - at that level - at that time. I was living in Bristol where I had a full-time job to keep body and soul together - but they were a very understanding employer and I had carte blanche to be away with Cooper whenever, and for as long as, I needed to be.

I eventually lived and raced in Europe for about ten years altogether. I never succeeded in making a living at it and always had a job that supported me (and my racing!). I raced mostly Formula Ford which was quite competitive at the time but also did some sedan racing too and twice did the 24-Hours of the Nurburgring. I was also involved in the organizational side as I organized the German National Formula Ford Championship on behalf of my sponsor American Express International. I later turned this series over - first to my brother Peter - and then to Dan Partel.

Since coming back to America in 1978 I have continued racing and have done a wide variety from FF, to FF2000, various sedans and sports cars in SCCA, Camel Light, and the various quasi-pro series in sedans, etc. If I have an achievement to point to in my racing I would say that it is the fact that I am still doing it!

For the statistically addicted (as I am myself!) I have 251 race starts to date - have raced at 53 different circuits (not counting those I have only tested at) in eight countries and 20 states of America - also have raced on nine different circuits that have hosted a World Championship Grand Prix.

On a personal level my greatest joy and happiness is my family. I am married to a wonderful woman and we are devoted to our 21 (soon to be 22!) nieces and nephews (I am one of nine children). I enjoy my business and on June 1 of this year celebrated the 20th anniversary of starting my own company - Michael Argetsinger Communications - here in Chicago. I am a runner and compete in local races from 5k's up on an irregular basis. I enjoy and follow most sports (with a particular passion for baseball and American football). I love and collect books and read on a fairly wide basis - although in the past few years I have been particularly caught up in 19th century history.

For the sake of Barry Boor's analysis, I will end at the beginning by confessing to being born on July 12, 1944.

#337 BertlF

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Posted 04 October 2001 - 06:12

Originally posted by Barry Boor
I am not a big database builder, but I thought I might create one just for my own amusement.

Not on Grand Prix winners, or races or cars; but on NOSTALGIA FORUM MEMBERS. Don's new Intros thread has set me off on it.

I have a number of 'fields' to fill in, but some of the posts in this thread are slightly lacking in the info that I would like to insert.

I wonder if I might ask anyone who has posted so far AND anyone who is yet to add their names (WHY HAVEN'T YOU DONE IT ALREADY!!!!?) if they would be kind enough to post another message (or send me a private one if you prefer) telling where you attended your first race meeting; your favourite driver and if it's not too personal a question, your year of birth. I promise I won't tell anyone, honest!

When the thread seems to have petered out, I will do some averaging etc and publish a general survey of the type of people we are!

Thanks in advance for your co-operation. :)

Name: Robert Fabian
1st race meeting: some amateur race meeting (hillclimb) in Austria, cannot remember date or place
1st GP attended: Hockenheim, Germany 1982
Favourite driver: Today: none, really. "Yesterday": Emerson Fittipaldi
Year of birth: 1961

#338 fines

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Posted 04 October 2001 - 15:09

born 1967, first race meeting probably Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring ca. 1975 (incidentally, my first F1 GP was also Hockenheim '82! Hey Bert, why didn't you come over and say "Hi"?), favourite driver (past) McLaren, (present) Montoya!!!!

#339 Barry Boor

Barry Boor
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Posted 04 October 2001 - 18:59

Thanks for the extra info gentlemen.

Now, where are the rest of you guys!!!


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alessandro silva
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Posted 04 October 2001 - 20:56

This is for Barry Boor's excellent idea:
Alessandro Silva is my real name.
born June 25th 1945, Genoa, Italy
married one son (23 year-old) two dogs
Mathematician, professor, University of Rome since 1988
previously taught in the US and in France
first race attended: 1950 Italian GP (no mistake, I was 5 year-old)
favourite driver: Alberto Ascari and Mike Hawthorn (I cannot sort out whom I love more)

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Posted 04 October 2001 - 22:55

Great idea Barry and sorry for answering a bit late !

I'm born in 1975 the year my favourite driver Stefan Johansson graduated to car racing through Formula Ford. The first GP I attended was the 1985 Canadian GP (where Little Leaf could have won which triggered my passion for him) even if I had been to the previous year at the Monaco GP practice.
My favorite old times driver is Achille Varzi.

You're nice with me about my job but I would without problem exange my modest life & job against those of Mike, Don, Alessandro, Karl... :D

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Posted 05 October 2001 - 08:54

Originally posted by fines
born 1967, first race meeting probably Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring ca. 1975 (incidentally, my first F1 GP was also Hockenheim '82! Hey Bert, why didn't you come over and say "Hi"?), favourite driver (past) McLaren, (present) Montoya!!!!

Don't know why I didn't drop by and said "Hi" ;) It was certainly not because I'm an unpolite person.... I just remember I was somewhere on the grandstand in the Sachs-corner. I should have the ticket still somwhere around at home... My god, that's 19 years ago.....


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Posted 05 October 2001 - 11:11

Ok, ok,... no need to shout!

Year of birth: 1971.
First race attended: some historic GP in the mid/late-eighties. No GP. :-(
Favorite driver:
Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. Sorry, no distinction here!
Juan Pablo Montoya and Alessandro Zanardi. And Jenson Button if he gets his act together.

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Posted 05 October 2001 - 11:41

David Guy Williams, born 10/26/56, Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, USA. Army brat (Dad was career military), so we traveled a bit...caught the racing bug from my father. First motor race was the 1964 Indianapolis 500. Introduced to F1 in the sixties by Henry N. Manney III courtesy of Dad's hand-me-down R&Ts. First GP attended was the 1968 Nurburgring rainfest...I was hooked.

Now residing in Carmel, Indiana, a suburb about 20 miles northeast of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Married for over twelve years to the lovely Adrienne.

Occupation: Lawyer by training, temporarily a man of leisure.

I enjoy most forms of racing...F1, CART, GT and sports cars, NHRA, etc. I tend to get nostalgiac about 60's F1, and my personal racing heroes are Jim Clark and Dan Gurney.

I lurk and learn... :)

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Posted 05 October 2001 - 13:10

My name is Udo Klinkel and I'm still a rookie to Atlas and ten-tenths forum, as I discovered it only a few weeks ago through a hint of Ray Bell.
Today I'm living in a little village near Landshut in Bavaria, but my motor racing story began in 1964, when my parents decided to move from the Ruhr area to the Eifel mountains...Guess, where?
The Nürburgring was just 10 KM away, I never heard about motor racing before, but a neighbour of us came around one Saturday afternoon and asked my father if we were interested in watching the 1000 KM race?
So it all started. I saw John Surtees racing his Ferrari at the head of this huge field of sportscars, and became a fan of this man. I followed his career very closely, met him very often at the 'Ring, collected a lot of autographs and made many photos with my small camera. I witnessed Graham Hill, Jochen Rindt and the others throughing snowballs at each other in the old Nürburgring paddock, when the Eifel-weather went mad again during practice days of the Eifelrennen. I saw John Surtees testing a BMW F2 round the Südschleife in 1967 along with his Honda F1 in preparation for the 67 German GP, witnessed Porsche test with the first ever 917, was there when Gerhard Mitter died in practice for the 69 GP. And, of course saw Jackie Stewart sailing through the rain and fog in 1968...
Many more stories are to be told here.
In 1977 I joined Lufthansa German Airlines and the motor racing time was over... Working at Berlin, Düsseldorf or Frankfurt, I lost contact with watching motor races from the track side or from the pits, although I always followed Formula 1 on TV. My archive of photos, autographs, magazins and books was still there, but I did not touch it for almost 20 years! The internet changed it all and in 1999 I went to Le Mans and there it was again. I discovered my old archive again, looked at it and was very pleased to see what treasures it contained... With the help of my girl friend Silvie I even managed to create my own still amateurish web-site: www.motorsportphotos.de. Unfortunately I do not have the time to update it in shorter intervals, but I promise, there will be more photos and stories soon. I'm now busy with adding more race results to my large collection with the goal to get it as complete as possible, starting with the early days of motor racing up to todays races. Additionally I do some reporting and photographing for Harald Gallinis www.gt-eins.de, which brings me back to the tracks and behind the scenes. I have been to the Most ELMS race recently where I met Martin again (second time - he was at the Nürburgring 1000 KM in 2000), who did such a fantastic job with his sportscar results site.
So there will be some more threads from me going into detail of the one or other race or results and I hope to add more pieces to the big puzzle with the help of all of you.

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Posted 05 October 2001 - 15:25

Born 9/21/76. Native of Colombia, lived in New Orleans for five years, now living in Richmond VA. I learned about F1 through my father (Big F1 Fan) who worked at the Honda Distributor in Colombia from 1981-1993. Japanese executives came over to visit once a year and brought lots of "goods" including wall size posters and stickers from the Honda Power F1 and MotoGP teams and drivers. The Prost vs. Senna times are my best F1 memory. Monza '02 will be my first GP. I think it is pretty evident who my favorite driver is. I try to be pretty objective about the F1 grid and teams; not fond of the F1 BS threads that go around in other forums. I am looking forward to learn a lot from all of you.



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Posted 05 October 2001 - 19:07

Hi all.

I am a 48 year old Swede who just found out about this forum. It is just like made for me.
I developed an interest for racing in the late 50´s, around 6, 7 years old, Bonnier and a Dinky Vanwall made it for me. Followed racing in the 60´s as close as possible from Nothern Sweden, which ment to visit the local library to read The Motor and books by Stirling Moss, Mike Hawthorn and others. Lost most of interest in the moment of Ronnie Peterson´s Monza crash.
Interest back with Grand Prix Legends simulator which I try to get a daily portion of.
With a fatter wallet than in the 60´s I can afford a lot of books about historical racing and racers. Main interest in 1950-1970 Grand Prix and sportscar racing.


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Barry Boor
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Posted 05 October 2001 - 21:52

Great suff, guys.

Keep 'em coming!!!

:up: :up: :up:

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Posted 06 October 2001 - 16:30

Originally posted by Barry Boor
Great suff, guys.

I'm sure you meant "stuff", but if you'd speak German you'd know why I'm laughing my socks off... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Posted 06 October 2001 - 17:03

I am from Sweden. Born in 1962.
I used to concentrate myself on the post 1966-era...as I was growing up with motorsport during the 1970s. But my friends have put me on a track to the earlier years as well and now I am able to tell a Lancia D50 apart from a Maserati 250F!

I try to involve myself here at least once a day, occasionally my lack of knowledge on pre 1966 stuff shows, but I am keen to learn, and it is easy to do it here.

I am also a member the 8W team, and enjoy to work with my colleagues there.

My motorsport interest is quite broad, but obsessions apart from F1, include the Le Mans 24hour race and the Indy 500. Also the Swedish Rally is on the obsession list.

Even bikes has been catching my attention lately. Speedway and 500cc Road Racing. The production based Superbikes are also usually entertaining to watch.

Other fields of interest is Aviation (I work in aircraft-maintenance). Particular interest is WWII warbirds, and I have been to Midland, Texas twice to enjoy the Confederate Air Force Airsho.

Favorite sport besides motorsports is Hockey. Favorite NHL team since 1978 is the New York Rangers.

Myself I am trying to do some time on my MTB and I trying to take up golf also....

Favorite music artists are : The Refreshments, Status Quo, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Dave Edmunds, Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam...and of course the king himself....
In effect good old roots rock n roll!